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Sir Zimzod Egosion
Here is a brief look at Sir Zimzod Egosion's history.

Zimzod      Sir Zimzod Egosion is the ship's Executive Officer, as well as the crew's dirtside
operations Commander.  A veteran of the Fifth Frontier War, Zimzod's career saw him serving
in the Imperial Navy, Imperial Army and Imperial Marine Corp.

Sir Zimzod received his Knighthood from the Duke of the Vilis Subsector, and has received full
confirmation of his title.  He has gained notoriety due to his arrogant behavior in some quarters.

Aboard ship, Zimzod helps where he can though his main skills are gunnery related.  So, in
an emergency, Zimzod can be found either in one of the ship's turrets or as part of any anti-border actions the crew might need to mount.



     Zimzod Egosion was born to a parts scavenger and former pirate in the Pimane system(Mora).  Pimane is a played out mining post the miners have left.  A link on The Spinward Main, ships generally make for a gas giants.  The port has ground mostly to a halt.  Serviced by a trickle of Free traders, life on Pimane is tough and people are hard and cooperation is highly valued.  A vacuum world, Pimane's environmental systems are supported by contracted off worlders and all are drilled in containment loss.

Aside from the odd trader or Scout, anti-Pirate runs by Imperial Navy and Marine forces, Pimane won't ask questions if a "generous" captain pulls into port.  Ship's can lay low making repairs in exchange for that which the world can use or never afford but Pimanians won't protect pirates if a patrol arrives.  Zimzod's family claimed the upper edge of his home community's lower classes.

Unhappy with being stepped on, Zimzod couldn't pay to get to any Imperial Recruiting stations and was drafted into The Imperial Navy.  For training, he was brought to The Palique System(Mora).

1096: 6914th Naval Training Squadron, Palique Naval Base

     At the age of 18, Zimzod was assigned to basic naval training in service duties, customs and courtesies.  He was assigned to the Crew Division and trained to handle shipboard and vacuum operations before being transferred to advanced training in mechanical work.

1097: Assigned: INS Aarlenkhish (Troop Transport)
      Operations in District 268

Combat Service AwardMCUF Ribbon      Recruit Egosion was assigned to support the ship's landing section while transporting Imperial Marines from the 9011th Marine Strike Battalion.  The ship supported strikes against pirates in the Inchin System (District 268).  Recruit Egosion was promoted to apprentice and awarded the MCUF after taking control of an abandoned APC and leading troops to save a fireteam from a pirates assault on the the deployment zone.

1098: Retained: INS Aarlenkhish (Troop Transport)

     Apprentice Egosion was reassigned to cargo handling during patrols in the the Collace System(District 268).  Zimzod suffered from politics but managed to pass promotion tests. He was now Able Spacehand ( E-3 ).

1099: Retained: INS Aarlenkhish (Troop Transport)

     Still handling cargo as the Aarlenkhish during continued patrols of the Collace System, Able Spacehand Egosion was discharged under accusations of minor misconduct, due to the politics he had become mired in.  He was released at the rank E-3 with an MCUF and one Combat Service Ribbon.

Enlisted: Imperial Marine Corps, Support Branch
1100: 9643rd Marine Training Brigade

     Reduced in rank due the to service transfer, now Lance Corporal Egosion was assigned to Commando training in The Moran System(Mora).  The intensive training focused on combat and specialized sapper work in a variety of environments and strategic conditions.

1101: 109th Marine Combat Support School

     Still in training at the Moran Naval Base, Lance Corporal Egosion underwent surface combat training in the Moran System and was promoted to the rank Corporal( E-3 ).

1102: 109th Marine Combat Support School

     Corporal Egosion was retained by the training unit, and assigned to motorpool service.  During this year, he was promoted to rank Lance Sergeant ( E-4 ).

