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Sir Sekea Sian
Here is a brief look at Sekea's history.

Sir Sekea      Sekea was born as the nephew to Baroness Cynthia da Imalfini, who holds the world Carse as fief.  With his family tied in the knots of local politics, Sir Sekea enrolled in the Imperial Naval Academy in the Lunion System.  Following that, he was commissioned and served in the Imperial Navy.


     Sekea was born to the noble family holding the world Carse in fiefdom.

1098: Imperial Naval Academy on Lunion(Lunion)

     Sekea studied Astronomy/Astrophysics with a minor in Chemistry, and graduated With Honors.  He was then comissioned as an Ensign and certified as a level-1 Astrogator in 1102.

1102: 1448th Imperial Officer Training Corp. Lunion Naval Base (Lunion)

     Ensign Sian was assigned to military training and furthered his education in interstellar navigation

1103: 1723rd Imperial Diplomatic Cadre, Detached Duty

MCUF RibbonPurple Heart Ribbon      Ensign Sian was part of an adhoc diplomatic cadre supporting Imperial Ambassadorial Minister Zekuga during talks between representatives the Rabwhar system government and Democratic Government in Exile of Rabwhar in the Shirene system.  When events unraveled Ensign Sian prevented escalation of events, and was wounded.  Minister Zekuga saw that the Ensign was awarded the Purple Heart and MCUF.

INS Kodav Ikrav(Lt. Cruiser[Obaya class, 60,000 dTons])

Combat Service Award     1104: Sian served as a junior nav-officer during a siege of a moon in the Smoug system(Lunion) and earned a Combat Service Ribbon.

MCUF RibbonPurple Heart RibbonCombat Service Award     1105: Sub-Lieutenant Sian held a command role during strikes Zaibon system asteroid belts against smuggling and piratic activity there.  Wounded when the bridge was hit, Sekea was burned and received a Combat Service Ribbon, a Purple Heart and an MCUF

1106: 1306th Naval Medical Training Squadron, Adabicci Naval Base

     Sub-Lieutenant Sian attended medical training and was certified as a nurse with trauma and emergency room experience

INS Thachi Criisx(Frigate[Capital class, 20,000 dTons])

Combat Service Award     1107:      Sekea took up work as one of the ship's navigators in patrols of the Sword Worlds-Lunion border.  At Rabwhar, they were caught by a Sword Worlds feint raiding the base to pin defenders in-system.  The ship moved to Arba to disrupt any Sword Worlds reinforcements there before joining Lanth's defense.  At Arba system, the cruiser engaged Sword World ships from Dyrnwyn.  The force held to block additional enemies moving against Lanth.  Sekea was awarded another Combat Service Ribbon.

     1108: Combat Service Award     Sekea was the lead alter-day navigator in a command role during a siege in the Tavonni system, to reduce and capture hold out Sword World ground forces.  Sekea received a Combat Service Ribbon

1109: 1018th Imperial Special Services Training Squadron, D’Ganzio Naval Base

     Sekea was assigned to intelligence training

1110: 1901st Naval Support Squadron, D’Ganzio Naval Base

     Sekea was led a unit of other temporarily unassigned officers and ratings, with ad hoc orders to work supporting the various base commands.

1111: INS Amaki Drothar(Attack Cruiser[General Wang class, 75,000 dTons])

MCUF Ribbon     Sekea was the senior deck officer and led of off-ship operations in patrols of the Lanth cluster.  He took part in executing customs stops/boardings and inspections.  While boarding the Sword Worlds ship Niksedven Dene(Type-P Corsair) using a rigged transponder pretending to be a 440 dTon Solar Wind-class yacht, Sekea earned an MCUF.

1112: 1573rd Imperial Special Services Training Squadron, Lanth Naval Base

     Sekea was again assigned to intelligence training

1113: INS Kalage Ashi (Light Cruiser[Wansea class, 30,000 dTons])

Sekea commanded the ship’s bridge officers and maintenance/support technical teams during a cruise of the Lanth cluster.  Sekea received his discharge from the Navy in the Lanth system.


Combat Service Ribbons
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award

Worn as:
Combat Service Ribbon
with 3 Bronze Motes,
for the 3 additional awards

Combat Service Award

        Imperial War
      Defense Medal
Imperial War Defense Medal

    Fifth Frontier War
      Service Medal
Fifth Frontier War Service Medal

    Meritorious Conduct
          Under Fire
   MCUF With two Bronze Motes
Ribbon worn with 2
  Bronze Motes for
  a Second and
    Third award

        Purple Heart
   Purple Heart With one Bronze Mote
Purple Heart
Ribbon worn with 1
  Bronze Mote for
  a Second award

        Order of the Sword
        And Tower - Victor
   Order of the Sword And Tower - Victor<>

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