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Campaign History

Welcome to the Campaign History Page.

     Welcome to the website supporting my on-going monthly Face to Face monthly
        Traveller game.  What you will find on these pages are the graphics, write
        ups and supporting data for a "once a month" game which has been on going
        at our home since 2007.

The most recent After Action Report can be found here:
         " Parties, Bombs And A Puzzle "  
                (October 2023 Session) See below for more

     Click on the links below to expand the After Action Report list for that part of
        the history.  Once open, you will see a list of web pages that were part of that
         story arc as well as a brief list of events that report contains.

The Pre-History The Pre-History
  • This includes Events from an earlier Traveller campaign that serve as the foundation of this campaign

  • "In A Previous Life
           Stranded at the end of the Fifth Frontier War on Emerald
           The Mission to the Hrunting system
           Getting Knighted and flying off into the starlight

  • "An Interrupted Party
           Kidnapped leaving the Inthe System
           A detour fighting terrorists
           Waking on and attacking the Equus

The Porozlo Arc The Porozlo Arc
  • This includes:
  • " Arrival in Porozlo System
           Capturing the Knights
           Crewing the Dawnstar Horizon
           The Reporter
           The launch and discussing the mission
           Talking to the Captain of the Equus
           Setting a plan and doing the research

  • "The Transfer
           Docking with the Equus
           Transferring the Knights
           Meeting the Knights
           Departing the Equus

  • "The Enlightened Measure
           The signal GQ from the Enlightened Measure
           Abandoning the Enlightened Measure
           Stealing the handcomp and landing in Stepozhevac

  • "The Destroyer Mission
           The investigation dirtside
           The contract offer
           A security breach

  • "A Week In Stepozhevac
           Meeting Mr. Mattin
           The job and the training
           Brian hacks the stolen handcomp

  • "Leaving Porozlo
           Leaving Stepozhevac for a tense refitting
           Zimzod's arrogance and The Marquis
           A chat with the Marquis
           A last message before jump
           Shipboard life in jump
           The first eight hours search

The Quasar Viper Mission The Quasar Viper Mission
  • This includes:
  • "Finding the INS Quasar Viper"
           Spreading the word about the handcomp
           Pumping the Councilor for information
           Sir Brian's pranks and book collection
           The near mutiny before Aiden got a sensor hit

  • "Unexpected Visitors"
           Docking with the Viper and the early discoveries
           Arrival of Far Trader IMS Kard Damasc, Lady Katherine hault-Evers' ship
           Finding a defense and other things
           Finally powering up and Killing the albatross

  • "Getting The Viper Operational"
           Cleaning up and getting working
           Cataloging the loot and booty
           Doing the best they could before making a plan and moving on

The Regina Passage The Regina Passage
  • This includes:
  • "Jump To the Gileden System"
           Preparing to move the Viper
           Dawson's Christian
           An easy jump and some SDB's
           Setting up for the next jump

  • ""The Path To Regina"
           Jumping to and resetting in the Pirema System
           The Misjump of the IMS Raining Coins
           Jump to and arrival in the K'kirka system
           Taking Mr. Wood aboard
           Jump to the Rech system and the cruiser!

  • "Battle In The Rech System"
           Debriefing aboard the cruiser
           Forming the Flotilla
           A word from the local authorities
           The Battle of Rech
           Victory and Four Days Repair

  • "Survival in the Regina System"
           The cruiser INS Tamesha Kargaa arrives in the Regina system
           Ryddoth comes clean during day one of the review
           Day two for the Knights as the others sightsee and shop
           Greeting the Duke of Vilis, Zimzod meets Baron Colonel Sir Rhanii Tanshil
           The crew are freed on day three, are loaned a ship and introduced to Rol
           Day four fitting out the new ship and shopping
           The last two days prep, "help" codes and a last minute buy

  • "The Tale of the Quasar Viper"
           The Known history of the Quasar Viper
           The data the crew of the Dawnstar Horizon recovered
           Standard deckplans for a Fer d'Lance and damage schematics

Passing Through the Yori System Passing Through the Yori System
  • This includes:
  • "Passing Through The Yori System"
           A quick jump and bum fuel purifier
           A surprise fleet
           Rumors about Imperial Research Station B
           Shopping and drinking on Yori
           A close call with a Plankwell while out-bound

The Inthe Mission The Inthe Mission
  • This includes:
  • "Bad First Impressions in Inthe"
           The Jump from Yori
           Arriving, Calling the Marquis and going to meetings
           Rol big walk nearly gets in trouble
           Mikah covers Zach's port fees
           Aiden and Emkir's trip to the evening news
           Mikah and Zimzod's meeting goes down hill

  • "Ms. Vik's Job and Date"
           Ms. Vik meets Assistant Administrator Vougazgi
           Ms. Vik tours the port and meets Executive Director Niebel
           Ms. Vik accepts a job from Director Niebel and date with Vougazgi
           The crew electronically followed Ms. Vik on her date
           Ms. Vik plays a drinking game and returns to the ship
           Sir Brian's last minute prank

  • "Day Two on Inthe"
           Aiden and Emkir's fight hit the news as Ms. Vik started her job
           Zach haunts the market as Rol and Brian map for black markets
           Mikah and Zimzod's secret meeting was leaked to the press
           Ms. Vik learns the Executive Director knows of Vougazgi's activities
           Mikah and Zimzod get a data from the police
           Mikah and Zimzod meet the Mayor, Marquis and the President of Inthe
           Ms. Vik got helpful leads from Security Administrator Wyss
           Mikah gets a deal to for weapons permit and a car
           A crew dinner meeting to share what was learned
           Emkir and Rol hit a casino as Mikah worked out the Vargr drug recipe

  • "Before The Party On The Third Day"
           Zimzod and Mikah'd prank on Brian becomes a fight
           Due to press coverage, the Knights plan a party to lure suspects
           Mikah called IRIS for help but they could not provide anything
           The crew were certified to carry arms on Republican soil
           Brian reveals his battledress immobilizer
           They shopped for dresses, electronics, Zimzod and did some clubbing
           Rol returned to the port during a shootout between security and vargr
           Ms. Vik invited Vougazgi to the Knights party and he visited the ship
           Aiden stayed with the ship
           Rol went on site as advance security
           As Emkir flew them to the party, he found the cutter's chameleon hull
           The Knights suggested to Vougazgi they wanted to smuggle arms
           The Knight's party was a mad house

  • "Day Three on Inthe The Party and The Morning After"
           At the party, female reporters bought Zach drinks to get him drunk
           After a fight, Mr. Vougazgi disappeared without any clues
           Vargr gang boss Oghznul Khoraz of the Gzaks checked out the party
           Zimzod found Zach asleep and stole his gauss pistol
           After the party, they went to sleep or to a gym to burn off stims
           The next day, Ms. Vik started looking for Vougazgi
           A news story said Lady hault-Evers' ship was declared missing
           In a prank, Mikah dyed Brian blue

  • "Day Four: From One Kind Of Party To Another"
           They met with security master Wyss at the club about Vougazgi
           They learned two bouncers left their post to get with two girls
           Rol's interrogation showed some other bouncers were stealing from drunks
           Get club security vid copies - Wyss offered his friend's help
           At Jefferds', they proved Vougazgi was kidnapped, and raised alarms
           Jefferds and Wyss invited them to a 'party'(combat) that night
           Using the air-raft and cutter, they met at Jefferds' and got ready
           They rode an armored car to a warehouse before the attack

  • "The Overnight Battles"
           The Sorrngerzrose beat the Ksuenorra before the crew attacked
           Zimzod and Wyss were shot, the armored car decoyed the police
           Wyss' doctor was called, Jefferds and Zach went to get the air-raft
           As Mikah treated Zimzod and Wyss, Emkir answered a job offer
           Zach returned to find intruders in the ship's berth and there was shooting
           A reporter was caught and her son killed in the shooting
           Doctor Samuleson arrived so Mikah could sleep
           Rol's alarm went off as a prank
           Rol blamed Brian woke him saying there was a fire
           Brian raised alarms and forced an evacuation and port response
           Port responders saw the wounded Wyss and reported that
           Brian proved the alarms were Aiden's fault and he and Rol were punished
           Ms. Vik was dressed down by the Director
           The Director revealed he knew more than they thought

  • "The Day After the Circus"
           They slept, researched or guarded the prisoners after the circus
           Rol questioned prisoners while Ms. Vik dealt with the port
           The prisoners knew nothing, and the port moved the ship to a VIP berth
           Mikah got involved in issues between the Mayor and Police Cheif
           Emkir was tested by a gang (proved he'd kill for hire)
           Emkir was then taken to torture Vougazgi for information!
           Emkir had to shoot Vougazgi's leg before he got his comms on
           The Crew, Police and Port rescued Emkir and Vougazgi
           The crew got the party pay and rewards as Vougazgi spilled his guts

  • "The Aftermath and Leaving the Inthe System"
           Thursday ended with invesigations, arrests, statements and sleep
           Brian discovered Rol's past in the Jesedipere system
           Brian restarted the ship's power and computer
           Zach tried to get a cargo
           A search was mounted for Lady hault-Evers' over-due ship
           They spent an evening at a casino that ended in fiasco
           Zach tried to contract an illegal cargo but Ms. Vik stopped him
           The ship lifted and they left the Inthe system

The Risek Crisis The Risek Crisis
  • This includes:
  • "Arrival in the Risek System"
           In-jump, the crew continued to learn about each other
           Rol told them about Jesedipere and his accused war crimes
           At Risek, the destroyer INS Hounds' Fang sent them in-system
           They learned the system was quaranteened due to a plague
           Heading to station 371, they heard as SuSAG killed refugees

  • "Thirteen Unlucky Hours"
           Mikah's team boarded the infected station
           Inger's team looked for data and Brian designed a decontam system
           Mikah's team found med-specialists and looked for engineers
           They found a dispenser in an agro-dome and the dispenser makers
           They learned the "suspects" bought 10 dispensers
           Another device, in the Tarallo Alliance activated on the INS Aku Iikhi
           Zimzod and Zach captured suspect: Genzar/Sipos

  • "Following The Leads"
           Brian looked for permission to build his decontam station
           The crew of the Aku Iikhi were killed
           Zimzod handed Sipos to the marines after "questioning"
           The Navy moved Aku Iikhi to SDB Bay 210
           Marines said Sipos' partner was Anna Zebrinkt
           Video showed Zebrinkt escaped on the IMS Maku Keeruu
           Bio-samples taken from Genzar/Sipos gave the researchers no answers

  • "Left Turns Becoming Fights"
           Brian asked Emkir for help with the station officers
           Mikah's Doctors got more help but found nothing
           Mikah's team explored before a station of the Havel nation was hit
           Zimzod and Zach learned Zebrinkt had a smuggler connection
           Mikah's team were attacked by a warbot in the smuggler bay

  • "Meanwhile, Elsewhere...."
           After the warbot battle, they helped and checked the bay
           Rol got a list of 20 ships with "near-bay" flight paths
           Mikah called for her gear to be delivered by Aiden and Brian
           Inger looked for info on the smuggler
           As Inger went to the SPA Port, a ship of Cultists arrived "for Emkir"
           Mikah hunted SuSag for plague data and visited SuSAG facilities
           Ms. Vik met Director Wortman, learned of smuggler Shaslu Kishman

  • "More Of The Strange..."
           Tue, 164-1112: Checking SuSAG sites was a bust
           The doctors worked with the team in Naval bay 210
           Brian hired Ealal Seewa to build his decontam station
           Forensics said the warbot had a Zhodani part
           Emkir's cultists had a ship chartered by Baron hault-Landiir
           Wednesday 165-1112: The Imperial 212th Fleet arrived late at night
           Inger told Mikah of Kishman as Aiden tried to get the ship refuelled
           Brian worked on the ship's engines
           Kristianson asked Mikah to check on Alexi Anarthon
           Kristianson learned they worked for Norris
           At Anarthon's place they found KCr 27 in chips and Zhodani files
           They were met there by naval intel

  • "Objects in Motion"
           Rol checked on Anarthon's election and more SuSAG searches got nothing
           Mikah's team returned to Kishman's bay using bribery to steal goods
           Inger ID'd the IMS Scarlet Tree as Kishman's ship
           Rol found Anarthon's election was helped by Irderi Geamga

  • "A Cure!"
           They found a virus caused the disease
           Kristianson arrested "Emkir's People" and sent their ship home
           Inger helped the Skipping Stone while hunting blackmarket data
           Doctors in the Podesta lab confirmed a cure
           Zach and Zimzod looted Irderi Geamga's home

  • "A Real Cure But a False End"
           Zimzod and Zach called a tech to hack Geamga's computer
           Mikah told the Navy about the cure and a hospital ship was sent in
           Inger spread cure data looking for black market contacts
           Inger got the Skipping Stone cleared to leave
           Inger got part of the Stone's cargo in payment
           Ealal Seewa said he'd build a prototype for Brian in five days
           Zimzod and Mikah called Zach and filed their Navy reports
           Mikah ordered the ship's fuel purification plant fixed
           Brian opened the fuel plant as the ship got permission to leave
           The Podesti police boarded the cutter on a tip and took back the loot
           On station 371, did some drinking, planned to visit the port and scout base

  • "Not Quite Out of the System Yet"
           Friday 167: Brian found a smuggler safe built in the fuel plant
           Mikah planned to jump to Jae Tellona's main world
           At the SPA port, after the scout base, they hired a tech to open the safe
           The locksmith released a toxin and triggered a Station rescue
           Sat-168: Inger met Baroness Wortman to talk about her dock work

  • "A Day on Risek's Docks"
           News of Sir Jeremy Lewis' book "Crossing The Line" probe
           They voted to rename the ship the "Hotel California"
           A Raina Aiudi bought the ATV for KCr 31 for the "Aga-Pito"
           Rol caught a pickpocket, Mikah bought a "stunning" black gown

  • "Waiting To Leave"
           Sat-168 ~7pm: Zimzod started and lost a bar fight
           Sun-169 ~7am: Mikah and Inger met Dessie and the ship was renamed
           Dessie called in her security chief to talk about the attacks and smuggler
           They learned the cloud from the safe was a Zhodani Psi-Drug

  • "Paying The Bills And Out"
           The crew relaxed and shopped and hit bars
           Zach and Brian looked for Octagon society artifacts
           Ms. Vik saw "Macbeth" and met the station's gem/mining display curator
           Monday-170: Mikah set the launch time for noon for the two day flight
           On Wednesday 172-1112 Just After Noon they jumped for Jae Tellona

The Jae Tellona Expedition The Jae Tellona Expedition
  • This includes:
  • "Arrivals, Invitations And Field Trips"
           Wednesday-172, Just After Noon they jumped for Jae Tellona
           Brian and Zach hired Emkir to try and translate the Risek glyphs
           After an "Iron Chef" contest, Rol became the ship's cook
           Tuesday-178: At Jae Tellona Countess Ursara invited them to Runips
           Brian got his book on the civilian port
           Ms. Vik learned the station master was a Bwap
           They landed on Tues-178 at Runips downport near the Dulcinea
           Visiting Dulcinea, Inger played the Knight's Seneschal

  • "A Visit and an Offer"
           Tues-178: Countess Ursara offered a partnership finding the nomads
           Ursara hated Duchess Delphine, and gave Mikah a 2ct Katarulu Emerald
           They accepted the offer, Brian and Zach wanted to stay on the ship
           Ms. Vik tried to get net-access from the port
           Mikah and Zach planned to shop the next day

  • "Getting Into Town And Trouble"
           Wed-179: The crew got local media but no network connections
           With no help from the port, Ms. Vik got on line in town
           Mikah and Zach found a bookstore with a display of nomad robes
           They found a seamstress to sew robes but Zach got arrested

  • "Fines, Judgements And Measures"
           Mikah got others to the seamstress' shop to be measured
           Zach was questioned and put in a cell until the shop owner confessed
           Mikah paid her ticket, got Zach and Ms. Vik and went back to the ship
           Mikah told Ursara about the robes
           Ursara suggested a class on riding the caravan beasts
           Rol and Emkir set security cameras up

  • "Learning to Ride and to Drink"
           Thurs-180: Mikah and Zimzod got "still" parts before the riding class
           After a drinking party following the class, Zimzod passed out
           Mikah dyed Zimzod red
           Mikah traded a revolver from Quasar Viper for Trryghera's services
           Fri-181: Mikah took Trryghera and Aiden to town to get the robes
           Invitation from Baronette Daumsh Hault-Ulain in Tyruaron
           After getting the robes, Mikah woke Zimzod, who realized he was red
           They left south-west at 4pm then turned back east passing south of the city
           Zimzod commanded the security and the caravan pushed on until 11pm
           Zimzod set camp sentries and assigned shifts, Zach complained

  • "Caravans, Nomads and Flying Tents"
           Zach fell asleep on watch
           Sat-182: Mikah learned of Jonkeereen, They marched until a sandstorm hit
           Zimzod tracked contacts who faded, Rol found a wood vouchsafe
           Another nomad appeared and Zimzod's sensors got no el-int
           The figure faded into the storm
           Zach was point until reaching the the Nomad camp

  • "Negotiations with Guns and Words"
           Sat-182 10pm: Zach was captured and the Countess tried to negociate
           The nomads traded the vouch-safe for the caravan's goods and safety
           Zimzod was given a plam-sized Tellona diamond
           Sun-183 2 am: The caravan went back to Runips for the next few days
           Tues-185: Zimzod fought nomads and was trapped in his damaged armor
           They rode the six hours back to the port by 8am standard on the 184th day

  • "Deals and Damages In Runips"
           Tues-185: Brian started closing opened systems
           Mikah learned of the diamond
           The stone was made of five joined stones and had an inclusion
           They told Brian about the gem and he freed a datachip(the inclusion)
           They called Ursara for options with the stone
           Zimzod offered Ursara her fees plus 3% for her help
           The crew and Countess had dinner and left the stone to be analyzed
           Rol got Zimzod's permission to examine the battledress
           Every control board was damaged

  • Parties, Parting and Preparing to Leave"
           Wed-186: The crew helped Brian on the ship, Mikah visited Ursara
           Rol, Aiden and Zach bought suits in town
           Mikah, Zimzod, Ms. Vik, Zach and Ursara talked gemstones
           The crew and some Runipsian military officers arrived for the party
           Thurs Morn-187: Zimzod tried to sell the Risek data-but it was old
           Mikah and Zimzod did an Interview about Risek to TAS
           Zimzod bought exploding dye packs and Mikah got remover

  • "Leaving Jae Tellona"
           Thurs-187: Before leaving the port, the knights did more shopping
           They spent the rest of the day preparing to leave port
           Fri-188: Hotel California launched after Dulcenea
           In jump, the crew planned for arrival at Rhylanor

