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          C6678D8-6 A 701 Cs M7 V
    Port: C Class
    Size: 6 ( 9600km in diameter )
    Atmo: 6 ( Terra Standard )
    Hydro: 7 ( 66%-75% surface water )
    Population: 8 ( Hundreds of Billions )
    Government: D ( Religious Dictatorship - Government by a religious minority which has little regard
          for the needs of the citizenry )
    Law Level: 8 ( Fairly intrusive, possession of firearms and personal melee weapons are either
          highly controlled or banned )
    Tech Level: 6
    Travel Zone: A ( Amber Zone )
    Pop Mod: 7 ( Pop stat[8] * this = a population in the area of 700,000,000 )
    Asteroid Belts: 0
    Gas Giants: 1
    Affilliation: Cs NOTE: This system's Imperial Client State designation is currently secret.
            The crew are aware of this due to having improperly gotten restricted data from
                 the IISS in Rhylanor System.

    Primary Star: Red Class 7 star (Size 5)

General Details

Pavabid is a medium-sized planet about 9600km in diameter. Pavabid has a standard nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere comparable to that of Terra. The surface of Pavabid is roughly 66%-75% surface water (or similar fluid), similar to that of Terra. Pavabid has a general population of 700,000,000 local residents. The local authorities of Pavabid are fairly intrusive, and visitors should be aware that the possession of firearms are illegal and even personal melee weapons are either highly controlled or banned. Pavabid has a routine Class C starport, with limited shipyards capable of performing major repairs. Pavabid has Industrial technology, including the development of fission power and more advanced computing. Pavabid is notable for the following Trade Code: Garden World. Pavabid has been designated as an Amber Zone by the Traveller's Aid Society. Travellers should exercise caution in any dealings or activities involving this world.

Government Details

Pavabid has a Religious Dictatorship, which is a splinter of the Church of Stellar Divinity. The "Pavabid Heresy", as it is called by CoSD Officials holds that their Home Star is the only truely divine star and all other stars represent evil. As such, the Pavabid Church, run by a class of clerics known as "the Select", teach a doctrine of significant xenophobia.


The general geography of the main world and the location of it's cities. Instead of continents, the world's land masses were large islands scattered across the arctic, equatorial and temperate zones. Across the six island masses, one notices some very "interesting" facts about the settled regions. The first thing that catches the eyes is that the cities "Amity" and "Peace" are located in the northern arctic region. Similarly, the cities "Reflection" and "Recquiescence" are in the southern arctic zone, while "Reflection" is the only city that isn't coastal.

The only downport is located near the city of "Alleviation", but is on an extended peninsula that must be man made. The city "Diversion" is an entertainment resort, used a as "Reward" for hard work and pure faith.

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