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Last Updated     October 12 2017
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          Knight's Rights

About This Page

     Over the campaign, various of the players have received specific rights along with, or as an augmentation of their enoblement.  This page is here to allow the players to look up those rights and understand them so they can have their characters make use of them.

The Right to Bear Arms

     In Imperial territory, the Knights have the right to go armed, though doing so to excess will evoke a review.  So "walking down the street with a side arm", won't cause issues but "walking down the street in fully buttoned up Battledress with a loaded rifle at the ready and a rocket tube looped over your shoulder" is likely to cause a review.  If you want guidance, ask yourself, Or the Game Master, "Would this look so out of place as to cause significant public reactions?"

Also, note from above, I said "In Imperial territory".  You will remember that outside the Extrality line of a starport, the laws are "NOT" Imperial.  This is why no one was carrying weapons in Runips on Jae Tellona.  The Countess made a deal so you could carry weapons in the desert, but your "Right to Bear Arms" did not extend into the city.

Most worlds respect the right and will not react to moderate arms (read above again for guidance), but they don't have to.  Rhylanor respects the right because law enforcement is almost always better armed and will always very quickly outnumber you. So you can try something, but you better be real good at it.
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Grants of a Given Rank: like "Scout Commander"

     This is the simple grant of a rank applicable to a given service.  In appropriate situations, the grant can be valid across all services(Ex: Commander of Imperial Forces is as Valid in the Imperial Marines as it is in the Navy and Scouts)
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The Right of Lawful Dissent

     This allows One to intercede in legal proceedings in Imperial court and even set aside motivons with the requirement One later substantiates their actions.  Lesser actions that right includes are to question both witnesses and the representatives for both the prosecution and defense.  In extreme use, and to be followed by an imediate review, One can set aside a judgement and sentance handed down by a court.
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The Right of Appearance

     This gives One the right to request, or even demand, to be heard by a Noble person in their Court on a subject under consideration by that Noble person.  So if a Duke was considering negotiations on a trade rights agreement between two companies, the person granted this right would be permitted to make a statement bearing on the issue.  It is still the Bearer's responsibility to make such a request before the decision is made, so if One wants to change a Noble person's intent on creating a law, then One has to get there before the last minute, or before the law is created.

Also, those who have these rights need to be careful not to appear self-serving, or to speak too noticeably in cases where they have a conflict of interests based on the benefits they would see in a given case.

This right carrys with it a significant level of Court influence, and can bring with it a flow of Courtiers hoping to get One's support on their cause.
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The Right of Consultation:

     Much like the The Right of Appearance, this Right allows the Bearer to request to be heard.  But more importantly, this right allows the bearer to be heard, and to advise the Noble person in private, and on more than a single occasion.  It also brings with it the same cautions against self promotion or being caught up in a conflict of interests. This right carrys with it a significant level of Court influence, and can bring with it a flow of Courtiers hoping to get One's support on their cause.
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The Right of Escort:

     This grants One the right to have a bodyguard, but grants no financial support for said bodyguard.  So if One raises a bodyguard unit, one is completely responsible for the financial costs such a bodyguard creates

In rare occasions, the bodyguard may be dictated when the Right is granted, as was the case with Lady Mikah Kirlim.  In these instances, this is a move to tie a group of people together and relief from that may only be gained by seeking a change to the order by the granting authority or a superior authority.  In this case, the Nobleperson who grants this right in this fashon may, but is not required to, offer some financial support for the unit so created.  A failure of support to be granted does not free the person granted the right of covering any uncovered costs.
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