The First Rhylanor Arc The First Rhylanor Arc
  • This includes:
  • "Arrival in Rhylanor"
           Fri-195: They arrived at Rhylanor, docking with a naval station to refuel
           Zach had to call Hortalez about the Raining Coins
           Rol was told to be careful but not of Sir Jeremy's book
           The Knights were asked to report to military command center 3
           Mikah was told whrere Countess Ursara's ship had docked
           Zach's merchant accounts were restricted due to the Raining Coins
           They learned more of Rol's past in "Crossing the Line"
           The crew ate on-station and Rol got varying reactions to the charges
           Sat-196: Emkir flew Zach to Hortalez, and he was grabbed by Open Skies
           Emkir got "Crossing the Line" and read until Zach re-appeared
           The knights were told the truth about Risek was scaring people
           They were told Leonard's people had questions about Porozlo
           Brian got contact info for a salvage operation for the purifier

  • "Preparations Before The Madness"
           Sat-196: They decided to hire engineers before meeting Ursara before 9pm
           Meetings were set for Leonard's people and Norris'
           Most of the crew shopped at InstellArms
           Zimzod bought an overcoat with a power grid chameleon mode
           They decided on how to sell the diamond and what bid to start with
           Zimzod decided to make Lanthanum and diamond rings with the shards
           Ursara learned they worked for Norris, they learned more of Delphine
           They also learned avout Vengeance stones from her
           Aiden also got a high passage delivered

  • "Learning To Fence With Words"
           Brian got an xmail from Ealal Seewa said getting a patent was unclear
           A port engineer provided an estimate for hiring engineering help
           The Knights, Inger and Emkir met Minister Ahkuariyo at the Duke's office
           The Knight's annoyed Ahkuariyo, who was to help them secure their titles
           Much of what Minister Ahkuariyo needed was classified
           Minister Ahkuariyo said their stories had gaps that caused issues
           Emkir was told to direct any "cult members" to return to their lives
           They were told to not spread the details of the Risek
           Zach looked into getting a neural electronic shunt

  • "The Day's Planned Meetings"
           Emkir visited Admiral Uuela, who asked for help getting Rol to help him
           Ms. Vik visited Station Central
           The Knights looked at androids and found new ones were very expensive
           The Knights chose the events they'd go to, from Duke Leonard's list
           Zach and the Knights met Mr. Ondallah, Minister for Duke Norris
           Mr. Ondallah said he'd try to help Zach or help with Zimzod's battledress
           Mr. Ondallah suggested they attend the Rhylanor Renewal Festival

  • "Making Progress And Money"
           The Knights, Zach and Inger met with Captain Diievard
           Diievard said he'd try to help but couldn't promise anything
           Aiden bought white phosphorous ammo for hardened targets
           Arguments over making money brought up the idea of setting up an LLC
           Mikah started making contacts to sell the nomad data

  • "Shifting Data, Blood And Money"
           Zimzod got a reader for the chip from the Tellona Diamond
           Brian read data on the "Cold Dreams" legend (Cynthia McQuillin)
           Zach got a hand-comp updated and was stabbed in an attempted robbery
           Rol met Admirals Uuela, Saigacrem and Peyñoch at the poker game
           Rol and Emkir told the Admirals about the nomads over cards
           Ms. Vik bought candies and a camera
           Zimzod showed Brian the chip from the diamond
           Brian said it was a projector chip and needed the diamond, uncut
           Mikah called Ursara, to see if they could get the diamond's original data

  • "Selling Data As The Siege Begins"
           Mikah and Zimzod bought a projector and prepared for the U of R meeting
           Mon-198: Mikah and Zimzod went to the University of Rhylanor
           Imperial Navy officers tried to question them before meeting Dr Thrauld
           Brian worked with port engineers, Zach got no help from Diiviard
           The ship came under siege by the press, trying to get an interview with Rol
           Rol, Emkir and Zach set up to get someone to pay for an exclusive interview

  • "Monday, 198-1112: Mid-Day Madness"
           Mon-198: They were offered a special tour of the Ancient artifact
           Mikah told them of her work in Risek despite Imperial Navy requests
           Leaving the berth, Brian baited the press and did to an interview
           Zach and Emkir firmed up Rol's limits and Emkir asked for written bids
           Admiral Uuela came with APCs and Battledressed squads to give Rol a ride
           The Admiral agreed to secure the berth and give them new dress uniforms
           Brian bought WALL-e, Inger worked to smooth things over with the port
           The university groups asked for more time to offer bids on the Nomad data
           Mikah demanded the troops leave
           Zach researched the local ratings market to get data for bids
           Station security cleared the berth by the time most others got back

  • "The Calm After The Storms"
           Mikah isolated Brian in the berth offices, when he got back with the 'droid
           Mikah and Zimzod chewed him out but left the real punishment to Rol
           Admiral Uuela admitted taking over the berth was not usual
           Ms. Vik went to station central to smooth things over
           Rol agreed to come to Station Central to answer questions
           Mikah put out a help wanted and set up an interview with Eikusdi Piirirshu
           They were all disappointed by Rol's restraint with Brian
           Emkir ordered overnight updates to the berth transplex door

  • "As The Circus Really Gets Swinging"
           Ursara's Seneschal set meetingd with Brigg, Tander and hault-Vineschenz
           Mikah got an ad from Hunde & Edelstein, LLC, a Courtier's supplier
           "The Text of the Flyer Dame Mikah received as a Text"
           Everyone went to the trade fair except Aiden, who watched the engineers
           Tues-199: Mikah, Zimzod and Brian interviewed Captain Piirirshu
           Captain Piirirshu hired on and went to the ship as the Knights visited Ursara
           Emkir saw his plans to accept offers go wrong
           Aiden managed the port engineers
           Inger, Zach and Rol took a cab to Ursara's ship and got pumped for info

  • "Adding Fuel To The Fire"
           Eikusdi arrived at the ship, to the surprise of everyone including security
           Emkir decided Aali(her nickname) would live with him in his stateroom
           Ms. Vik was told to stop playing Seneschal by Mr. Jasani, Ursara's Seneschal
           Brian bought a wrecked grav vehicle for the grav modules and parts
           Rol was attacked by a man using a rod as a weapon
           Mikah treated the attacker, who was hurt and didn't look good
           Rol was taken into custody and loaded into a vehilce for questioning
           Mikah called Aiden to get Emkir to ask Admiral Admiral Uuela

  • "Where The Dust Settles"
           The attacker was from a Jesedipere trade delegation, and used a rod
           Mikah argued with Admiral Uuela for not helping free Rol
           Mr. Shrev, of the Duke's team, got the details and had Rol freed
           Aali managed the port engineers
           Emkir watched how the networks covered the attack to see slants
           Ursara introduced her lawyers and Mikah hired them for other issues
           The crew met Lord William, The Duke's brother
           Duke Leonard announced those broadcasting lies would be prosecuted

  • "Before The Renewal Festival"
           Tues-199 6pm: they sorted the offers and planned for the festival
           The gravVehicle and food orders were delivered
           Duke invited Rol for dinner the next day
           Zach had to explain he wasn't Rol's agent to the Port
           Zimzod messed with the datapads so they were moved to a locked room
           Wednesday-200: Mikah learned the cabbie was an IRIS agent
           At the festival, Rol and the Knights sat in Lord William's box
           They learned Lord William was very plugged into events in the system
           Aiden went gun shopping

  • "Points Of Karma In Transit"
           Emkir missed a warning about Rol from Sir Jeremy
           Inger convinced Emkir to digitize the flimsies
           The Knights spent time with Lord William and Duke Leonard
           Duke Leonard decided to Knight Rol(Order of the March Protectors)
           Rol learned about the Quasar Viper as Leonard already knew of it
           Aali worked with the port engineers, Zach set up drinks with Erum Dalunica
           Lord William planned to view Brian's book collection
           Ursara planned to view Mikah's gem collection
           Rol's knighting was announced for three days later

  • "Parts, Paychecks And Politics"
           Wed-200: Zach Hit Erum Dalunica's Party and made a contact with LSP
           Emkir and Aali took Inger to dinner and movies, and found a laser tag place
           Rol's Knighting was announced for three days from then
           Mikah and Ursara completed a new deal to sell her gems from the Viper
           Thurs-201: Zach scored an off-pallet deal for Nocar Muheen of LSP
           Aiden, Emkir and Ms. Vik were called for debriefing
           Brian met Talan Salagon and found a purification plant
           Brian and Zach set up a deal for the purification plant

  • "Ceremony, Celebration and Actions"
           Thur-201: Aiden asked Zach to blackmarket the Quasar Viper loot
           Emkir and Ms. Vik looked at the media offers and Emkir called TAS
           Erum invited Zach to join a trade run to Dist 268
           Erum played Zach up at the party and both reputations grew
           Ms. Vik went sight-seeing and accepted Brian's invite to the knighting
           Aali worked with the port engineers, bought new capacitor connectors
           Brian got the dead 'droid home and worked on it
           Emkir took Aali to dinner and a hotel
           Doctor Thrauld called and Mikah accepted the U-Rhylanor offer
           Mikah told the others to plan for interviews with U-Rhylanor
           Mikah brought Zach to the knighting and Brian brought Ms. Vik
           Fri-202: Rol was created a knight of the Order of the March Guards
           After the knighting, they went with the Duke to the Baron's birthday party
           Mr. Morvello said TAS wanted changes made, including to Rol's demands
           Emkir brought back the contract offer for Rol to consider

  • "As The Party Faded To Night"
           Sat-203: The Knights and others went to Baron Matthew's party
           Zach mat a rep from Safir Shipping Corp, dealing with "Blue Chips"
           Mikah dealt with aristocratic snobbery but met many people
           Zimzod met Baron Reznikov, a retired Marine General
           Inger was often groped as it was assumed she was an escort
           Aiden was assumed to be an unidentifiable intelligence dignitary
           Brian met a broker who asked after his shares in a merchant shipping line
           Aali worked with the engineers to swap the jump capacitors
           Emkir set a meeting with Guarrin Serratta, of the Jump News Corp
           Emkir and Aali had fun on the ship's bridge, leaving it vanilla/lemony
           Zach started collecting loot from the Viper to vet and sell

  • "Making Odd Impressions In Your Own Shadow"
           Sat-203: The crew named the cutter the Probe
           The knights visited a Captain Ferlindac Festival, Rol was mobbed
           Zach set up meets with Tarulli and Arcea for the Viper gear
           Emkir met with the Jump Media News but their offer was the same as TAS
           Mikah hit the Think Tank, meeting Lady Avocra and Dame Ashlee
           At Dinner, Rol, Zimzod and Brian meet Count Krenowl at dinner
           Mikah met Dame Darwofk and Baron Devonnews, and was offered a job

  • A Tide Rising To Disaster"
           Zach met with Itium and Arcea but Arcea's man ID'd the gown
           Realizing the Quasar Viper data was compromised, Zach called the ship
           The crew asked for help but no one had the troops
           Mikah suggested destroying the artifacts and saying the pics were fake
           ISIS accepted that but needed Arcea and his people in custody
           They set a plan for the 3 crew to back up the two IRIS agents
           The agents would try to talk Arcea and his people into joining up

  • "Dealing With Zach's Sins"
           Arcea shot Zach in the leg trying to learn what IRIS had planned for him?
           The IRIS arrival turned into a shootout
           Zimzod and Rol were wounded, Zach was critical and Emkir shot Aiden
           IRIS killed those caught and took the crew for med-care and debrief
           They learned Lord William was the IRIS Sector chief
           Rol called and threatened Tarulli while in his damaged combat armor
           IRIS let the crew keep some items but destroyed most of them
           Zach's had a leg transplant, but was out of danger of dying

  • "Days Of Fallout And Recovery"
           Sun-204 7am - Mikah watched Zach as Inger moved stuff to IRIS
           The lightly wounded were treated and returned to the ship
           The news had little on the fight, cast as an underworld battle
           Wall-e finished work on the 'droid and Brian had it work the wreck
           Brian set auctions for the parts and called about his Dankunlig shares
           Mikah met with William and Leonard and was told to stop meet and greets
           Brian installed the tentacle arm on Wall-e and sold some slag to a salvager
           Mon-205: At the University for interviews, they set the artifact visit up
           Rol signed his life away to the Duke for his Knighthood
           Zach woke to a transplanted leg and was put under Med-slow drug
           Tues-206: They visited the Artifact while Zach was in hospital
           They ate with Doctor Thrauld and Lord William came to see the books
           Wed-207: Early, Zach was put under Med-Slow drug again for a second day

  • "Storm Clouds And Sunshine"
           The crew dealt with the shootout and Zach being shot
           The Duke cancelled their public activities
           Brian signed up for cloning insurance
           Brian had WALL-e disassemble the grav wreck
           Zach ordered a gravChair after returning from the Hospital
           Mikah loaned Aiden and Zimzod cash for armor
           After a visit with Duke Leonard, the blame was set on Zach
           Zach was made the Duke's man, so the Ducal household could watch him
           The crew got access to Duke Leonard's library as Zach was punished
           Ms. Vik learned "Mr. Mattin" was actually a Natokan General
           The crew got a reward for "capturing" the crime boss Arcea
           Brian gave William the Stepozhevaci computer, he gave them some cash
           Ms. Vik found out the Skipping Stone was stuck in-port here after Risek
           Inger found the Stone was being held for corruption and got them free

  • "A Rest Before Choosing Salt Mines"
           Brian called Kiirkaarbe & Ingagku Traders about his stock shares
           Mikah decided they'd buy the battledress parts from Instell-Arms
           Fri-209: Mikah told them about the Pavabid job, they looked up the system
           Rol and the scouts visited TAS, to collect info on Pavabid charts
           They learned Pavabid was to become a client state
           Ms. Vik researched the ships with the port and set up who she could help

  • "Deals, Data And An Operation"
           Emkir, Aiden and Aali visited the Scout base for more data on Pavabid
           "The Details of the Pavabid system, for the job Dame Ashlee offered."
           Mikah helped in the surgery to install Brian's neural stent
           Ms. Vik connected with some including the Sword Worlds Star Daughter
           Rol signed the TAS contract and set the interview for the 217th

  • "Everything Between The Docks And The Deli"
           Sat-210: Mikah and Aali ate had lunch, Brian returned at 10:30p
           Rol signed the TAS contract and Mr. Morvello took them to lunch
           Rol, Emkir and Zach went to a museum, then went to a cooking expo
           Rol bought spices and collected recipes
           Inger referred Shaanes Kebe to Brigg, Tander and hault-Vineschenz
           Driftwood's issue was political, Inger said to seek a patron
           Cursed Bastards of Sol gave Inger little and warned was off by Imp-Intel
           Zach set a meeting the next day to interview about the nomads
           Ms. Vik was questioned about The Cursed Bastards

  • "A Day Of Work And One Of Recovery"
           Sun-211: Ms. Vik went to the port to talk about the Cursed Bastards
           Mikah, Zimzod and Brian went to the FFW Children's Relief Fund meetings
           Zach went to Rhylanor University for his interviews on the Nomads
           Aali and Emkir worked on sorting and blanking the datapads
           Inger visited the Eadgar Lanzo, Rira Niru, Last Credit and Dragged Keel
           Brian made friends at the Fifth Frontier Children's Relief Fund meetings
           Zach and Aiden worked on nav training for Aiden
           Mon-212: Erum Dalunica set up a deal for Inger's parts
           The jewelers delivered Zimzod's order of lanthanum rings
           Erum Dalunica and Zach signed a deal to sell the parts with Inger
           The crew decided not to accept Dame Ashlee's job offer

  • "Closing Deals And Opening Wounds"
           Mon-212: Mikah told Dame Ashlee the crew didn't accepted her job
           Zach called Salagon and they worked out a new deal
           Tues-213: Aali had her stent operation
           Rol was hit in a live-shooter incident at Instell-Arms
           Rol was put in a suspension for two days but was expected to be fine
           The Duke's Seneschal told Mikah the shooters were from a spec ops unit
           The Hotel California moved to the salvage platform to install the purifier
           Mr. Morvello, Emkir and Zach pushed Rol's interview back to Satuday

  • "Hurry Up, Wait, Deal And Investigate"
           Thurs-215: Mikah raised concerns for the "Hero's Cruise" the night before
           The news covered the shooter as a lone actor
           They realized the killers evaded the station security system
           Instell-Arms had a description of the shooting and the shooter's body
           Zach worked with Count Krenowl's people and the Bwap Apa-aeawes
           Zimzod learned nothing from IRIS and went to Instell-Arms to see the video
           Zimzod saw that trooper "Whilim Breamen" crushed the shooter's throat
           The two claimed to be from the IMS Daisy Chain, which didn't exist
           Inger saw Kishman's ship in-system as Rose o'The Marches
           The crew armored up and a troop ship was sent if Kishman was found
           Kishman disappeared with an altered transponder
           While waiting, Zach watched his deal fall through but kept trying
           Fri-216: The Seneschal told them to stand down and the troop ship left
           The Navy was searching for anything Kishman might have delivered
           Mikah and Ursara had met a female Knight, a Count, Baron and Baroness
           Rol was visited by Count Sir Lisush-Amimkig Iduushin, primary of his Order
           Rol was released and the Order transported him back to the berth
           Zach said many-bodied gravitational effects could affect sensors
           With that, they started refining the search for Kishman

  • "Dicing With Details And Death"
           Sat-217: Rol, Mikah and Zimzod met the Huscarles commander
                   and Count Sir Lisush-Amimkig Iduushin
           Rol managed to do good at the TAS interview
           Zach worked with Apa-aeawes but his proposals were not working
           Mikah asked for a facsimile of the Tellona diamond from Ursara for KCr2
           Inger saw Mr. Mattin in a Porozlo diplomatic team and told Lord William
           Zimzod met Dame Ligirsi Khilurka and her siblings for dinner
           Sun-218: They were woken after an attack on the Selat Atrara salvagers
           They learn Brian is dead and are loaned the Sable Addix and sent to Mora
           Sun-225: they misjump and take steps to prepare for what they can
           Sat-231: They get to the Fosey system and are challenged by cruiser
           The cruiser recovers their ship and helps service the gazelle for five days
           Thur-236: They jump to the Rorise system, arriving on Thursday-243
           After a quick visit, they jumped to Mora on Sun-246, arriving on Thur-250

The Mora Arc The Mora Arc
  • This includes:
  • "Fast Moving Events Arriving In Mora"
           Thur-250: At Mora, get the news Norris was created Arch-Duke of Deneb
           The crew were called to report to the Arch Duke on their mission
           Aali called TAS to get her brain scan set up
           Zimzod rented a resort room and left the ship to enjoy a beach and skirts
           The crew were called to attend Norris at dinner, and got further awards
           They also met Lady Seldrian Aledon, Norris' True Daughter
           Norris made Zimzod's Battledress legal
           Norris told them they no longer had to offer help on system entry
           Norris made Mikah the Fourth Lady to the Domain Court
           Emkir proposed to Aali and the Arch Duke decided he'd officiate
           The Arch Duke made the crew part of his entourage while in-system
           The wedding was set for four days' time and the crew shopped for supplies
           Fri-251: Mikah and Zimzod had their titles confirmed
           The crew were called on to be at the First Court of the Domain of Deneb
           Zimzod met a Baroness who was interested in courting him
           Sat-252: The crew found themselves heavily covered by the news