Discharged: Due to an administrative mistake, Lance Sgt. Egosion was classified "undesirable" and released from Imperial service

Enlisted: Imperial Army, Artillery/Support Branch
1103: 6487th Combat Support Brigade

Combat Service AwardPurple Heart Ribbon      Again, reduced in rank due to service transfer, Corporal Egosion was assigned to transport support work as they supported The 1215th Marine Striker Battalion in the Dojodo system (Mora).  Corporal Egosion was awarded a Purple Heart for wounds received while defending a munitions transport against smugglers and was saved by a company of Marines led by Marine Lt. Ashton McDonald. Corporal Egosion was also awarded a Combat Service Ribbon.

1104: Retained: 6487th Combat Support Brigade

     Corporal Egosion was assigned to training in combat first aid while the unit was posted to service in the Fosey System (Mora).  He was also promoted once more to Lance Sergeant ( E-4 ).

1105: Retained: 6487th Combat Support Brigade

Combat Service Award     Lance Sgt. Egosion led security teams supporting supply runs to units of the 8109th Imperial Army Inf. Brigade engaged with rebels in the Dojodo System.  Sgt. Egosion was promoted to Sergeant( E-5 ) and awarded a Combat Service Ribbon.

1106: Fosey Imperial Army Medical Training Center(Mora)

     Sgt. Egosion was assigned to paramedic training.  After training, and as part of a force realignment, Sgt. Egosion was transferred into the Infantry branch.

1107: 3187th Counter Insurgent Brigade

Combat Service AwardImperial War Defense MedalFiFth Frontier War Service MedalPurple Heart RibbonMCUF Ribbon      Sgt. Egosion was assigned to a mechanized ground ops during actions against the Am Welloch in the Junidy system(Aramis).  He was awarded an MCUF, Purple Heart, CSR and promoted to Gunnery Sergeant ( E-6 ) for his actions and wounds as they year heated up.  The entire unit was placed on full alert just after he left the hospital as the Zhodani invasion of the Jewell and Regina Subsectors began the Fifth Frontier War.

1108: Retained: 3187th Counter Insurgent Brigade

     Sgt. Egosion became the First Sergent of the 3187th as they dug in for possible heavy action against Pro-Llellewylolly forces or a Zhodani thrust into the system.

1109: Retained: 3187th Counter Insurgent Brigade

Combat Service AwardPurple Heart Ribbon     Sgt. Egosion was appointed the NCOIC for a full battalion and promoted to First Sergeant (E-8).  This as the 3187th was reorganized into a composite strike force in counter strikes against the Outworlds Coalition.  Forcing Zhodani units back, the 3187th was assigned to participate in the liberation force hitting dirt on Efate.  They took part in the grueling battle forcing the Zhodani Army to yield the world.

1110: Retained: 3187th Counter Insurgent Brigade

     Sgt. Egosion was promoted to Sergeant Major(E-9) as Imperial forces secured Efate.  He was transferred, with the unit, to the liberation of the Emerald system.  During the relief of massive Zhodani atrocities, the war ended and Sergeant Major Egosion found himself listed as "surplus personnel" and received his discharge with no ride off-world.  So he volunteered until another opportunity presented itself.

1 to 42 1111: Civilian Relief Effort

     Zimzod worked for the civilian aid effort on Emerald due to the lack of transport space off world. After most of two months, he was hired on by the Imperial Navy to join the crew of the IMV Spinward Star. This is the point at which the chronicle on this website truly begins.
For more of the history of this narrative, start reading here.


Combat Service Ribbons
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Worn as:
Combat Service Ribbon with Silver Mote(5 awards)

Combat Service Award with Silver Mote
Imperial War
Defense Medal

Imperial War Defense Medal
Fifth Frontier War Service Medal
Fifth Frontier War Service Medal
Purple Heart

        Purple Heart With two Bronze Motes
Purple Heart
Ribbon worn with 2 Bronze Motes for three awards
Meritorious Conduct
Under Fire
MCUF With one Bronze Mote

Ribbon worn with 1 Bronze Mote for a Second award
Order of the Knight
   Defenders of
     the Marches

Civalric Order of the Defenders of the March
  Order of the Sword
   And Tower - Victor

Civalric Order of the Sword And Tower

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