  • ""A Brief Respite Goes Bizarre"
           Wed-257: Aali had her brain scan done
           Aiden was asked to visit the IISS base as his war record became news
           News of von Kreiden's ramshackle fleet broke
           Aiden was called to Delphine's court, where he was Knighted
           The crew learned from Aiden about the battle of Caladbolg
           A message from Rhylanor confirmed Brian's death and the public notice of it

  • "Dressing Up And Being Flunkies"
           Wed-257: the crew shopped for clothes and wedding rings
           The crew went to Frank's Army & Navy
           Aali bought a small fob which used to belong to a Sir Kaleo Dechomai
           Thurs-258: The crew stood as part of Norris' entourage through the day
           Emkir encountered Vargr Admiral Vazfe Fhazkoe, a friend
           The crew attended a meeting exposing them to a new network
           A memorial was held for Sir Brian between events
           At a trade expo, Zach helped foil an attempt to assassinate Norris
           Zach collected data on those seeking permission to smuggle
           Zach turned his data over to the Arch Duke's Seneschal

  • "The Ride To Marital Bliss"
           Thurs-258: Zach was wired during the wedding to catch criminals
           Zimzod got permission to bring Shisema Nagaak to the wedding
           Fri-259: Aiden, Emkir and Aali visited the scout base
           Aali discovered the Aspirant Endeavor there
           Ms. Vik and Rol returned to Frank's with Emkir's trade-gear
           Zach got paid for his off-pallet operation and everyone met Shisema Nagaak
           Sat-260: Aiden met the Duchess' gunsmith and ordered his snub pistol
           Aiden set up shipping the weapon once it was made
           Zach carried out the instructions for his secret mission
           Aali and Emkir got married

  • "The Bumpy Road Back To Rhylanor"
           Sat-260: Back from the wedding, they set up to leave the next day
           Mikah dealt with Brian's leftover possessions
           Sun-261: gathered made the Jump to the Brodie system
           Wed-264: Aiden saw a blip on the sensors while in jump!
           Sun-268: they arrived in the Brodie system
           They spent four days visiting the crew of the tender Khadak di-Lenka
           Thurs-272: The crew jumped to Gerome
           Thurs-279: they arrived at Gerome
           The Sable Addix was taken aboard the battleship to be serviced
           Fri-280: those who investigated the sensors met the battleship's captain
           Thurs-286: They jumped to Rhylanor
           Aali told the crew about the Derchon files

The Return To Rhylanor The Return To Rhylanor
  • This includes:
  • "Blasting Back Into Rhylanor"
           Thurs-293: The crew came out of jump in the battle with von Kreden's fleet
           Ordered to run, the crew engaged the destroyer GNS Lilmett kin Vyste
           Zach's fire killed the destroyer and Aali and Zimzod's fire killed missiles
           Escapting the battle, the crew were taken into custody until the ceremony
           Fri-294: The crew's battle actions were investigated for disobeying orders
           The Naval station commander held an epic party for the crew
           Sat-295: They were moved by the INS Kanas Mimusi to Rhylanor Prime
           The Duke said they'd attend a ceremony in two days
           The Duke also suggested they'd be punished for their actions
           They were delivered to the Hotel California and held until the ceremony

  • "Marching Toward The Coming Thunder"
           Sat-295: Their gear was dumped into 6 containers and started sorting
           Zimzod found the cash from the diamond auction and shared it out
           They called Countess Ursara to get the simulated diamond
           They spent the rest of the day and most of the next organizing the ship
           Mon-297: The crew presented themselves in suits to attend "the ceremony"
           Duke Leonard "punished" them by knighting or augmenting them
           All but Zach were given rights and made Knight Defenders of the Marches
           The crew were allowed to celebrate but had the funeral the next day

  • "Two Parties, Shopping And A Funeral"
           Tues-297: As they enjoy the party, Mikah met the Duchess of Glieten
           The new members learned what the Order could do for them in Rhylanor
           Wed-298: The funeral for the INS Khurmumshuuna Khangu dead
           Mikah was called by broker Mr. Adirman about Brian's stock holdings
           They moved the ship to the main SPA High port
           Mikah and Zach found the ancient Darrian artifacts in the ship's locker
           Mikah ordered food stores to be delivered and the crew went to Instell-Arms
           Mikah bought her high-tech laser pistol as the others shopped
           Zimzod began his quest for an FGMP-15
           They setup to have the air-raft upgraded
           The port invited the crew to an SPA-internal party
           Aali set with Admiral Kiamman to visit the Naval offices for 'droids

  • "A Good Day To Die"
           Wed night-298: The crew attended the SPA party
           Thurs-299: Aiden took the air-raft to be modified
           Aali and Emkir went to inspect the navy's spare androids
           Zimzod went to the Order House to make contacts toward getting an FGMP
           Zach set up having a stent implanted so he could get clone insurance
           Inger set out with port friends to have fun, dinner and a play
           Zach told them of death threats, Mikah called IRIS
           Minister Baron Ondallah had a KCr 50 voucher for Zimzod's battledress
           Aali stared the paperwork to buy a lot of four androids
           Emkir and Aali sold the lot of used datapads for KCr 650
           At Aali's suggestion, Mikah told IRIS about the ghost sensor blip
           Mikah, Zach, Rol, Emkir, Aali and Aiden were attacked and Zach killed
           Mikah spread the alarm as the battle ended. She, Emkir and Rol wounded

  • "Rushing To Cover Unknown Bases"
           Tues-299: Zimzod and Inger got back to the ship
           IRIS explained to Zimzod and Inger that Tarulli put a hit on Zach
           After being questioned Aali and Aiden went to the hospital
           Emkir was released, Mikah held over-night and Rol for several days
           The ship hired Terin and Munarshu
           Fri-300: They started getting data to plan Zach's funeral

  • "Recovery And Reorganization"
           Fri-300: Zimzod and bought cloning insurance
           Terin indentured himself to the ship for two yars to get a stent implanted
           Mikah was released from Hospital
           Rol agreed to review his trade show attack testimony when he could
           Munarshu moved into a stateroom on the ship
           Mikah set up Zimzod and Terin's surgery for the 303rd day at 9am and 1pm
           Mikah set up Aiden and Rol's on the 404th
           Mikah and Zimzod called Baron Sir Rielepo for help about an FGMP
           The crew began applying to be x-Parcel certified
           They mounted the GNS Lilmett kin Vyste name plate on the bridge
           Terin began researching the Darrian artifacts and serving tea

  • "Planning To Move Forward Again"
           Sat-301: Aali and Munarshu returned to the 'droid warehouse
           Emkir met Captain Iligir Musnim and trapped him into a poker game
           Terin explained his wounds to Mikah, but not his decorations or actions
           Aali got the OK to buy lot 1 and asked about housekeeping 'droids
           Terin told Rol about having fought Zho commandos
           Zimzod got a contact from Baron Sir Kelslundt
           Zimzod and Mikah met the tattooed couple
           Emkir convinced captain Musnim to approve their application
           Sun-302-5 am: Mikah and Zimzod pitched the tattooed man's job

  • "Arts And Shopping Adventures"
           Sun-302: Munarshu found the ship's engineering logs were very short
           Munarshu found "sonic probes" were legally questionable
           Terin went for a run and encountered a bar fight
           Terin was hired by "Harlo" to give him legitimacy in a planned deal
           Terin set to have Zach's body handled
           Emkir began researching who to hire to scan Brian's books
           Rol gave testimony in the trade show assault and ordered food stores
           Terin started researching what to do with the cybernetic parts
           Zimzod beat up Terin in "zero-g" training
           The crew received chocolates from Open Skies in condolances

  • "Hobbing With The Nobs"
           Mon-303: Munarshu asked Rol to update the software on his sights
           The morticians picked up Zach's body and inger picked up the air/raft
           Emkir made a deal to have the University of Rhylanor scan Brian's books
           Aali set up auctions for the gravWreck parts
           Aiden tazed Munarshu at Instell-Arms
           Tues-304: The books were reviewed by the Museum of Rhylanor
           Zimzod and Terin had their stents implanted
           Norris, Delphine, Leonard and Muktheswara came to see the books

  • "Plans And Potentates"
           Tues-304: Emkir and Aali do the Rhylanor Museum with their Graces
           The museum wanted to certify Brian's books as authentic
           Emkir and Aali learned they had to contact Brian's family about the books
           Inger found the Cursed Bastards of Sol had formed New Stars, LLC
           New Stars was looking for investors and bought the IMV Durgarna Kishgi
           The SMV Star Daughter invited Inger to visit their HQ on Joyeuse
           The crew had to attend a reception for Norris and Delphine
           Inger met Magach Zusir, a fixer from LSP
           Inger and Munarshu went clothing shopping and were loaned jewelry
           Zimzod and Terin's stent surgeries were done and their gear delivered
           At the hospital, Mikah, Zimzod and Terin dressed for the reception
           At the reception, it was announced Norris and Delphine had arrived
           Norris announced he was planning a Grand tour of the domain
           Wed-305: Rol and Aiden had their stent operations
           Aali bought the engineering android lot for KCr 500

  • "Research, Pranks And Passings"
           Wed-305: Terin scheduled a stent clas for the 311th day of the year
           Mikah implanted Rol and Aiden's stents
           Inger shopped for a cargo sealing machine for the ship
           Emkir and Aali interrupted a jewelry store robbery and got in a shoot out
           Thurs-306: The crew attended Zach's Funeral
           Inger suggested the crew invest with the Cursed Bastards of Sol
           Aali had her ring delivered to her

  • "Potential Profits And Virtual Death"
           Thurs-306: The crew relaxed the rest of the day
           Fri-307: The crew rented a place for zero-g combat practice
           They were offered commenting jobs as VIP's on simulated combat games

  • "Once More In the Grinder"
           The crew mixed up their teams and got more practice in.
           After their practice, the crew dealt with the commenating contracts

  • "Plans, Risks and Opportunities"
           Fri-307: After more sim-battles, the crew signed sports network contracts
           The crew visited Durgarna Kishgi and bought shares in New Stars
           Lord William called the crew and Munarshu and Terin learned about IRIS
           Sat-308: Zimzod petitioned Duke Leonard for help getting an FGMP-15
           Mikah met Master Alan Disadii of the Aler Irkhi Shusgididi Corp
           Zimzod got a private meeting with the Duke after a great deal of push-back
           Emkir began plans to set up a betting pool with other officers in-system
           Zimzod called Baron Sir Kelslundtb for ideas to sway the Duke on the FGMP
           Baron Sir Kelslundtb hires the ship to carry his cargo in their X-mail safe

  • "By The Light Of Burning Bridges"
           Sat-308: Zimzod didn't get permission for an FGMP from the Duke
           Mikah approved having the ship buy housekeeping 'droids
           Mikah and Zimzod agreed to haul 2 tons cargo to D'Ganzio for Dame Ashlee
           Aali bought the housekeeping 'droids and she and Emkir picked them up
           Mikah, Zimzod, Terin and Inger visited the Darrians about the cybernetics
           Munarshu left to hunt wrecks from the Selat Atrara archology
           Duke Leonard's Seneschal was part of the meeting with the Darrians
           When Mikah returned and asked Aali about Munarshu, he was ordered back
           Rol told Mikah he thought one of the Darrians was a telepath
           Mikah told the Seneschal and canceled the next day's lunch at the embassy
           Emkir bought an Odds-Bot program

  • "Lies, Drinks, Pranks And Punishments"
           Sat-308: Mikah restricted Munarshu to the ship for leaving and lying
           Terin wanted to grow some of his herbs himself and talked to Aali
           Mikah decided the crew had to get dunk and spiked Inger's drink
           Emkir started the scanning process, Mikah paid the KCr 30
           Rol lost a drinking contest and Zimzod put his body on Inger's
           Sunday 309: Rol woke up on top of Inger, stagged into the ship
           Inger woke to find herself semi-undressed
           Munarshu tranq'ed Rol in surprise and then moved Rol to his bed
           Mikah gave Norris the Tellona Diamond duplicate and the chip as a gift
           The University of Rhylanor picked up the books to scan them
           Duke Leonard ordered the crew to leave Rhylanor within the next 48 hours
           The University of Rhylanor promised to x-mail the book scans for Cr 1,000
           Munarshu was restricted from being armed aboard
           Rol begain investigating what happened to him and Inger at the party
           Monday-310: Terin had his stent class
           Aali got all the ordered parts and sold all Sir Brian's parts to a bulk buyer
           Mikah met the Order's Primary and Knight Commander Baron Sir Akamke
                   Ubum Iikimkhirsa Trekera
           Inger the Duke's permission to leave the ship

  • "The Music Changes, The Dance Goes On"
           The Knights return to the ship after Inger said she'd return on her own
           Aiden sold his High Passages, Emkir consolidated his translation notes
           Fesic learned their part fighting von Kreden
           Terin began early Nav-plots were interrupted by the Duke's people arriving
           Two Marine squads searched the ship as port workers removed Inger's gear
           Mikah was told Inger was leaving the ship by Duke Leonard's order
           Rol asked the port for news video but got it from TAS for Cr 12,000
           Rol questioned Terin on how he and Inger ended up in bed together
           Aali told Munarshu to stop doing her job
           TAS hired them to get Fesic to Lunion but Zimzod hired him as Chief Gunner
           Zimzod, Rol and Aiden got scanned for their cloning insurance
           In jump, they got to know Fesic and had zero-g training
           They stopped at the Equus highport
           Mikah let the crew go down to the planet except Munarshu
           The crew took submarine tours, Emkir and Aali had a speed boat date
           Munarshu cracked water on the ship until it was time to sleep

To the D'Ganzio System - First Stop: Equus To the D'Ganzio System - First Stop: Equus
  • This includes:
  • "Morning's Light, Explosions Bright"
           the crew shopped and Mikah got a new "Coral" sword
           Aiden's research sparked a customs inspection and Munarshu to freak
           Aali and Emkir found hidden files on the fob
           Emkir and Aali hit a bar and lined up cargo, to be finalized the next day
           Munarshu and Terin went planetside
           Munarshu and Terin met Mak, who Munarshu knew from his time on-world
           Munarshu's Ident was stolen, they went to the Imperial consulate
           The consulate said they could get a new Ident from Rhylanor in 4 weeks
           Terin when shopping but they learned the ident thief got off world
           The high-port deputized the ship to chase and detain the rogue ship
           The battle lasted 13.5 hours and the scout Skygge Sturek was lost

  • "Assaults By Land And Space"
           Terin and Munarshu were asked to help investigate a firm the thief visited
           Terin and Munarshu visit the firm to help the police
           Terin and Munarshu plan to help the police break in that night
           The late night break in finds someone in the targeted office
           To enter the rogue, Rol pinned HEAT grenades to blow an entrance open
           They found engineering pressurized and the enemy tried a fake surrender
           As Zimzod entered Engineering he was attacked
           The "surrendered man" attacked Mikah and was killed
           After a shootout, they capture one wounded prisoner
           Despite winning, they were all too tired to explore
           Mikah did surgery into the morning
           Terin and Munarshu met with the police to plan for that night
           Terin and Munarshu went to a museum before resting for the coming night
           Aali investigated and "safed" the rogue's engineering before looting
           Zimzod and Fesic investigated and looted the rogue
           Emkir worked to hack the rogue's computer then joined the looting

  • "Missions And Reunions"
           In the second break in, Munarshu and Terin met a Human replicant android
           Zimzod chose not to keep any loot from the Kakishuu beyond hard currency
           Mikah remembered her copy of the Stepozhevaci hand comp
           Emkir used the Stepozhevaci cracker to hack the Kakishuu's computer
           The cruiser INS Midindir Kada arrived to help and they returned in-system
           The port master gave the crew rewards and discounts for the next month
           The port master gave Mikah Munarshu's Ident, which they had recovered
           Emkir confirmed IMV Illiesh Shakhik's crew still had cargo
           Zimzod had Port Security recover Munarshu as if he were under arrest

  • "Sharing Deals And Distractions"
           They worked on projects or shopped as Mikah and Zimzod enjoyed a cruise
           Rol bought cybertek, Terin got a HUD upgrade and Fesic caught a shoplifter
           Emkir and Aali got Terin a computer class
           Mikah bought the ship got virtual combat training system
           The ship was scanned for repairs and sensor and software upgrades
           After a crew meeting back at the port they went to an amusement park

  • "From One Ride To Another"
           While eating Mikah asked Terin what happened in Ulir City
           At dinner, Mikah asked Munarshu about Ulir City
           Mikah called Ulir City and Navy for facts
           Aali and Emkir told Mikah about the fob data
           The next day, Aali and Emkir's team worked and they all went to a bar
           The crew met the crew of the Free Trader Shoshama Iigee
           After shooting, the couples had fun and met the Iigee crew again
           The next morning to be told they had to meet the Count
           Count Corven had his people interviw Terin and Munarshu
           Munarshu left his digi-glasses to be searched after he and Terin told all
           After a meetings on the wet-sea ship, the crew returned to the ship

  • "Killing The Deal"
           Mikah implanted Rol's cybertek
           The crew did various general bar crawls over the week
           Rol did Zimzod's battledress maint and set up the combat sim-grid
           The fob showed an old base in the Sonthert system
           Zimzod planned to search for the White Star Order
           Saturday-336: Aiden bought a blaster style auto-pistol
           Terin researched accessing worlds in interdicted systems
           Tues night-339: Emkir killed a spacer in a bar fight and was arrested
           Mikah traded favors with Captain Voulge of the Shoshama Iigee
           A hack job destroyed all the video of the crime and Emkir was released
           A witness claimed Emkir was defending himself
           Captain Voulge said they were hired as troops to re-take a cargo ship
           The Leviathan orbited a planet further out in-system
           The 56 crew of the Leviathan all were to be killed

  • "The Cost of Emkir's Ass"
           Wed-340: Captain Voulge briefed Mikah on the IMV "Sohturn Behemoth"
           Mikah set her crew to take the ship's boat decks and alt. bridge
           They delivered the California to the shipyard for repairs
           Emkir was released on his own recognizance
           In the 24 hr run to the target, they slept and practiced
           Thurs-341: On atack, the target's boat decks were open with boats drifting
           Mikah's team checked the aft remains of a shuttle with no survivors
           Zimzod, Aiden and Munarshu got locked in pressurizing rooms
           Aiden died as they forced a hatch open
           Mikah and Rol found debris showing a creature was aboard and got loose
           Captain Voulge's teams hit their targets but were attacked by a creature
           Captain Voulge got to the Iigee and got them off-ship to re-organize
           After re-organizing, Voulge's people went back to kill the bear
           The teams then explored the ship and found the log, with the whole story
           On Sat morning-343, They prepared to return to Equus

  • "Cleaning Up And Moving On"
           Sat-343 to Sun-344: Mikah's crew moved the Sohturn Behemoth to Equus
           During looting, they found more than MCr 3.5 in funds
           Mikah shared the KCr 62 but put the MCr 3.5 into their ship's funds
           Emkir and Aali investigated the electronics
           They found gravLifters and asteroid mining gear
           In Equus orbit, Station Offices dropped the case against Emkir on Tues-346
           They were warned the crew of a feud with the Sladek family(IMV Dilucca)
           Wed-347: The Count called to ask them to come dirtside the next day
           Thurs-348: The Count showed them the cargo from the Behemoth
           An IRIS man from the interview gave them a contact on Skull
           Bhreker Kraiowa hired them for the trip to D'Ganzio
           Thurs-348: The crew jumped for Skull-Prime in the mid-afternoon

Next Stops - Skull and Restin Next Stops - Skull and Restin
  • This includes:
  • "I'll Raise You Four Charges For One"
           Fesic was told about the smuggling and said he'd be good
           The team trained, worked and relaxed until they arrived at Skull
           Fesic tried to get Munarshu to help scan the cargo
           Aali learned Duke Rakaa Kiraarri of Lanth was Baron of Sonthert
           Fri-356: They paid for berth and refresh and agreed to help Delgado
           Four of them were arrested for murder to cover up a disease outbreak
           The rest tried to get help but got nowhere
           Sat-357: 2am A detective freed them and sent them to Dome 32
           They got a comms working and called the ship, but had no luck getting help
           Mikah and Zimzod found no panic in a hospital
           They went looking for "Orange heads", a gang they learned were moving in
           They met real crooks, who taggged them as undercover
           The thugs sent them to dome 30

  • " Hardened Spacers And World Savers "
           Sat-357 3:30p - Mikah's team slept going to Dome 30
           Emkir and Bhreker looked for legal support
           Emkir OK'd trying to sneak out of the bay
           Terin found social media data saying 20 domes were suborned
           They told Bhreker everything, but he couldn't help them
           In Dome 30, the team took out two thugs and were tested by the gang
           Back at the gang HQ, they met "Mr. Big", killed him and fled
           Fesic grabbed papers that were evidence of weapon making/smuggling
           Warning the government triggered assaults from prepared positions
           Rescued, the crew were treated and returned to the ship and they left
           Wed-361: The crew jump out of Skull system bound for Restin
           Tues-002-1113: In Resten system, they got aid from a patrol cruiser
           Sat-013: Arriving in Lunion, they docked and made some plans

Adventures On Lunion And Beyond Adventures On Lunion And Beyond
  • This includes:
  • "Having A Blast In Lunion"
           Sun-014: The Knights would meet Duke Luis the next day
           They visited the Knight Defenders Order and did the tourist thing
           Mikah reminded all Luis was related to Delphine and Admiral Santanocheev
           Fesic opened the tattooed man's cargo, found a woman and called Mikah
           Mikah and Zimzod returned to the ship and dealt with Fesic
           Terin found 70% of the replacement herbs needed
           Mon-015: Mikah and Zimzod watched as Fesic made the seal
           The Knights had stent scans updated and went to Court
           The Duke asked for help testing a Baronet-candidate by playing pirates
           After the crew did their fake pirate act, a real raider appeared
           The Everyone got in the faster ship and ran for it

  • " Valor And Discretion "
           Tues-016 11:50pm: They bailed out of the Stellar Scimitar and escaped
           Back at Lunion, the Duke gave them gifts in court
           Mikah was made a Knight of the Knight Defender of Lunion (Planetary)
           Each was given a personal favor from the Duke
           Rol asked for the right to buy Battledress and Zimzod for an FGMP-15
           Terin asked the Duke to help them with permissions in the Sonthert system
           Mikah asked to modify to the ship's air-raft bay

  • " The Game's Afoot! "
           Thurs-018 8:30p: Terin started researching botanical research on Sonthert
           Mikah had Bhreker get a cargo container to hide the tattooed man's cargo
           Zimzod had Fesic move the ship to the port for modifications
           Friday-019: The crew stayed in the palace during the work on the ship
           Fesic helped Terin work as the crew had fun or worked
           Mikah called Fesic to seal a new bin over the old to smuggle into D'Ganzio
           They learned survivors from the raider were taken to be interrogated
           At 10pm, the crew were told the prisoner had been killed
           The Duke told them to investigate and Mikah put Rol in charge
           An investigation showed an agent got into the prison and killed him
           Sat-020-9a: they were called to Court at 1pm
           They were made members of the Order of the Knight Defenders of Lunion
           Mikah was elevated to Knight Commander
           The Duke gave Rol and Mikah title and ownership to their estates
           The crew visited the estates and ordered some changes to be made

  • " Hard Working, Drinking And Losses "
           Sat-020: Terin worked on his research with Fesic's help
           Sun-021: Terin and Fesic worked on the research
           Munarshu and Zimzod went hunting and Munarshu got shot
           Aali worked on the raft bay until Emkir took her on a lunch trip to the coast
           Sun-021: Terin and Fesic worked until Terin presented his data
           They moved their stuff into the ship
           Duke Luis said he'd help with Terin's request
           Munarshu, Fesic and Rol went skirt chasing but Fesic got rolled
           Mon-022: Fesic lost his local right to bear arms and ceremonial Naval rank
           Mikah ordered a suite of communications units that arrived the next day
           They were tricked out TL-D multi-Channel, channel-scrambling comms
           Hookers called for Fesic, based on a fake sex ad, until they got it deleted

Ignoring Rabwhar For The Shakes At D'Ganzio Ignoring Rabwhar For The Shakes At D'Ganzio
  • This includes:
  • " More Fun Then you Can Shake A Station At "
           Mon-022: They planned to jump to a gas giant at Rabwhar
           Mikah sent Aiden a note to meet them at Lunion unless he got updates
           They mapped some paths to the Gothe system
           Munarshu and Aali asked for a replacement ship if needed
           Tues-023: The Duke agreed to review their work if they asked for a ship
           After receiving the ordered comms sets, the ship left Lunion
           Tues-030: They refueled from the gas giant and reset at Rabwhar
           Aali found the Probe needed KCr 5 to 7 in replcement parts
           Tues-037: The ship jumped to D'Ganzio
           Tues-044: They delivered Dame Ashlee's cargo and called the other client
           Wed-045 3:3am: An android escaped their cargo and fled
           As Instell-Arms security responded, the entire highport began to shudder

  • "" Strange Friends And Even Stranger Enemies "
           Wed-045 4:20a: They looked for a way to get the ship free
           They manned the ship, chased the android and tried to save the station
           Zimzod, Mikah and Rol did an EVA to save the tugs and kill the android
           Fesic and Emkir got the ship out of the station and picked up Terin
           Thur-046: Mr. Thersk's agnathics order was swapped with the android
           Mr. Thersk, a former executive, connected them to the system leaders
           After an interview and rewarded for their help, the crew relaxed

The Lanth Arc The Lanth Arc
  • This includes:
  • " New Toys And No Answers "
           Thurs-046: Emkir started checking their computer usage
           Mikah received the Kakishuu's nameplate from Captain Voulge
           Fri-047: Mikah, Zimzod and Rol moved to the port
           They installed a gunnery training program and security system
           Aali got a new R2 android from Instell-Arms and named it Marvin
           Fri-054: They ordered parts for the turret and cutter
           They agreed to haul a cargo and bought 1 ton of precious metals
           After the last details were done,the crew jumpped for Lanth
           Fri-054 to Fri-061: The crew jump to Lanth
           Fri-61 to Sat-62: Mikah, Fesic, Emkir and Zimzod tried to get a cargo permit
           Sat-62: Fesic wanted to research punishable legal offences

  • " From The Jaws Of Progress "
           The crew continued trying to get their Cargo permit
           The crew attended Duke Rakaa Kiraarri's court
           In court, they asked for permission to visit Sonthert
           Rol and Zimzod begged endorsements on their requests
           Waiting for their application, they were told they had to go to Regina
           Mikah asked for some delay and got two weeks

  • " Days of Fun and Forms "
           The crew spent two days advancing their permits
           Munarshu had a very bad encounter with vargr juice
           They got their validation form and cargo permit

  • " Delivering Bruises And Cash "
           Thur-067 1113: The ship was certified to trade in the Lanth system
           They made their first delivery ( Administraria)
           Terin bought a hookah
           Fri-068: Emkir started organizing trade data from Sohturn Behemoth
           Sat-069 1113: The crew broke in Terin's new Hookah
           The crew decided to make Zero-G training a regular thing for the time being
           They planned to do the Baron's cargo, get the cash and leave on Sunday
           The crew planned to lift on Sun-070 after making a sub-orbital delivery

  • " Drop Offs And Boardings "
           Sat-069: The crew relaxed and shopped or worked personal projects
           Sun-070: The crew made their deliveries, almost getting shot during one
           The crew packed and boarded the Kugar Akemudir

Returning To Regina Returning To Regina
  • This includes:
  • " Advancing On Accusations "
           Sun-70: On IMS Kugar Akemudir, they met Understars Royal Metals'
                      mercenary from Wiggans Atomic Specialists
           Aali ran stent-studies with Zimzod, Terin and Rol using comm dots
           Mikah taught unarmed combat and Munarshu had a rib broken
           Sun-77: The crew began a week's layover in the Ghandi system
           Sun-84: The crew reboarded Kugar Akemudir and jumped to Dinomn
           Sun-91: At Dinomn, they jumped the California to Regina
           Sat-97: The crew held a "Goodbye Party" for Rol in case he was arrested
           Sun-98: In Regina, they met Mr. Dilgaadin, Countess Josephine
           They also met Emkir's in-laws
           Rol gave the manuscript of his book to Mr. Dilgaadin
           Emkir was called the "Celebrity Murderer" by Aali's sister
           They heard of rumors they'd tried to depose Duke Norris a year before
           Mon, 99 1113: Aali's parents and brother took the couple out to see the city
           Mikah and Zimzod were invited to meet Duke Vilis for lunch
           A man rammed their suite in an air/raft and shot Munarshu

  • " Searching From The Shadows "
           Tue-099-11:30am: First responders treat Fesic, Munarshu and the assassin
           Fesic was told to spend two weeks off his left leg
           The "crash" was reported as no more than an accident
           Duke a'Plena offered help finding Brian's parents
           The Duke told them to skirt the border worlds and visit his court on Frenzie
           Mikah had the crew help Sir Anthony search for rumor spreading
           Rol looked for publishers for his manuscript
           Terin hung his shingle out for nav tapes
           Emkir's spending, name dropping and whispered secrets backfired
           Aali could not learn from her mother what her sister's problem was
           Wed-100: Aali decided Emkir should return to the crew
           Emkir and Aali learned the truth about the gravCar accident
           A police officer told them this had been a paid assassination of Rol
           The assassin hadn't been violent before and was paid by dummy companies
           Mr. Dilgaadin and Countess Josephine were concerned for their wounded
           The rumors had started months before and they were being traced
           The rumor data currently seemed to lead to three unknown starting points
           The crew had to be seen as heroes by the people while fighting rumors
           Attempts to disgrace Rol would drag down Mikah and Zimzod by association
           Mr. Dilgaadin signaled Mikah they'd talk later
           Rol was given the contact data for a legal team
           Mikah was given an odd firm to call after a delay

  • "Clawing Out Of The Dark
           Wed, 100-1113: Rol met his lawyers and Mikah met the Intel Admiral
           Mikah and Zimzod brought the others to "The War House"
           Aali learned her sister had been assigned to the Tamesha Kargaa
           Mikah handed over the Stepozhevaci data and outed Lord Wlliam
           Thur, 101-1113: Mr. Dilgaadin resolved the reassignment of Aali's sister

  • " The Difference Of A Couple Of Days
           Thur-101: Mikah was the first Domain Noble to visit the Duchy Museum
           Mikah and Zimzod invited Aali's family to dinner
           Aali's sister apologized after being read in on the rumor project
           Fri-102: Fesic began researching precious metal prices for their cargo
           Aali and Emkir continued the tourist thing with her family
           Rol visited Sir Jeremy and helped foil an assassination attempt
           Mikah took part in Rol's treatment
           Emkir's parents arrived and Mikah and Zimzod had everyone over for dinner
           Sat-103: Fesic's leg was mostly healed for use and jogging
           Sun-104 Aali and Emkir visited Aali's old neighborhood
           Rol returned from the hospital

  • " Wounds Healed And Shots Fired "
           Sun-104: Rol got back from hospital
           Mikah and Zimzod refused the duster quotes
           Mon-105: Mikah sent Aiden a birthday card - to arrive in Inthe before him
           Emkir, Aali and Fesic hit the port to cut their trade application time
           At port services, Aali saw someone tailing them before fire alarms went off
           Emkir and Aali learned of an emergency at the building
           Emkir, Aali and Fesic were questioned on their visit to port offices
           Officials got vid-clips of their "tail" from the port offices
           With the others out, Emkir and Aali were warned of a building emergency
           Wed-107: The crew learned details of the building attack
           At the party, Terin met Zhodani Assistant Attaché Ezheqlafl Yentiiavr
           Fesic met his former captain, now an admiral from the INS Khada Imirkii
           Mikah, Zimzod and Terin met Deputy Seneschal Ishgiidku Arkamki
           Terin was "interviewed" about his connection to the Zhodani Ambassador
           Vid from the party suggested Terin was a mole and his record faked
           Fesic shot a man who turned out to be the tail from the port office attack
           Aiden's clone was now three days from being decanted
           Thur-108: Terin was released back to the crew that morning

  • " Rebirth And Near-Death "
           Wed, 107-1113: Rol pranked Munarshu with breakfast
           Terin tried to solve the Zhodani issue and was told "No" by Lord Aamkige
           The government used the captured agent to hit back against the rumors
           Fesic enjoyed a song written about him
           The Duchy hired the ship to do a satellite run
           The Hotel California left Regina-Prime on their mission
           Sat, 110: Aiden's clone was decanted and awakened in Rhylanor
           Aiden participated in Physical Therapy
           Sun, 111: Aiden had a meeting with Leonard's seneschal
           Aiden entered Physical Therapy
           Aiden learned a new cloning policy would cost MCr 10(KCr 250 /yr)
           Aiden did most of his pre-travel shopping
           Mon, 112: Aiden was created a Ducal Courier
           Sat, 114: Aiden left Physical Therapy
           The Hotel California arrived but the satellite exploded
           After the explosion, the Hotel California was engaged in a battle

  • " Blasted And Re-Assembled "
           Thur, 115: The crew recovered the debris, a panel from the satellite
           Two Merchants arrived in-system sparking an alert from their escort SDB's
           As the crew completed their run to the base, they watched events nearby
           Aiden finished his PT and left Rhylanor for Risek aboard IMV Aveley
           Fri, 116: On the base, they bribed the Co to scavenge the pirate ship
           Munarshu woke and continued treatment for his burns and other hurts
           The crew began repairs on the Hotel California with salvage from the pirate
           Thur 122: Aiden arrived in Risek and was forced to spend a week there
           Fri, 123: The Hotel California began its crossing back to Regina Prime
           Thur 129: Aiden left Risek for Inthe system aboard IMV Aveley
           Thur 136: Aiden got to Inthe and left for Yori aboard the IMV Ani Puumdi
           Thur 143: Aiden was taken into custody at Yori by the port for transport
           Sat, 145: Aiden left Yori for Regina aboard the INRS Tuarso Difom
           Tue, 148: The Hotel California arrived at Regina Prime
           The crew were held in orbit and debriefed
           Wed, 149: The crew landed and had to be in court the next day
           The crew were visited by the Duchess and learned about arrests in-system
           Thur, 150: Mikah and Zimzod were woken by IRIS and given missions
           The crew appeared in Her Grace's Court to explain their failure
           Mikah met with IRIS and be lectured about spilling secrets
           Zimzod's mission was to see if he could work with Psions and a job offer
           Fri, 151: They began the process of having the ship repaired
           Emkir locked down all personal computer systems on the ship
           Fesic determined it would cost KCr 250 to fix the cargo sealer system
           Sat, 152: Work began on fixing the ship
           Aiden got to Regina space and re-joined the crew at the ship

  • " New Adventures In Learning "
           Sat-152 Aiden rejoined the crew and they had a hazmat issue
           Mikah's message from Norris allowed entry to an Interdicted system
           Zimzod was Psi-tested and undergoing psi-tolerance training
           Mikah explained the Sonthert mission to Munarshu, Fesic and Aiden
           Munarshu was told his ribs would never heal completely
           Aiden was zapped by his custom Snub Pistol
           Munarshu and Fesic left on a 2-day hunting trip starting the next day
           Sun-153: Munarshu got kicked off the hunting tour
           Rol and his lawyers met with the Jesediperei
           Mon-154: Aiden attended the court of the Duchess and delivered his message
           Mikah was "removed" from a medical ride along

  • " If I Only Had A Brain "
           Mon-154 Research on the White Star data gave links to the 871-438 system
           Terin and Rol showed their data on the Sonthert system
           Emkir got more data from the IISS
           Zimzod began training for psi-shield
           Fesic and Munarshu returned and the bets were settled
           Mikah learned from Aiden about the looters and called the Seneschalate
           Tue-155 Munarshu accidentally shot Emkir
           After Terin punched Munarshu, Munarshu and Emkir ended up in hospital
           Zimzod continued his psi-shield training
           Emkir's wounds will heal in one month
           Munarshu was placed under arrest in hospital
           Wed-156 Mikah put Munarshu's fate in Emkir and Aali's hands
           After a conference with Mr. Dilgaadin, the crew let Munarshu go

  • " Settling In And Taking Count "
           Wed-156 Terin, Aiden, Rol and Fesic clean out Munarshu's stateroom
           Mikah had Terin move all their dedicated military goods back to the ship
           The crew parceled out Munarshu's gear because he was not gonna need it
           Thur-157 Aiden turned in Munarshu's IISS buckle and got a new one himself
           Emkir's treatment was settled into
           Rol learned he would not be charged with crimes from teh Jesediperei data
           Mikah was told it would help stop the rumors if they left Regina
           Fri-158 Members of the crew visited Munarshu to say goodbye
           Emkir was released from the hospital
           Zimzod returned from his "special training"
           Sat-159 The crew are sat at breakfast in the suite

A New Ride In The Dark A New Ride In The Dark
  • This includes:
  • "The End Of This Ride
           Sat-159: The crew planned to leave Regina
           They bought gear to use exploring the Sonthert system
           That night, they had a party for Emkir, Zimzod and Mikah's birthdays
           Sun-160: plans were made to go to Wypoc and then Sonthert
           Mikah bought them five Haz. Env. Suits
           Mon-161: At 1am, after leaving the jump shadow, the crew misjumped
           Tue-183: By this time the crew had barely the power to findhope
           Sat-187: The crew reached the Regina's Storm and Coronal Flare
           Exploring the Regina's Storm, they rescue Sgt. Jocelynn Guerrek
           The crew explored the Coronal Flare
           Aali pronounced the Hotel California dead
           The crew recovered a naval cutter drifting off the Regina's Storm
           Sun-188: the crew will wake to having only 20 days before dying

  • " Dealing With A Fixer-Upper
           Mon, 189 to Mon, 196 - The crew worked to repair the Coronal Flare

A Return to Inthe A Return to Inthe
  • This includes:
  • "Getting A Huge Upgrade
           The crew manage to survive the jump back to civilization
           The Coronal Flare was declaired salvage and property of the crew
           The Navy agreed to help repair the ship, renamed IMS Upgrade
           Emkir managed to bribe a Petty Officer into installing military sensors
           The crew spent a week at a resort downwell
           Repair costs paid by Navy payment for finding the Regina's Storm and insurance

  • " Things Put Together And Taken Apart
           Sun-244: The ship was moved to naval repair due to heavier damage
           Aali repaired the 'droids and Emkir trained with marines
           Fesic got caught picking locks in the hotel
           Rol found the bar Swisher Unlimited could be a underworld contact point
           They did medical ride alongs, shopping and weapon work over the week
           Thur-248: Mikah, Aali and Jocelynn had a Girl's Day Out shopping
           Fri-249: Zimzod got a crystal with data on an Ancient site on Inthe
           Mon-252: Aali and Emkir came back from the naval shipyard
           Rol held daily hand to hand classes
           Fesic took a week-long tour of Inthe's stunning vistas
           Rol and Terin went to the Navy base for rations, and were investigated
           Zimzod found a cracked data crystal in a medical ride along
           Jocelynn lost to Emkir in a drinking contest
           Thur-255: Fesic to return on Sat, Ship ready for testing in 6 days

  • " Risk And Risqué
           Thur-255: Jocelynn bought an anti-grav weapon boot
           Jocelynn introduced the crew to her hot cocoa and noted Rol's interest
           Fri-256: News broke Emkir's father had died
           Emkir sent a note to his mother with flowers
           Mikah and Zimzod met Lord Major Kiliar Apkannir
           Zimzod decided to call IRIS about the crystal from the Ancient site
           Emkir and Aali met Alakam Udagis and Zasnad Gusurda
           Terin bought an infuser
           Aiden bought a target shooting pistol kit
           Rol brought Jocelynn to dinner at the Order House
           Rol and Jocelynn met Lt. General Nekinm
           Emkir returned from his trip to walk in on Mikah and Zimzod having sex
           The ship will be ready for testing in 4 days

  • " Consequences And Casual Violence
           Fri-256: Rol and Jocelynn met Countess Athkazuk's people
           The Scouts dined with Scout Leader Udagis and his officers
           Sat-257: Aali bought a 500 yr old Vilani slide rule
           Emkir, Jocelynn, Mikah, Rol and Zimzod went brawling

  • " Botching The Job
           Sat-257: Those who went to brawl cam back to the suite
           Jocelynn talked about the news as they drank
           Sun-258: Zimzod found his data crystals had been stolen
           Zimzod told IRIS of the theft, they said he had a problem
           The crew stole the employee data from the hotel
           Zimzod's team hunted down the guy who robbed them
           Zimzod's team assaulted a motel room to get those who had the crystal
           Early Mon-259: Scattered across the station as the operation ended

  • " New Fights And Old Friends
           Sun-258: Jocelynn began seeing Jack hoping to make contacts
           Mon-259: Emkir and Terin were returned to the hotel
           Aiden went out in a taxi to recover Mikah, Zimzod and Rol
           Mikah, Zimzod and Rol made it back to the hotel
           Zimzod called IRIS to get the chip
           They learned the Equus had been destroyed
           Mikah bought a grav belt to deal with Emkir's injury
           Tue-260: Terin spent the day with Kadika
           At the Order House, most of the team met Countess Athkazuk
           The Countess seemed to know about recovering the chip
           At dinner, the Countess pushed to learn what was on the chip?
           Athkazuk said they had a Stepozhevaci Councillor in custody
           Mikah identified him as General Mattin from Natoko
           Athkazuk brought Mikah's team planetside to out Mattin
           Mattin revealed his knowledge of the Quasar Viper!
           Zimzod told Athkazuk about the Ancient site

  • " Returning To The Black "
           Thur-260: Fesic and Terin were "harrassed" by station security in a bar
           Everyone packed to leave the suite the next day
           Wed-261: The crew received the ship back from the yards
           The crew bought a sensor drone "under the table"
           The crew received food and supplies
           They settled into the new ship
           Thur-262: The crew began a shakedown cruise
           The crew turned down a job offer from Scout leader Udagis
           Fri-263: The crew were on day two of a shakedown cruise
           Rol sold off spare ammo
           Jocelynn worried about smuggling her battledress
           Rol and Emkir installed micro-camera survellance
           The crew started looking for passengers to Wypoc
           Emkir was the first crew to try the autodoc
           Sat-264: The crew accept 4 low-passengers
           the crew buy 30t of speculative luxury food for Wypoc
           Sun-265: the crew received their cargo and low-passengers
           In Jump - The crew realized the drone they'd bought may present issues
           Sun-272: The crew arrived near a gas giant in the Wypoc system

The Wypoc Arc The Wypoc Arc
  • This includes:
  • " Deals And Leads
           Sun-272: They refueled after an incident between the Navy and Baron Sir Kanudushush
           Mon-273 to Sat-278: The transit from the gas giant Paliwo to Wypoc-Prime
           Jocelynn re-organized the ship's locker and the crew set up a sales list
           There was a ship-wide week-long poker game: Mikah won
           Sat-278: Mikah, Terin and Rol landed in the Probe
           A deal is made to house the ship, kicking the Baron's ship out into the acid
           The cargo was sold and Mikah learned Brian's family were prospecting in the acid fields
           Jocelynn and Rol connected with the Marines from the Hazardous suit research lab
           Sun-279: Terin and Fesic posted items for sale on the city-net
           Terin sold Zach's paperweight as an artifact to a pawn shop owner
           Jocelynn checked the Montgomery family's last apartment in the city to find them gone
           Jocelynn planned to learn how to operate a Prospector
           Rol and Jocelynn will meet and have drinks with Col. Ahizam after dinner

  • " Dropping The Rock!
           Sun-279: Rol and Jocelynn had drinks with Col Ahizam and 1st Lt Pengeh
           The ship was hired to rescue dagon hunters and went out searching
           Rol and Jocelynn were "put up" over-night in the port by the Marines
           Rol and Jocelynn learned the Imp. Acad. of Science was involved in the Haz-E lab work
           Mon-280: The ship rescued four survivors out of twenty
           Rol and Jocelynn took a class to work a Prospector
           Agimari Gushdugar and Shasim Gangili promised the crew Cr 5,000 from their ins.
           After they woke, the crew hit a bar and were met there by Baron Kanudushush
           The Baron bought data from the crew about the rescue
           Tue-281: Terin plotted a search pattern from the Montgomery family plans
           Mikah agreed to take the ship out for no more than four hours
           After three hours, they found and rescued the Montgomerys
           Wed-282: Mikah first cut a fifty-fifty deal with the family for the books
           When the family needed a cash bail-out, Mikah changed the deal to 75-25
           Fesic got two days to look for cargo

The Dinomn Arc The Dinomn Arc
  • This includes:
  • " Pranks, Passage and Potential
           Wed-282: Fesic began huntig cargo
           Fesic had hidden Terin's hookah, leading to comedy
           Thur-283: After buying speculative cargoes and booking a passenger, the crew leave
           Thur-283: The ship jumps for Dinomn
           Thur-290: The ship emerges from jump in Dinomn
           Fri-291: The crew arrive in Dinomn highport and Fesic starts trying doing cargo work
           Sir Vekaraste Rete asked to interview Terin, Aiden and Rol
           Mikah met Leeta Leyba and was invited to join her plan
           Rol, Zimzod and Jocelynn started re-assembling her battledress
           Jocelynn started trying to make underworld contacts

  • " Bruises And Battle Prep
           Fri-291: Aali got a notice her cloning insurance payment was overdue
           Leeta Leyba was asked back to the ship to answer questions on her job
           The crew did some shooting practice
           Fesic listed the gear they didn't sell on Wypoc
           The crew begin organizing comm dots to support their plans
           Sat-292: Terin visited Sir Vekaraste for his interview
           The crew played Zero-G games in the cargo bay
           Fesic had a meeting but didn't sell any cargo
           Jocelynn tried to make underworld contacts with "interesting" results

  • " Fools, Fists And Bullets
           Sun-293: News broke of verification of the Quasar Viper in the Algine system
           Aiden visited Sir Vekaraste for his interview
           Jocelynn reacted badly to being robbed by the drug dealer and fought Zimzod
           Jocelynn told the rest of the crew about her wandering the night before
           They found out Leeta Leyba was not a Knight and set up to arrest her with the port
           The broker helped Fesic sell the Ruthinium and Isotopes for large profits
           Mikah told Jocelynn to get Fesic away from the ship until the arrest was done
           Leeta turned out to be a Zho Jump Commando and ported to the ship
           Mikah got shot and Zimzod beat down Leeta - The Imperial Navy took the site over
           Jocelynn realized word of her visit spread to a lot more bars than she thought
           Jocelynn and Fesic got pushed and Terin robbed, Fesic and Terin were beat on
           Mikah is in hospital, Fesic is recovering at the ship

  • " A Brief Pause In The Aftermath
           Sun-293: The Imperial Navy took over Mikah's care
           Mon-294: Mikah was treated and began Psi tolerance training
           Jocelynn paid off her debt to Zimzod
           They started breaking down Jocelynn's armor
           Rol did his interview with Sir Vekaraste Rete
           The crew started organized code and stent classes
           Jocelynn and Fesic found out Jocelynn's pusher was already being punished
           Tue-295: The ship sold some of their spare gear
           Mikah continued tolerance training and healing
           Some of the crew went shooting
           They continued breaking down Jocelynn's armor
           Jocelynn and Fesic went bar-hopping again

  • " Straight Plans And Strange Bedfellows
           Wed-296: Things started tense as Rol saw Jocelynn and Fesic cuddling
           When she asked, Rol baked a pink cake for Jocelynn to give to Fesic
           Zimzod called the hospital and was told Mikah couldn't have visitors again
           Jocelynn decided to buy a terrarium
           Mikah was feeling amazingly better
           Mikah was allowed to relax that evening, taken to a resturant and a Vid
           Fesic saw an officer's sword that was "stylish" and out of place at the museum
           They met a man in a bar saying things had gotten worse in Regina
           In another bar, woman said someone docked their ship with a fake name and id
           Jocelynn connected with the woman enough to learn her contact was a smuggler
           Jocelynn got the woman to exchange contact information
           Thur-297: The crew woke up with Terin cheerleading to go to an amusement park

  • " Shopping, Adventure And Shootouts
           Thur 297-Terin's gauss rifle was customized
           Aali and Jocelynn worked on her Terrarium
           Zimzod made a break through using his stent in his battledress
           Mikah remained out of contact, undergoing tolerance training
           The crew did some shopping
           Fri 298-Mikah remained out of contact, now being trained in "shield" and "sense"
           Terin, Rol and Aiden went to an amusument park and Rol did an orbital jump
           Fesic created a fake auction selling Terin's indentureship
           The crew went with Fesic and Jocelynn to a bar but got caught in a shootout
           Everyone not in hospital or at the park went out but got caught in a shootout
           Sat-299-Hearing about Rol's jump, Jocelynn, Zimzod, Emkir and Aali went to jump
           Mikah remained out of contact, now being trained in "shield" and "sense"
           The group paid for and made two jumps
           Terin discovered the fake auction and yelled at Fesic
           Fesic, Aiden and Terin went to play laser tag
           Mikah was tested and was sent back to the ship but had not yet arrived
           Rol was cooking dinner and the others preparing for Mikah to return

  • " Changes In Direction
           Sat-299-Mikah came home from her tolerance training
           When asked, Mikah claimed she had been in a coma
           They held their clik-code and stent classes
           Mikah paid for the bay until the 305th day
           Mikah told the port to come the next day to debrief the crew
           Jocelynn and Fesic met the Head Knockers in a bar
           Aiden told Mikah about the muck-raker raising their name in the news
           Mikah beat up Zimzod for not doing his job
           Mikah sent a letter of congratulations to Norris in Regina
           Zimzod found out Mikah did not have a wound scar from being shot
           Terin went to the amusement park and had his Ident stolen
           Sun 300-Terin woke Rol when he got back, to pay the cab
           Terin started calling security to make his report
           Terin directed them to look for the girl he'd done rides with
           Rol tried a juice recipe which came out too sweet
           Rol and others woke Terin early
           Terin told Mikah about his Ident
           Mikah called a crew meeting and beat up Rol for not doing his job
           Station Security came to debrief the crew about Leeta
           The Navy came and took over the investigation
           Zimzod was told his TAS membership was approved
           Zimzod decided to take Mikah out to celebrate
           Jocelynn and Aali finished installing the terrarium
           Terin started the process of getting station ID
           Rol did communications training
           Emkir worked on his translation work
           Mikah and Zimzod went to the Core Plug and did re-entry jumps
           Zimzod bought Mikah lingerie and a sex toy
           Zimzod took Mikah to a very expensive hotel
           After dinner, Rol and the crew went to a bar
           Terin did stent-work
           Mon-301-Jocelynn pranked Terin when she woke
           Most of the crew went to the museum
           Aali noticed a lack of data on a ship named Efal Zdevrzdije
           Terin got a replacement Ident
           Security checked the woman and found she was not the thief
           Security warned Terin he was at legal risk
           Zimzod did stent-work
           Jocelynn sold her High Passage
           Jocelynn asked Emkir to try and track the hacker
           Mikah decided they would go back to Regina instead of Ghandi
           Fesic started advertizing for passengers
           Terin called for a lawyer in hopes of preventing legal issues
           Emkir made some progress but not much in hacking the hacker
           Tue-302-Roland Terin are the first awake and food is cooking

  • " Strange Travels
           Tue-302: The crew went to a shooting range
           They booked an IMoJ investigator as a High Passenger
           Fesic made no progress with his reverse hacking for Jocelynn
           Wed-303: They went shopping and planned a pre-lift party
           They came up with a better plan to smuggle the sensor drone
           Thur-304: The crew had a pre-lift party
           Zimzod set up a prank on Rol and Jocelynn after they got drunk
           They got three requests for low berth passage
           Fri-305: One of their low berthers lost a shootout with security
           They dealt with the outcome of Zimzod's prank
           Jocelynn had an offer from a contact but had to say no
           The ship left the system
           Mon-308: In gunnery training, Fesic got a hit on the sensors
           The crew investigated the hit but kept it secret from the IMoJ investigator
           Fri-312: The ship arrived in Regina and they settled in

The Return To Regina The Return To Regina
  • This includes:
  • " Next World, New Shadows
           Sat-313: The crew settled into Zimzod's fief
           Rol and Jocelynn went to the official Regina Planetary War Museum
           Fesic priced selling the marble cargo
           Terin and Fesic could not replace their lost classes-on-computer
           Aali left a message for her parents
           Mikah, Aali, Aiden and Jocelynn went shopping for high end clothes
           The crew did stent and clik training
           Fesic ordered a "Locksmith in a box" business
           Terin met Baron Zander Marsden from Beck's World in a bar
           Sun-314: Aal got a message from her parents and saw they would have to visit
           Aali and Emkir checked on an urban project because it was discussed in court
           A group from the crew went to the Natural History museum
           Fesic and Jocelynn went looking for contacts
           They overheard two spacers talking about a plan hinging on a lawsuit
           At the bar they selected, they saw parts of an episode of "The Gauntlet"
           Emkir, Rol and Aali went to a big casino named the "Marquis' Treasury"
           Emkir won big when a man with lots of cash was paying attention to Rol
           The man challenged Rol to name the units withdrawn from Efate in 1107
           Mon-315: The crew woke to fresh news having been delivered by the x-boats
           Some of the new stories related to their interests

  • " Passing Opportunities "
           Mon-315: Learned Prince Lucan could be as close as D'Ganzio on the news
           Mikah refreshed the autodoc
           Terin investigated the data on the White Star order
           Fesic, Aiden, Emkir and Aali went to the Zho espionage and Desserts museums
           Fesic and Jocelynn went out contact hunting
           Tue-316: Tigress Class Dreadnaught INS Adzin Ilgimsumaa and flotilla arrived
           Aali and Emkir went to work on the ship
           Everyone except Zimzod, Aali and Emkir went to the Desserts museum
           Zimzod went to buy gunnery training software w/Mikah, Emkir & Fesic
           They met the sellers at a COACC base and bought the software
           Jocelynn and Aiden went to the clothiers for alterations
           Emkir and Fesic moved the ship for the upload
           Mikah and Zimzod checked out the military salvage website
           Mikah returned to the Desserts museum
                Mikah met Rol & Terin there and went to the Order house
           Fesic got a short list of cargo brokers
           Zimzod went to the Order house and the crew joined him for donner there
           Emkir told Rol about the gambler's interest in him
           Terin took them to the bar where he'd met the Baron
           Wed-317: Mikah and Aali went to the clothiers
           Terin did stent work
           They rented another gravCar and a ground car for 30 days
           Rol, Jocelynn and Aiden went for a day of sightseeing
           Zimzod bought a sniper rifle and auto-shotgun at the War House
           Aali, Emkir and Fesic worked on their engineering and the software download
           Terin researched the White Star data more

  • " A Short Field Trip "
           Wed-317: Terin saw the White Star Order used diamagnets and rare-earth
           Zimzod ran into some Knights and a Baron planning something
           Mikah volunteered at a hospital and worked in a knight with a gunshot wound
           Zimzod also met a Knight from SuSAG who asked about their anger
           Emkir, Aali and Fesic decided to live on the ship while they worked
           When they got back to the suite, Rol and Jocelynn said they'd move to the ship
           They hired a cook for Cr 2k for the next week
           Mikah found out one of the knights was crew on a ship owned by Baron Zandor
           Mikah wanted to visit him but found the ship was leaving port "NOW"
           Mikah called the Seneschal about the ship and they asked her to track it
           The Upgrade left port to chase the yacht
           Thur-318: The yacht dropped into Assiniboia's atmosphere
           They were asked to check a station nearby that had gone silent
           Mikah, Zimzod, Jocelynn and Rol boarded the station
           After they voided the command room, the enemy killed the station's thrusters
           In a shootout, Mikah was wounded but they retook the command
           They re-started the station's thrusters and pressurized the compartment
           They connected with the station's crew and worked to free them
           A Cruiser arrived as the Yacht began to surface and made them surrender
           The ship returned to port and Mikah came out of the autodoc
           1p - The crew all cleaned up and went to sleep except Mikah

  • " New Friends And New Fights "
           Thur-318: Mikah enlisted the butler to prank the crew when they woke
           Jocelynn was told about the Sonthert plan
           The crew moved to the ship to set up comm dot networks
           The crew put out bid sheets for gear they wanted
           Fri-319: The crew had to be in Atora for a debrief
           After the debrief, they met with Baron Zander and his officers
           The crew went with Mikah to an art museum
           The folks in the suite partied and relaxed
           Emkir and Aali went to a casino
           Jocelynn, Rol and Fesic got into a bar brawl

  • " Risks And Divided Outcomes "
           Thur-320: Emkir and Fesic complete a second day of work on the software
           Aali worked in engineering
           Mikah had Terin set up zero-G training for the next three nights
           The War House said their bid was Cr 7,496 for the ship's gear order
           Aiden, Rol and Jocelynn went shopping
           Mikah ordered five hand bags
           Terin studied the White Star Data - found ship data
           The gowns and suits ordered days earlier are delivered
           Fesic contracts a cargo broker about the marble cargo
           In startown Aiden, Jocelynn and Rol find a dying man and call security
           Zimzod bought a fantasy short sword
           Rol, Aiden, Jocelynn and Fesic researched the words of the dying man
           Terin saw the battle-lost Sword of Arbellatra(400t cruiser) was not recovered
           News broke Admiral Uuela's fleet had an engagement in the Lanth subsector
           Rol, Jocelynn and Fesic investigated a ship believed to be the dead man's
           Rol, Jocelynn and Fesic found evidence of a plot to kill Duchess Seldrian
           In a fight with the assassin, Rol was stabbed twice and poisoned
           During the incident, Mikah was called into the Seneschalate
           They stopped the assassin, but Rol was evacuated to hospital under drugs
           Jocelynn and Fesic gave statements, went to the hospital and spent the night
           Rol was treated then put into a coma and cooled hibernation to slow the poison
           Experts worked to identify the poison
           Mikah admitted to Countess Josephine not having the authority Rol claimed
           Mikah and Terin returned to the suite
           Sunday-321: Mikah, Zimzod, Terin and Aiden: in the suite asleep
           Jocelynn and Fesic slept on cots in the Ankehshock Military Medical Center
           Rol was undergoing critical treatment in the Ankehshock Military Medical Center
           Emkir and Aali were Asleep aboard the Upgrade

  • " Foolish Actions And Questionable Rewards "
           Sun-321: Things were grim for Rol
           The doctors froze Rol and called for help
           Mikah was called to the seneschal's offices for a briefing
           Mikah agreed to a raid on the ine givar and put Terin in charge
           They went to the ship to plan but Mikah was called back to the Seneschalate
           Mikah and Zimzod learned about Seldrain's personal clinics
           They could scan Rol's brain for cloning, then would try to save him
           The raid on the shop went badly but none of the crew were shot
           Aali saw a mansion image and sent it to the Duchy intel people
           Mon-322-The crew were invited to visit the Ducal Estates
           They were sworn to secrecy about Seldrain's medical clinics, Rol was moved
           They with stents got their mental images backed up
           Jocelynn got the right to bear arms on Regina
           The crew were moved to a residence on the ducal estates
           Zimzod suggested Mikah ask the Duchess to let him die and clone him
           Tue-323-The crew met their personal servants or androids
           Aali received ballots to vote on specific initiatives per Regina law
           Mikah was told Norris and the Prince would arrive in 5 days
           The crew got a tour of the grounds and gardens
           Mikah and Aali saw prototypes of their jewelry and Aiden got his order
           Everyone is in the dining room of their building for dinner

  • " Revenge And Reflection "
           Tue-323-Jocelynn asked Mikah about asking to use the clinic for a stent implant
           The crew went to Zero-G training and Aiden pulled a muscle
           The crew did some hot tubbing and swimming
           Mikah tried to find the right person to call about using the clinic
           Wed-234- Aali worked out a schedule for her parents to come for dinner
           Zimzod and Jocelynn were challenged to a competition fight
           They agreed to fight and bets were placed
           The crew was asked if they wanted to volunteer to hit a terrorist safehouse
           The crew led the attack and Zimzod was wounded
           They learned 3 terror strikes did happen and two more had been stopped
           Zimzod was returned from the hospital
           Fesic refused an offer on the marble
           The crew made hair appointments before the party with Aali's parents
           Thur-235-Fesic got a good offer and sold the marble

  • " Secrets, Sales And Surprises "
           Thur-325-Mikah was told Rol had died and what Seldrian had done to clone him
           The Duchess would ask the Navy to loan the ship a gestation chamber
           Zimzod had an armorer from I-A work on the damaged armor
           Jocelynn had a stent implanted
           Aiden bought a Hunting Saddle and the ship got a Personal Re-entry kit
           The Duchess made Aali's parents a planetary Lord/Lady
           The Duchess gave them the Ufflete hault-Hucknall estate and repairs
           Fri-326-Mikah, Aiden and Zimzod went treasure hunting - got an EVA thruster
           InstellArms priced their bid sheet at Cr 12,370
           Aali and Zimzod compared the brand names and models
           Aiden bought 3 fire-optic camera units
           Emkir and Fesic worked on the gunnery training software (Day 3)
           Aali shared her stent manual with Jocelynn
           Emkir and Fesic had a great night at a casino
           Sat-327-Mikah had the thruster unit tested and it came out 100%
           Emkir and Fesic worked on the gunnery training software (Day 4)
           Zimzod ordered more ammo and gear from InstellArms

  • " Optimism And Fact "
           Sat-327-Mikah had a crew meeting about the Arch-Duke and Prince's arrival
           Aiden did stent-work
           Aali and Emkir practiced with Aali's drone
           Terin had an encounter with the curator at the museum of Cryptology
           Sun-328-The crew took part in the greeting ceremony
           Terin missed a shot at a fleeing grav-Rider and wounded a bystander
           Terin learned there would be charges against him and hired a lawyer
           Terin was told not seek contact with Their Graces or be armed in the presence
           Aiden, Aali and Zimzod did stent-work
           Emkir searched for cargo
           Zimzod ordered cuff links and a lapel pin with his arms
           Mon-329-News-the Prince announced a new command centered in Regina
           The Prince announced new naval construction in Regina
           The crew met with a mix of seneschalate workers and navy officers
           They were told they could leave the system days after the ceremonies
           The crew met with Leonard, Bondal, Luis, Muktheswara and Rakaa
           Jocelynn was called a thief and had to present the battledress in 2 days
           Norris would decide what would happen to the battledress
           Emkir demanded their next destination so he could make cargo decisions
           The crew went shopping and had dinner/drinks at the Order House
           Some of the crew went to the ship to recover the battledress parts
           They spent a few hours parsing the video to re-assemble the battledress

  • " Good Deeds And Punishments "
           Tue-330-The crew went to the ceremonies and were called into Court
           They were created Knights of Caranda's Sword
           Rol was created Knight Commander of the Order
           Rol was offered a gift from Her Grace on his return to Regina
           Rol was created the Primary of the Order of the Unfallen
           Members of the new Order helped assemble Jocelynn's battledress
           They met Knight Commander Vorryt
           The x-boat message from Wypoc arrived in Equus for transfer to Rhylanor
           Wed-331- Norris told Jocelynn to find another way to certified her battledress
           Norris gave them 4 months to get to Arden and find missing teams or data
           Norris suggested they stop at Tremous Dex to get the battledress certified
           Mikah and Aali worked with Lt Cmndr Shurger to plan installing cloning gear
           Mikah, Aali, Zimzod and Emkir moved the ship
           Fesic accepted the InstellArms the bid
           They met the Order of Caranda's Sword Primary, Sir Dan Sapiil Shas
           Sir Dan gave Jocelynn a letter to people he'd dealt with on Tremous Dex
           Cargo: bulk lot of vacc suits for MCr 4 and 3 "4-ton" machines for Cr 607,500
           Emkir, Aali, Mikah and Zimzod went to a casino, met Baron and Baroness Azakhi
           The couple owned the Shanmuk Kavomiih corp and offered investments
           Jocelynn met Sir Makxel ia Kiin and said she'd deliver a box to Arden for him
           Sir Makxel gave Jocelynn data for contacts he'd dealt with on Tremous Dex
           Thur-332-Athkazuk, Mikah, Zimzod, Aiden and Emkir witness an execution
           Those with stents had a class
           They visited the cryptology museum
           Jocelynn got swimming lessons
           Terin, Jocelynn and Fesic wandered the streets of Atora
           The Baron's financial documents and InstellArms order were delivered
           Terin, Jocelynn and Fesic ended up in a media piece on the rescue
           Terin, Jocelynn and Fesic went to a charity event and ended up in the media

  • " Plans, Preparation and Departure "
           Fri-333-Fesic took a forest tour
           Mikah, Zimzod, Aiden, Terin & Jocelynn visited a palace
           Aali and Emkir visited Aali's parents and Emkir found a wine cellar
           Terin collected data in the Spinward Marches Towers
                on Extolay, Tremous Dex & Arden
           Jocelynn bought a vacc suit
           Fesic worked on his lock pick training
           Terin did stent-work
           Sat-334-There was a battle in Regina space vs 'Payan Government in Exile'
           Jocelynn, Mikah and Aali went to have their HUDs installed
           Aiden did stent-work and explored the estate grounds
           Aali bought high tech hand tools
           The crew went to a video arcade while Fesic worked on lock picking
           They joined a virtual reality game and fought Countess Athkazuk's crew
           The crew decided to invest with the Baron and Baroness
           They agreed to meet their Excellencies next day at 10am
           The crew broke out the hookah and relaxed
           Sun-335-Fesic's college class x-mail reached Lanth, headed for D'Ganzio
           They went to meet with the Baron and Baroness to invest
           Mikah bought 5 shares, Zimzod-4, Terin-3, Emkir & Aali's-2 each,
                Aiden-2 & Fesic-1
           Zimzod and Mikah went swimming and Jocelynn was taking swimming lessons
           Fesic went back to his lock picking
           Aiden, Aali and Terin did stent practice
           They had a party in the suite and Terin, Jocelynn went to a club
           Aali and Emkir left some things at her parent's new estate
           Mon-336-They spent the day packing and GI parties before getting the ship
           Mikah got a call the Navy was ready to turn over the ship
           Mikah set up the delivery for the next day
           Mikah and Zimzod decided to go to a nice club with a bar and dancing
           Jocelynn went to the Caranda's Sword Order house with Fesic, Aiden & Terin
           Leaving her parent's estate, Aali and Emkir saw a "Large, bipedal" animal
           Tue-337-They loaded gear into the gravCar to ride down to the port
           Zimzod had the company recover the vehicles
           Aali checked work on the ship and signed off on it, and returned to port
           They loaded the cargo, settled accounts, got authorizations and lifted
           Mikah told them to set up their comm dots before they arrived in Extolay
           Mikah did gear maintenance
           Mikah had Terin go over the geo-politics of the worlds they'd be visiting
           Zimzod did hard core workouts, added gunnery practice and stent training
           Jocelynn did gear maintenance, devoted time to workouts, did stent practice
           Emkir worked on the gunnery software and asked for to review the clik codes
           Fesic worked on the gunnery software, lock picking, gunnery and gear maint.
           Aali had engineering work, group stent work and gear maintenance/upgrades
           Aiden did stent work, worked on gear
           Aiden also suggested going over the mansion attack for lessons learned
           Terin wanted to work on his stent work, gear and other skills
           Terin reviewed the political data on Extolay
           Tue-337 to 344-1113: In Jump to Extolay

Adventures In Extolay Adventures In Extolay
  • This includes:
  • " Karens Everywhere You Look
           Tue-344: The crew emerged from jump 25 hrs from the mainworld
           Wed-345: They arrived and landed on the mainworld
           Their cargo was taken to be put in a vault by the port
           They watched night-time kite competitions
           Thur-346: They went to an electronics competition and a music festival
           Fri-347: They realized their cargo was missing and started investigations
           After annoying many people, they started their own investigation
           They annoyed more people, but helped the crew of the IMV Kana Iisha
           They managed to find the missing port worker who put the cargo in a vault
           They were given the services of a Broker by the port as an apology

  • " The Wages Of Singe "
           Fri-347: Aali worked on the resets and tests, with Wall-E, Marvin, Thing-1 and Thing 2
           Emkir saw a ship leaving the system was the IMS Scarlet Tree, Shaslu Kishman's ship
           They'd overestimated the value of vacc suits on the Extolay, Emkir worked to sell them
           The port called and asked Mikah to bring her pilot and XO to a meeting the next morning
           Sat-348: Emkir got a call from Lana, aboard R Class(400 Ton) freighter IMS Girkusge
           "Lana" offered MCr 3.6 for the vacc suits, a KCr 400 loss
           Jocelynn checked the data crystal from Sir Makxel
           The port offered the ship a job scanning crash sites for free fuel and consumables
           The port also bought vacc suits for MCr 4.2
           Mikah told them about the job, Aali decided to have Thing-1 on the hull during the job
           Mikah told the port they'd fly the mission the next morning
           Sun-349: They located and rescued crash survivor: Mashua "Ruby Hawk" Akhamii
           The ship was hit by a microburst, slammed down and they had to break free
           After flying over the last two sites, the ship made it back to the port
           Rescuing Mashua Akhamii, the Red Hawk, brought the crew minor celebrity status
           The broker called as the sudden celebrity started a bidding war for the farm machinery
           Thing-1 was crushed, the landing struts bent or broken and three laser barrels bent
           Mon-350: The port asked the Naval Base for the laser barrels
           The shipyard said the work would be done on the 352nd day
           Mikah signed a deal with a news crew to embed with them for the rescue story
           The news crew filmed Zimzod's reaction to the news from his homeworld
           A yard worker saw Emkir and Fesic working on the software and cut a deal with them
           Tue-351: The military quartermaster was OK to send the laser barrels
           With deals from the port, they got out after paying only KCr 250
           They watched the documentary the media team created and got a copy
           Terin suggested using a fourth trojan point to enter the Tremous Dex system
           After the repairs, they returned to Extolay to close the farm machines deal
           Wed-352: At 10am, they started the 22.5 burn to clear the star's jump shadow
           Thur-353: At 9am, the crew entered jump to Tremous Dex
           The crew made plans for reacting to issues on Tremous Dex
           They found Tracking Sensors, which would let them locate each other
           Buyers paid KCr 300 per machine for the farm machines
           The crew studied, relaxed and took part in drills over the week in jump
           They realized they had to go to the world's surface for electronic forgers
           Thur-360: At 10:30am, the ship's everyone geared up and emerged from jump
           They powered everything down and saw Tremous Dex floating in the starfield
           They'd emerged 148,750 miles from the world(little more than an hour and a half)

Hopes In Tremous Dex Hopes In Tremous Dex
  • This includes:
  • " From The Frying Pan "
           Wed, 359-1113: The crew arrived in the Tremous Dex System
               They were engaged by the Pirate ship Krama Vjera and defeated it
               They were then blocked by the pirate ships, Rumen, Cedna and Xefe
               They cut a deal with the pirate leader Draga Smiljan for passage to the port
               Mikah offered Smiljan the sensor drone for free passage out of the system
               Jocelynn did research on her contacts: the Nedyal and Borislav Orti
               Aali began work on the ship's damaged airlock
           Thur, 360-1113: Jocelynn and Terin were dropped off near the mercenary hall
               Jocelynn learned the Nedyal were housiers under the thumb of the mercenaries
               Fesic sent Smiljan the data on the sensor drone
               Mikah, Fesic and Emkir went to meet Smiljan for a "blood letting" to seal the deal
               Mikah's group were double crossed and taken prisoner
               Emkir got a final broadcast out letting the rest of the crew know what happened

  • " A Month-Long Afternoon "
           Thur, 360-1113: Captured, Mikah, Emkir and Fesic were forced back onto the cutter to dock with a pirate ship
               Zimzod had Aali suit up so they could assault the Cedna
               Emkir and Fesic worked to break loose on the cutter
               Aiden secured the Upgrade
               Jocelynn and Terin met with the Nedyal but fled the mercenaries
               Zimzod and Aali took the bridge of the Cedna
               Emkir and Fesic got loose and re-took the cutter
               Fighting fore and aft, the crew assaulted the Cedna crew
               Aali rammed the Xefe with the Cedna
               After two shooting incidents, Jocelynn and Terin got to the city
               Mikah was wounded taking the Cedna
               Jocelynn and Terin became trapped by lizard megafauna
               Mikah's crew captured the Cedna
               A change in pirate strength, let the port help Mikah's crew
               The port used a favor to have mercenaries recover Jocelynn and Terin

  • " Loot And Loss "
           Thur, 360-1113: 9p: After stowing the loot and putting Mikah into the autodoc, they all went to sleep
           Fri, 361-1113: Fesic reinstalled the part from the drone and tested it
               Terin went to go check on Cedna to do some looting
               Aali got the others to help with the airlock
               Terin was told to barricade himself in and tried the bridge before engineering
               The port warned the crew to armor up because there had been attacks
               Intruders came to Cedna's engineering and shot Terin
               Smiljan's attacks caused confusion
               Zimzod left Aali to lead the defense of Upgrade while he and Jocelynn went to retake Cedna
               Jocelynn and Zimzod ran into some pirates and killed them
               Cedna's boarding hatch was sealed so they had to wait for the port to blow the hatch
               Zimzod led the boarding and was immediately shot in the chest but killed his man
               Zimzod and Jocelynn tossed grenades on the way to engineering and killed the pirate guards
               Zimzod tried to lead into engineering, was shot and collapsed, Jocelynn tossed in a grenade
               The pirates died and Jocelynn found Terin dying and tried to help him
               The port took Zimzod and Terin to medical services but Terin died on the table
               Jocelynn was treated and sent back to the ship with Zimzod and Terin's gear
               Aali and Jocelynn briefed Mikah when she came out of the autodoc
               Mikah took over Zimzod's treatment and moved him to the ship and autodoc
               Aali remembered they had taken an image of Terin's mind on Regina so he could be cloned
           Sat, 362-1113: Imp Traders said IMV Ashidi Ke were Imp Navy Intel auxiliaries and would convoy with them
               They said they were worried about the Ardenis ship MV Takouhe
               The autodoc said treating Zimzod's wounds would take 3 days
               Samuel Katz offered to sell them a cargo sealer
               A deal was made to trade the Cedna for a number of items and concessions
               The Maakham Zuuker brewery hired the ship to carry a cargo of booze to Arden
               The Imp Traders gave Mikah a deal which had her buying the sealer from the Scarlett Tree

  • " Verbal Fencing And Cultural Anthropology "
           Sun, 362-1113: With Zimzod in the autodoc, the crew started finishing work on the Upgrade
           The Maakham Zuuker brewery cargo arrived and was loaded
               Aali finished repairing the ship's airlock
           Mon, 363-1113: Aali got back to engineering work, the ship architect and Armorer arrived
               Zimzod would live but projected 24% of complete recovery and likely 82% chance of full recovery
               The port got the cargo sealer from the Traders that could create encrypted seals
               The Armorer burned certifications into the battledress, making it legal for her
               The crew of the ZMV Chatstoshe had dinner aboard Upgrade
               The two crews spent the evening eating and comparing societies
           Tue,364-1113: The port gave them a complete refresh of atmospherics and consumables
               The Zhodani delivered Fesic's food
               The port delivered the replacement cutter and Mikah found it was armed
               The crew met the Ashidi Ke and leave the system and, 2 hours later, Aiden said they had 3 shadows
               Emkir took over seven hours into the trip expecting Aiden at fourteen hours in
               9 hours in, the IMS King George emerged from jump in extreme distress, calling for help
               The liner jumped out of Lanth on 355-1113, bound for Ghandi and entered misjump
               Aiden got a call for help from Baron Aluu Murema and his daughter in an escape bubble drifting
               Mikah, Jocelynn and Emkir launched a rescue
               Mikah saw more things making her question Ashidi Ke's honesty
               Mikah decided the Ashidi Ke were looting and to be left behind after the rescue
               Jocelynn recovered the space ball
               The cutter returned to the ship after taking on more survivors from Ashidi Ke
               After surgery, the older woman died due to a blood clot in the brain
           365-1113-Past-12am: Starting the jump point run, Mikah in the medbay, Emkir & Aiden flew
               Aiden and Emkir swapped sleep shifts to be ready for jump
               The Baron raised spirits saying Oberlindes had a line to Regina so they could get home again
               Hours before dinner, they reached the jump limit, Aiden hit the button
               Zimzod would be done in 4hrs and Mikah would treat him though he'd have a longer recovery time
               Mikah planned to put the boy with the broken leg into the autodoc

Missions On Arden Missions On Arden
  • This includes:
  • " New Puzzles And Uncertain Allies "
           Prequel: from 353-1113 in Lanth: Sir Sekea Sian left Lanth on a cruise aboard IMS King George
               Escorting parents of a crewmate, Sekea tried to keep them safe when the ship misjumped
               The mother, Karu, died ten days into the crisis
           365-1113: Sekea helped Mikah with medical work and they both knew Zimzod would need more to recover
               While Zimzod began pt, and Mikah found Terin's body had been frozen, so he couldn't be cloned
               Mikah told the others about Terin and they had a funeral where Jocelynn threw him out the airlock
               They got to know Sekea and Mikah hired him as their navigator
               They shared out Terin's goods with Sekea and the crew
           HOLIDAY-1114: The week in jump passed with people working on studies or managing the passengers
           On Wed-006-1114, the ship came out of jump 19.75 hrs out from Arden orbit
               On arrival, they flew in-system after getting no answer from an outer layer of beacons
               Closer in, they found inner beacon rings working and spoke with the port and Imperial ambassador
               The ambassador ordered them to have no communications with the system government without her approval
               After landing at the port, they paid for refueling and consumable refreshing
               An embassy team came to get the rescued passengers
               Mikah hired two engineers from the port to help get the ship reset faster
               Mikah, Emkir, Sekea and Zimzod met with Imperial Ambassador Zugoukh
               In the meeting, they got copies of travel papers which Sekea considered forging
               Zimzod suggested she was holding out on them and she dismissed them
               Jocelynn visited the port terminal to get food
               Jocelynn encountered many patrols and got a travel tag letting her move around
               Jocelynn bought lunch and returned to the ship

  • " Answers And More Questions "
           Thur 007-1114: Back from the embassy, Mikah planned to investigate the hotel
               Mikah called the embassy saying Fesic would be going instead of Zimzod
               Mikah, Fesic, Sekea and Emkir went to the hotel to find any information on the lost team
               Sekea learned the room rentals for Arch Duke's team were paid for by the police
               Nour Kakha from the embassy's Information office and Mikah asked for information from the embassy
               They got the team's names: Kerd Barreg, Jase Pryante, Stine Rezal,
                   Aasimar Flore, Thainarv Umbrafin and Finerd Talthan
               They went to a restaurant and marked the team frequented but learned nothing
               Mikah's team didn't find anything in the one room which had been used by the missing team
               Mikah's team met one of the housekeeping staff and learned other maid might have information
               Mikah's team got the team's lost and found items but they held no meaning
               Jocelynn met Alef, an associate of Yur, who wanted her to do a job to prove herself
               Mikah's team found the Arden government did not publish crime data
           Fri-008-1114: Nour got pictures of the team members and Jase Pryante's face seemed odd
               The maids had a box not turned in by mistake, which had items in it
               A smaller box for a palm-sized sphere device and the team guessed it held an artificial eye
               Sekea found a data crystal in a garment hem
               Jocelynn was woken as the shipment would arrive in 1 hour and told Aali what she was doing
               Jocelynn got the delivery at the gate, moved it to the MS Tagund Edanse and it attached itself
               Jocelynn got back and reported in to Aali
               Rol: Cloning for the next 11 weeks

  • " Illuminating The Situation "
           Fri-008-1114: Jocelynn told Mikah, Zimzod and Aali about her work with Alef for Yur
               Mikah returned to the ship with the crystal and Emkir led the team to the Lila markets
               Zimzod and Mikah found a database and used that to direct Emkir's team
               Emkir's team visited three shops in the Lila market
               Emkir was attacked by someone who appeared to look like Finerd Talthan, of the Arch Duke's team
               They met Quif, from the Imperial Import/Export agency named 'Ghous, Velzuma and Holilge'
               Zimzod and Aiden left the ship to join Emkir's team
               After burning bridges and insulting shop workers, they went to Kintanlux in the Hayley Market
               Sekea bought a tool kit that had been owned by Thainarv Umbrafin of the Arch Duke's team
               Jocelynn was invited to dinner with Alef and Yur and Mikah told her to hide a comms on herself
               They returned to Lila market to see if Kuagmii had come back to Signwheels
               Fesic's comms were stolen when the man who looked like Finerd Talthan
               In Signwheels, Kuagmii and the clerk surprised them with a shotgun and pistol
               Kuagmii called Someone who said to hold them and turned out to be Finerd Talthan
               Aiden passed word to Mikah and she had him tell Emkir and let the Embassy staff know too
               Emkir warned that Nour and Biangud were calling the Embassy and police
               Leaving out the shop's back, Kuagmii set a bomb to explode the shop's front
               Finerd led Zimzod's team to a safe place to talk
               The ambassador ordered Mikah into a car to come to her office immediately
               Emkir was taken to the embassy by Nour and Biangud
               Finerd said their info was getting to local's so they'd stopped sending key data to the embassy
               Kuagmii's people learned they planned to take the team down and sent an emergency message
               The ambassador demanded the team appear in her office at the same time
               Aasimar Flore drove Finerd while the rest of the team were killed going to the embassy
               Aasimar was caught and Finerd knew where she was held and demanded they deal with that

  • " Desperate Plans And Executions "
           Friday, 008-1114: 6:30 pm:
               Emkir called the ship and told Jocelynn Zimzod and the others had been in an explosion
               Jocelynn realized Mikah was missing and seemed to have left for the embassy
               Yur had Neff "help" Jocelynn get off the port to come to dinner with him
               Finerd told them the embassy passed data from his team reports to the police, getting people arrested
               They stopped sending the data to the embassy and the police attacked
               Finerd refused to leave until they tried to rescue Aasimar or confirmed where she hid the data
               Finerd said Aasimar was being held in the Shaplu Eguuan Corrections Center
               Fesic and Sekea became concerned their comms frequencies were compromised
               When they got Mikah to the embassy garage she saw 2 AFV's
               Mikah was taken by the Ambassador and put in a locked room as was Emkir
               Kuagmii moved Zimzod's team, rushed officers met by surprise and stripped gear, insignia and, weapons
               Sekea would forge documents and they'd pretend Fesic was a prisoner to get into the police facility
               Alef said the embassy was shielded and comms were blocked, and they couldn't trust the embassy
               Zimzod and Jocelynn got in contact and shared data which Jocelynn shared with Aali
               Jocelynn met Yur and gave him the box from Sir Makxel ia Kiin
               After the comms, the police moved Zimzod's team again but they ended up in a shootout and Fesic was hit
               Jocelynn told Yur about their mission on Arden and learned Yur was familiar with Finerd Talthan
               Jocelynn offered to be a courier or something of the like for Yur in the future for his help
               Zimzod worked on the wounded, Sekea forged documents and the team got ready for the rescue
               Zimzod's team use Fesic as a pretend prisoner to get into the holding facility
               They located Aasimar and got her information but could not rescue her
               Yur sent Jocelynn with help to the port to get her battledress and Zimzod's from the ship
               Yur's man got Jocelynn to the port and then to a warehouse waiting for Zimzod's team
               Zimzod's team got out of the holding facility and were fleeing through the city

  • " Surprises, Escapes And Endings "
           Friday 008-1114: At 11:30 pm: Mikah and Emkir were locked in rooms, the others gathered to rescue them
               Finerd told Sekea the ambassador was working with the Ardenii
               Jocelynn had their battledress set to look like Ardenii Captain's Guard, and Fesic and Finerd as prisoners
               Zimzod's team arrived and told Jocelynn about the crystal at the port restaurant
               Jocelynn sent Sekea by himself, with a man Neff sent to get the eye with the crystal and get back to the ship
           Saturday, 009-1114: Sekea got the eye with the crystal and got back to the ship
               Jocelynn led the team into the embassy where they were quickly surrounded and forced to surrender
               They were sat with Mikah and Emkir, and addressed by the Ambassador until a large explosion happened
               A government broadcast said a coup led by Yur removed a pro-Zhodani element affecting the government
               Yur demanded the Ambassador release the crew as honored guests of the Government of Arden
               They bought 30 tons of Ardenii liquor, considered Novelty Liquor in the Imperium
               Mikah got a crystal from Truko with orphaned accounts in Arden Banks, including Stepozhevaci and Natokan
               Yur gave her 3 million credits
           Sunday, 010-1114: Early that afternoon, the Upgrade jumped from Arden to Denotam
               Mikah shared out the cash from the Cedna and went over the crystals/intelligence with Finerd and Aali
               Mikah treated her patients with Sekea's help
           Sunday, 017-1114: Upgrade arrived in Denotam system from Arden and saw Prince Lucan's fleet was there
               They docked with the orbital Denotam Imperial Naval station, and Finerd gathered all the crystals and left them
               Colinne Paan sent her resume and Mikah set up an interview at an Astroburgers the next day
               Lt. Commander Nualon called and said the Arch Duke would like a report on their project at 10am the next day
               Mikah was told the meeting with the Arch Duke would be at 10am the next morning on the naval base
               Mikah gave Aasimar's body to the military and told Emkir to try to sell the cargo of liquors on the naval base
           Monday, 018-1114: They met the Arch Duke, who asked what their ship didn't have that they wanted?
               Asks: Aali: external cameras, Zimzod: cloning gear, Mikah: replacement 'droids, Aiden: battledress
               Zimzod asked about repairing his chest and torso with cybernetics or cloned organs
               Mikah asked for Battledress for Rol
               Mikah complained about Ambassador Baroness Dame Zugoukh
               Norris considered the battledress and said made the cloning plant permanent
               Installing cameras and subsystems would take a month and Mikah said they'd spend some time on Denotam
               Mikah said they'd stay at Denotam to heal and recover, and Norris had the Navy do the work
               With the debrief over, they moved to the civilian port and wait until the Navy said where the ship had to go
               Norris said he'd left them something in their cargo bay
               They returned to the ship and prepared to leave for the civilian port
               Mikah found 9 tons of free space filled with cargo pods with extreme cold gear
               On the bridge, Mikah asked for options getting to Sonthert system, surprising Sekea
               The Denotam highport berth cost Cr 3,000 for a month
               Emkir faced restrictions selling anything on military stations, especially "novelty-quality" non-imperial alcohol
               Mikah took Fesic, Aali and Emkir to the Astroburgers to meet Ms. Paan
               They moved gear out of the ship before the call came
               Colinne messed with Emkir while showing off her stent, comms and computer skills
               Both Mikah and Zimzod felt buzzing in their brains and Colinne realized they blocked her probe
               They hired Colinne for "a fair share" of what the ship earned
               Colinne was told she'd have her own small stateroom
               Mikah learned Colinne didn't have armor or a vacc suit
               Colinne left out of her base quarters and moved her gear, meet them at the berth
               Mikah asked Colinne to deactivate the programs she ran on their ship and Colinne said it was beneficial
               Mikah said to turn the program off for now and revisit the idea after the upgrades and tested
               Mikah asked about teaching how to use a stent and Colinne agreed to do that and share her mini-progs
               Mikah and the others went back to the ship to tell the others about the new hire
               Mikah and Zimzod had to consider what to do about the buzzing

A Respite On Denotam A Respite On Denotam
  • This includes:
  • " Complications From High And Low "
           Mon-018-1114- On the civilian port they were moved gear off the ship
               They got all the cargo pods off the ship before they got the call from the shipyard
               Mikah appointed Fesic to find a buyer for their cargo
               Mikah called and asked for a conference with Norris in the next days
               They went to a casino and got comp'd rooms after a near-brawl
           Tue-019-1114: Mikah was woken by the shipyard and said they'd move the ship by 4pm
               At brunch Fesic and Jocelynn talked about cold weather training on Denotam, Mikah put Jocelynn in charge
               Mikah said Aiden, Aali and Zimzod would come with her to move the ship
               Colinne reached out as far as she could daily to detect threats
               Those on the port went through the gear from the Arch Duke
               The crew pushed and Mikah told Emkir to tell everyone "everything" about Sonthert
               They then went over the data from the Sonthert system to start making plans
               Fesic started getting registered to trade locally
               Sekea, Colinne and Emkir went to InstellArms
               During a crew meeting, Norris called and updated them on their requests
               They found out the sensor drone would burn out the ship computer and the Navy would pick it up
               Norris asked about Terin and said there would be a memorial service
               Sekea asked about Mynbou and mentioned the Knights which triggered Norris
               Norris said Sekea's comment was the first suggestion Mikah's crew knew of that Imperial Order
               Norris told them they all would meet with him the next morning on the naval base
               Tue-019-1114-Rol is 8 weeks and 2 days until his clone is decanted

  • " Drinks On Ice "
           Tue-019-1114- Jocelynn assigned team jobs for training and they started talking about getting a grav sled
               Sekea started looking chemicals reactions based on the materials of their HE suits
           Wed-020-1114-Mikah got an x-mail saying Gidkhiza, Picheslal and Kiskhui would run the book auction on 094-1114
               The crew got more information in a meeting with the Arch Duke
               Lt. Cmndr. Germai Miisud on the shipyard because Imp. Naval Intel were searching the ship for 2 days
               Jocelynn, Colinne and Fesic went shipping and were nearly arrested for having a Denuli Gemstone
               Jocelynn, Emkir, Aiden and Aali met the Glas and he bought the cargo of alcohol
           Thur-021-1114: The crew spent the day delivering the cargo to the Glas and his people
               Fesic got his certifications to trade in-system
           Fri-022-1114: The crew finished delivering the cargo to the Glas and his people

  • " Changing Plans and Faces "
           Fri-022-1114- Sekea's research shows it is impossible for a White Star base to be on the Hyper-Arctic worlds
               Mikah agrees they should search Mynbou first and not land on the other worlds but does not cancel the practice
           Sat-023-1114-The crew move all the Hyper-Arctic gear to the naval base
               The crew practice with all the Hyper-Arctic gear
               Emkir falls into a crevasse, is badly injured then dies during treatment
               Arch Duke Norris and Prince Lucan take part in a memorial for Emkir and Terin
               Jocelynn, Emkir, Aiden and Aali met the Glas and he bought the cargo of alcohol

  • " Politics And Pleasantries "
           Sat-023-1114- Aali rode a shuttle to the shipyard and the others mourned Emkir in the berth
               An X-Mail arrived with a KCr 5 link from Mrs. Shasim Gangili, rescued from a dragon hunt on Wypoc
               Mikah asked the base clergy(Lt. Sonwe Ghapod and Lt. Cmdr. Usdar Shauum) about Emkir's funeral and called Aali
               Fesic was called by Imp. Navy Lt Cmdr Teresko, an aide to the Arch Duke, saying there were no lock picking classes
               Fesic said he collected Emkir's ISS belt buckle to return it to the ISS with Terin's
               Fesic made an appointment for the next day to return the buckles to the ISS base
               The shuttle INS Iakaa Naashki delivered Aali to the shipyard, meeting Commander Kushsa Mikiesgi and his officers
               The Imp Navy Officer leading the inspectors delivered his report to Aali
               Aali told Colinne about the lock picking program and said Mikah would give her a copy and Sekea learned of the program
               Colinne checked the electronic environment around them
               Mikah was called by the seneschalate for the Count of Denotam, asking to meet them in his Court the next day
               Fesic checked, cleaned and packed the gear used trying to save Emkir
           Sun-024-1114- Fesic and Colinne turned in the buckles to the ISS base but left without Fesic getting a new buckle
               Colinne checked the base exchange and bought a tablet-based book on the flora and fauna of Denotam
               Mikah shared out the KCr 5 reward: the ship got Cr 2,507, each of the crew got Cr 277
               Mikah gave Jocelynn ownership of the combat armor she was borrowing
               Meeting Count Alaranjados, Cmdr. Niargii shi Ginenku asks Zimzod to come to the INS Maadashmim Zikheaa for surgery
               Count Alaranjados asked them what they'd learned about how Clan Glas views Imperial operations on-world?
               After the meeting, Mikah calls a crew meeting to discuss their Sonthert plans and they work out Jocelynn's anger
               The crew decide to send someone to the Glas clan to sell or trade back the grav-sledge
               Mikah, Jocelynn and Aiden sell the sledge and Jocelynn's grav-shoe for KCr 22 and a grav bike
               They also see a badly damaged APC which still flies
               After drinking in memory of Emkir, The Glas takes the three spacers on a patrol
               During the patrol, they see an Imperial facility on Glas land and get attacked by the Durie
               Mikah called the Count's office to set up an 11am meeting the next day
               Fesic did lock pick training, Colinne read her flora and fauna of Denotam book
                   Aiden did stent work, Jocelynn studied armory videos, Mikah watched vids
           Mon-025-1114- Aali asked Mikah to set a meeting with the clergy the next day at 2pm and planned to return downwell
               Meeting with the Count and Mikah told him what they learned and got more from the Count's people about the situation
               The Count was happy to sit down with the Clan leaders and change the agreements
               They learned the history of the APC and about the 1,967th Imp. Marine Inf. Company
               Mikah offered to try to trade for the APC and suggests the Count could kick in cash
               Mikah chose to wait before contacting the clan
               Most of the crew went to a shooting range
               Colinne planned for and started working on her plans to deconstruct work on the lock pick program
               Colinne ran a group stent practice

  • " Pieces On The Board "
           Mon-025-1114- Zimzod was on the INS Maadashmim Zikheaa for reconstructive surgery
               They decided what to sell and had Aali collect stuff in the ships locker
               Mikah gave the spare gaiters to Colinne and Sekea
               Fesic and Jocelynn met a "Seeker" named "Kennot" at a bar and he agreed to share if their help caught his bounty
               Fesic and Jocelynn learned the Arnstruther clan were angry at the Imp. Navy and likely to raid
               Jocelynn called the Glas Clan to warn them about the seeker
               Sekea and Aiden planned for refueling in the Sonthert system and talking to naval navigators in the Ghandi system
               Colinne worked on the lock picking software but had to shut it down and work from the logs
           Tue-026-1114- Jocelynn got Mikah's permission to set up a meeting between the Count and the Glas
               Mikah picked up Aali
               Sekea and Aiden went shopping for clothes, hats, gemstones and ammo
               Jocelynn worked with seneschalate officer Lord Arnama and set a meeting for the 28th day of the year
               Aali sent x-mails to her family on Regina and Mother-In-Law on Roup
               Sekea and Aiden saw an ad for an Iron Buck hunting competition
               Jocelynn called Clan Glas and confirmed the meeting after volunteering their cutter to fly The Glas
               Jocelynn shared the list of things they'd like to sell and The Glas asked prices for the combat armor suits
               Fesic visited an indoor horticultural park that turned out to be an Aeroponics vertical farm
               Jocelynn and Colinne went to InstellArms and bought ammo and took range practice
               Mikah and Aali spoke to Lt. Cmdr. Usdar Shauum and Lt. Sonwe Ghapod at the base's temple
           Tue-026-1114: 3pm: Sekea asked Mikah to ask the Arch Duke to modify permissions to enter Sonthert to "multiple times

  • " Threading Needles And telling Tales "
           Tue-026-1114: 3pm: Doctors planned out and began Zimzod's
               Fesic checked his investment account (Now KCr 24) and set his stipends to pay into it
               Jocelynn id'd the APC as an Octocopiae from the firm Ballistica Maximas
               Mikah called for a meeting with Norris after the funeral to discuss Sonthert entry
               Sekea went pricing gear and went with Aiden and Colinne to check prices in the port and village
               Sekea,Aiden and Colinne got caught in the village when Clan Arnstruther attacked the naval base fences
               After Colinne killed a shop keeper, the police investigated and released her
               Mikah got an xmail from Nivaor Tirkenty, Captain-IMV Ashidi Ke apologizing and returning the KCr 25 for the cargo sealer
           Wed-027-1114: The crew attended Emkir's funeral, also attended by Prince Lucan and Arch Duke Norris
               After Emkir's funeral, Norris said he couldn't change their permission to re-enter the Sonthert system
               Mikah called the port telling them of the planned trip to Clan Glas territory the next day
               Mikah got a call from Zimzod's doctor saying the operation was done, and he was moved into ICU but wasn't stable
           Thur-028-1114-Mikah, Aiden, Jocelynn and Fesic got up early to fly the Glas to meet with the Count
               Mikah's team left to pick up the Glas and flew him back to the port where the Arnstruther were attacking again
               Mikah's team delivered the Glas to the naval base through ground fire from Clan Arnstruther
               The Glas asked the Count to lie about resources he wanted the Imperium to share and the Count refused
               The Count wanted the grav APC back and the Glas refused and the Legate warned that could lead to conflict
               The meeting broke up and Mikah's team lifted to return the Glas home and talk trade with him
               Fesic and Mikah traded Munarshu's old combat armor for the APC
               They also sold him 2 auto-rifles, 3 blades and Terin's custom sword, the camping cot and Terin's 2 cheap sunglass pairs
               They completed the deal and sold the duster
               A 50 dTon Great Eastern Troop Transport picked up the APC
               Mikah and Jocelynn were debriefed aboard the INS Urza Kashi in orbit
               The Count said he owed Mikah's crew a favor, and also said he would cater their dinner in the berth
           Fri-029-1114: Mikah called the medical ship and connected to Zimzod and caught him up on events

  • " Changing Guides And Goals "
           Fri-029-1114: Aali sorted Emkir's gear to keep, give away or sell
               Mikah and Colieen checked what to do on Denotam but many of the attractions were under clan control
               Jocelynn made a shopping list of battledress improvements to ask for in her favor from the Count
               Sekea and Mikah made deals to get the crew crampons, ice picks and harness/lattice kits
               Sekea and Jocelynn met Kennot and learned his fugitive was in Erskin lands
               Kennot owned the IMS Youkan Debou(Far Trader) and his passenger, Cenawo Adsi, had a deal with the Erskin
               Jocelynn talked up stealing the bounty from Kennot
               Imperial records said Entarzul, wanted for Murder & Terrorism with a bounty of MCr 1
               Colieen hacked Kennot's ship and got a folder named "Entarzul" before she was ICE'd
               Colieen searched for a Clan Erskin network presence
               Fesic called the IM0J to ask about the fugitive and got a file but learned there was restricted data
               Fesic learned the fugitive tried to assassinate Duke Rakaa Kiraarri of Lanth
               Mikah called the Legate and spoke to Imp Army Capt. Pewinan and Col. Harunda
               They got the coordinates of an Imp. safe house in Erskin lands where the fugitive might have been seen
               Mikah, Jocelynn, Aali, Fesic and Sekea flew there in the cutter and were told to bed down until morning
               Colieen was put in charge, to manage comms and Aiden was told to help her
               Imp Army Capt Inost Weyepem managed the safe house
               Zimzod felt the buzzing in his head a few times and figured at least two of his care takers were Psi-active

  • " Dipping A Toe-Tip Into Acid "
           Fri-029: Zimzod was healing on cleanse from Slow Drug while Colinne and Aiden worked to find a Clan Erskin network
               In Wezsaen, the crew were hunting the fugitive and bedding down in an Imperial Army safe house in the village
               Rol was gestating Aboard the Upgrade in the shipyard
           Sat-030-The team planned with Cpt Weyepem, who warned teams may be looking for their cutter
               The Cpt gave them a map of the village and they planned to leave and come back as traders
               Mikah flew them to the shipyard to pickup things to sell and then to the downport
               Fesic was left at the port and Aiden flew them back to the village
               Mikah showed her paperwork and goods to the village Adjam and Ashshu, who let her sell things
               After Cr 41,305 in sales, the crew wandered the village looking for things to buy
               Mikah bought the contents of a clothing shop for KCr 50
               Jocelynn got the shop keeper to send a message to Colieen so she could start tracking Erskin networks
               Mikah also bought 300 yds of furs from a shop
               Mikah planned to go to the safe house after dark
               The crew went through a number of plans to investigate the houses covertly
               Mikah and Jocelynn visited the safe house and learned which house to target
               Jocelynn got two mini-cameras to plant
               Mikah and Jocelynn got close to the house and planted one camera before being spotted
               Mikah and Jocelynn claimed to be out gem hunting and returned to the cutter
               Cleansing from drugs and healing from the operation, Zimzod was managed by a team with 2 psi-medics

  • " Ending With A Bang "
           Sat-030: Colinne and Fesic found e-mail data suggesting a spy existed
               The emails also included the name "Shio Ylga"
               They decided the spy was in the legate's office
               They decided to send a message luring the spy out
               They called the Count's office for backup but ended up speaking to the Legate
               The Legate connected them to the Naval Base Commander, who provided a squad
               The lure message was sent, telling the spy to bring a set of red and blue pens
               A tech visited the berth looking for pressure changes
               Colieen scanned the tech and learned everything about their dealings
           Sun-031: At 8am, Fesic and Colinne went to the breakfast shop with a squad for the sting
               The sting was carried out and the spy captured and questioned
               They spy knew little but confirmed the assassin was in Wezsaen
               Mikah asked the Navy base and Count for back up troops but they couldn't be deployed
               While eating, the Legate told them about Kennot Watalo and the mess he was making in Apkope
               They launched for the shipyard and geared up before picking up Colieen and Fesic
               Jocelynn repeatedly stressed that they wanted the assassin alive
               They did a diving strike attack, Jocelynn killed 3 and shot one but was also shot
               They cleared the house and looked for a hidden basement
               Mikah detonated a breaching charge and exposed the basement
               The assassin was setting a bomb before fleeing
               Mikah fired randomly into the hole and detonated the bomb, killing the assassin
               Mikah, Fesic and Sekea were knocked out and returned to the cutter
               Aiden launched them and got them back to the downport
               The Count intervened to stop them being arrested
               The Count asked them to go to Apkope, to recover Kennot's hopper and Mr. Adsi withing the next 2 days
               The Count delivered them dinner and left

  • " The Calm Before Court "
           Sun-031: Eating dinner, Mikah changed her mind and told the Count they wouldn't return to Erskin territory
               Mikah, Sekea and Fesic were recovering from their concussions
               Jocelynn and Mikah disagreed with the success level of the house raid
               Mikah got a summons for the crew to appear in Prince Lucan's court on the 33rd day of the year
               Jocelynn discovered a mysterious med-kit in her bedroom with no clue where it came from
           Mon-032: Mikah discovered the berth's toaster had been modified before she'd had caff
               Waking everyone, Mikah discovered Fesic was behind the toaster and mystery med-kit
               Fesic was punished by Jocelynn and promised more from Mikah after she recovered
               Sekea and Colieen learned the story of "Munarshu and the Breakfast of Doom!"
               Sekea, Colieen and Aali went shopping and got a straight jacket at Mikah's request
               In a call, Zimzod told Mikah some of his medics were psions
               Jocelynn questioned Colieen about how she knew things and Colieen covered her psi-use
               Sekea, Jocelynn, Aali and Fesic went to a bar that also had a gaming shop for the evening
               Sekea and Fesic competed in a knife-fighting game and made connections with the locals
               Jocelynn connected with members of the Ghost Jaekeel and introduced Sekea and Aali
           Tue-033: Asleep in the berth, most of the crew were expected in the Count's Court that day

  • " Parties, Bombs And A Puzzle "
           Tue-033: The crew were made Companions of the Order of the Tower and Sword(Knight Victor)
               Sekea had an audience with 'the Emperor's Personality' asking about his choices and homeworld
               Marine Lt Colonel Kushnanka Gishuu asked Jocelynn to discuss recovering Cenawo Adsi and his cargo
               The seneschalate would work with each of them to handle the work to settle their elevations
               The Count and Countess invited the crew to join them for dinner
               Mikah called Zimzod to talk about the elevations and Sekea wrote his family about recent events
               Jocelynn asked Mikah about Colinne
           Wed-034: Zimzod got his second Medical Slow Drug injection
               Medical authorities authorized 10 mg of fentanyl to be delivered to Sekea
               Colieen, Jocelynn, Aali and Aiden did stent work
               Jocelynn met with the Lt. Col. while the others went shooting at InstellArms
               Jocelynn offered to help in the operation, in her battledress, and the Lt. Colonel accepted
               Aali had Terin's gyrostabilizer installed to her gauss rifle
               When Jocelynn said she offered to help, Mikah, Sekea and Fesic also volunteered
           Thur-035: Zimzod was woken and his med-team managed his transition to normal metabolic rates
               The Lt. Col. said his team's mission launch was 8am the next morning
               The crew planned how they could create distractions for the Marines
               A team of diplomats went to Apkope to speak with the merchant for 'proof of life'
               Mikah collected DNA samples and did mind image updates for everyone who had a stent
           Fri-036: The crew took part in the operation with only slight damage to the cutter
               Jocelynn saw the name "Cadman" pop up on her HUD, but Idshu Cadman died on Regina's Storm
               They learned Cenawo Adsi had battledress and assumed he was somehow using Idshu Cadman's armor
               The Marines had recovered Adsi's cargo pod but he told them he'd return to the base on his own
               Aali looked over the data she'd been sent by a tech and considered getting the cutter fixed
               Jocelynn was invited to have her battledress upgraded at the base the next day
           Sat-037: Jocelynn brought her armor to be upgraded
               Zimzod entered the 3rd day of his cleaning out
               Sekea bought a flowering plant that would bloom red petals

  • " Questions, Answers And Decisions "
           Sat-037: The crew celebrated their elevations at the "The Duke's Feasthall"
               They started talking about the Count's offered favor
               Sekea got the fentanyl he'd ordered
               Mikah committed to attending a memorial for those who feel in the Apkope raid
           Sun-038: The crew celebrated Jocelynn's birthday
               Seneschalate officers helped the crew with the details of their elevations
               They visited Zimzod aboard the INS Maadashmim Zikheaa
           Mon-039: The crew took part in the memorial for those lost in the Apkope raid
               The memorial was interrupted when Kennot Watalo and Cenawo Adsi returned in a stolen aircraft
               Adsi was stripped from gthe battledress and questioned, and broken thanks to information from Colinne
               Adsi's Ident revealed his travels and when he likely bought the battledress
               Jocelynn learned he bought the armor aboard the "Sadeid Ig", a 2k dTon salvage vessel
               The base commander handed Jocelynn off to medical officers who began psi tollerance training with her
               Sekea borrowed Colinne's book on Denotam's flora and fauna, to research buying seed stock to sell
           Tue-040: Jocelynn continued psi tolerance training
               Zimzod did day 6 of his cleanse
               Sekea asked about pell 'droids and his concierge sent a note to Ghandi to have their 'droids ready for display
           Wed-041: Jocelynn continued psi tolerance training and learned some of Colinne's history
               Zimzod did his last day of cleanse
               Sekea brought his seed stock idea to Mikah, who him to Fesic, who shot it down
               Aali suggested they ask for a full military operating system for their computers
               Mikah liked the idea and called in their favor with the Count
               Mikah was told they'd have to stay in-system an extra week or more, and move the ship to the naval base to install the OS
               Mikah and her command staff would also have to visit the ship in the 'codes and keys' installation
               They estimated the work would be done between the 58th and 60th day of the year

  • " Recovery And Reorganization "
           Wed-041: Zimzod finished his cleanse before his third Slow Drug injection
               The crew decided to sell the snow cat, densometers and Haz-Env suits to free up cargo space
               Mikah bought tickets for the community play "Our Downwell Cousins" the next night on the naval base
               Aali begun examination and clean up work on the cutter
               Fesic hired "Forlu Penan" as a broker for the hyper-arctic gear sale
               Mikah was invited to watch the opening of Cenawo Adsi's cargo pod
           Thur-042: Jocelynn was tested for Psi potential
               Fesic's broker set up the auctions but needed pictures so Fesic and Sekea moved the gear from orbit
               Mikah, Aali and Colieen watched as the navy opened and emptied Adsi's cargo pod
               Jocelynn was tested for Psi potential
               Kennot's crew attacked the port to get to his ship but were stopped by combat forces
               Mikah was told the Arch Duke and Prince planned to leave the system within the next two days
               Mikah was asked to help the port ID the attacker's remains with their genetic gear in the ship's med-bay
               Mikah and the crew saw the play and were suprised when the Prince and Arch Duke arrived too
               Jocelynn was taught basic shielding and hiding techniques now that she was psionically active
           Fri-043: Jocelynn was taken out to identify Psions in place in the fleet and on stations, including Zimzod
               Zimzod was woken from his Slow Drug, cleaned up and tested so he could be released back to Mikah
               Mikah tested the genetic material for the Navy then toured Kennot's ship with Aali and Colieen
               Fesic had the broker take the images and the auctions started for five days
               Mikah recovered Zimzod and Jocelynn
           Sat-044: Jocelynn asked Mikah about updating ehr mental image
               Colieen talked to Mikah, Jocelynn and Zimzod about "being psionic"
               Mikah, Jocelynn, Colieen and Zimzod went into orbit to update the mental images
               After dinner, the crew went looking for iced-berry cider
           Sun-045: Jocelynn, Aiden and Sekea decided to set up "blade practicing" sessions
           Thur-049: They planned to keep the emergency shelter, portable fusion plant and wheel-mounted ice cutters(3 tons of cargo space)
               The auction for the hyper-arctic gear ended with a gross sale of Cr 804,800, Net: Cr 643,840 with the ship getting Cr 193,156

  • " Fun With New Toys And Embezzlement "
           Thur-049: Jocelynn went to the naval base and had her tattoo altered and fixed
               Sekea sent his mother an x-mail about Denotam's plant species
               The crew started taking part in internal sparring practice
           Fri-050: Aiden and Aali asked Mikah to back up their neural images
               Sekea, Jocelynn and Zimzod looked for Ice Berry cider and packets of seeds for Sekea
               the crew put most of their vacc suits and combat armor through annual maintenance
               Fesic met with Forlu Penan & Mr. Nigan Dolenwhre for an annuity but got it at the Bank of Lanth
               Zimzod bought an installed laser pistol and and grav harness for his battledress
               Jocelynn started talking about buying Rol battledress
               Sekea bought a grav harness
           Sat-051: Day 1 of upgrade work on Zimzod's battledress
               Mikah heard the news from Stepozhevac and told Coline to loot their bank accounts
               The crew donated to the Baron's fund for King George cruise liner
               Colinne found an account for "Fleet Operations Funding"
               Colinne routed her looting through Erskin and Arnstruther banks
               Mikah read in Sekea and Colieen on IRIS
               Mikah's was called to move the ship from the shipyard to the naval base
               Jocelynn, Zimzod & Fesic went to the naval base asking permission for Rol to own battledress
               Commodore Kirai Garde helped them with the forms after they paid the investigation fee
               Sekea sent another x-mail saying he had sample bottles and seeds if his mother wanted them
               Colinne planned to move BCr 4 and found 2 accounts based in the Lanth system
               Mikah, Aali and Aiden toured the ship, met their 2 new eng 'droids and signed off on the work
               They found out the ship's computers had holographic systems that they'd never activated
               They handed the ship over to the Navy techs
               Coline found an account paying for work on Lanth with too much cash to be just for the assassin
               Mikah ordered dinner for the crew
               Aiden asked about doing some skirmish combat simulations
               Colinne, Aali, Aiden, Jocelynn and Zimzod did stent work

  • " Two Minutes Of Blood, Horror, Comedy And Death "
           Sat-051: The crew set up simulated skirmish competitions with InstellArms
               NEWS-FROM-Gungnir(030-1114) as that systems factions come back together
           Sun-052: An InstellArms transport arrived at 9:30 to move them to the simulation
               They faced an 8-man enemy controlled by AI in a gravity-positive maze simulation
               The crew suffered from behavioral discipline and friendly fire
               Only Zimzod, Jocelynn and Aiden suffered from enemy fire and Aiden was also shot by Fesic
               Aali gave Jocelynn Zach's crew ring
               The crew remain at the facility planning for their second simulation

  • " Rushing To An Anticlima "
           Sun-052: The crew considered their performance in the first simulation and bought drones and gear
               The crew participated in a second simulation
               Some of the crew remain at the facility upgrading their personal weapons
               Other members of the crew returned to the berth after lunch