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Major Sir Rol Kaihvos
Here is a brief look at Major Sir Rol Kaihvos's

Rol      Major Sir Rol Kaihvos is the ship's Security Officer,
as well as one of the crew's dirtside combat specialists.
A veteran of the Fifth Frontier War, Rol's career saw him
awarded the Starburst For Extreme Heroism, the most
significant combat decoration the Empire could award.

Sir Rol received two Knighthoods.  First, as a Knight
March Protectors of Rhylanor at the order of Duke Leonard
of Rhylanor.  Then augmented, as a Knight Defender of the
Marches, by Duke Leonard.  Both actions were, as with the
Knighthoods of much of the crew he served with, political
in nature. His name holds some notoriety due to claims in
a book that Major Sir Rol was involved in war crimes against
Vargr civilians during the Fifth Frontier War.

Aboard ship, Rol is the crew's cook and armorer modifying
and fixing weapons and armor.  In an emergency, Rol
can be found armored and armed in the ship's lounge or
as part of any anti-border actions or damage control
the crew might need to mount.


     Rol Kaihvos was born to a construction worker and tax clerk (with the title "collector") in the Keng system(Regina).  Keng, on the literal edge of the Empire, is a difficult to get to, dead end world with almost nothing to exploit.  Colonies regressed to early industrial age settlements, with well regulated cities surrounded by badlands.  The cities support steam rail and telegraph and those who owned ruled.  "The Rail Barons" have a "this is mine and that is yours" view, cooperating only for profit.

     Raised a city dweller, Rol grew up in a society where gunslingers were an option, if not entirely legal and one rarely saw spacer traffic.  Periodic Naval cutters and Scouts landed for recruits.  Still, it was fight, fit in or somehow leave, and Rol knew which of those fit the view of his future.  So once he was of age, Rol watched for contrails in the sky and prepared for his chance.

1093: 597th Recruit Training Camp

     Transported to the Efate Naval Base aboard the Destroyer INS Star Hunter, Rol enlisted in the Imperial Marine Corp. and received basic and advanced training as an AFV maintenance tech.

1094: 1018th Marine Logistics Battalion

     Private Kaihvos was assigned to one of the Battalion's motorpool companies in the Margesi System(Vilis).  The unit served as a support garrison as the world retired the Sword worlds colonial name "Isenfang" and became a full Imperial member.  Despite celebrations, there were dissenters to be dealt with.  During the year Rol managed to gain promotion to Lance Corporal(E-2).

1095: 80th Officers Candidate School

     Thanks to a program to support create an "elastic defense" strategy, Lance Corporal Kaihvos was assigned to OCS at the Aramis naval base.  He studied computer, electronics and zero-g weapons skills in the complex off Leedor City and was promoted to Second Lieutenant(O-1)

1096: 473rd Staff Officer's College

     Lt. Kaihvos gained more exposure to operations in Staff College at the Aramis naval base.  He undertook a communications program during his year of study.

1097: 1416th Marine Support Battalion

Combat Service Award     Lt. Kaihvos served as a staff officer during the retaking the Zykoca(Aramis) starport from a xenophobic population.  He helped in the motorpool in his spare time during the police action and was awarded a CSR for the operation.

1098: 1416th Marine Support Battalion

     As the police action smoldered as an Internal Security op, the battalion secured the Zykoca(Aramis) starport.  Lt. Kaihvos was promoted to First Lieutenant(O-2) and commanded the Motorpool. The Lt. tried to make real fantasies of combat adventure, but was frustrated by combat zone security.  Lt. Kaihvos did develop local contacts and passed on intel to higher headquarters.

1099: 1416th Marine Support Battalion

     Despite his "combat fantasies" and for maintaining discipline in the motorpool Lt. Kaihvos was retained as much of the battalion moved to another sector.  As a result, Lt. Kaihvos was one of the more experienced junior officers in the Zykoca port garrison.

1100: 314th Imperial Marine Support Brigade

     Lt. Kaihvos served as a staffer in the 314th HQ during internal security work in the Regina System following reports of Ine Givar activity.  Reports suggested attacks during the holiday celebrations.

1101: 596th Imperial Officer Training Brigade

     Noted for performance and interest, Lt. Kaihvos was assigned to Imperial Marine Commando training.  Lt. Kaihvos ground his way through training in the Frenzie system(Vilis) with hopes for a real combat command.  Especially as tensions seemed on the rise.

1102: 1691st Imperial Marine Security Battalion

     Lt. Kaihvos commanded a commando platoon in the Paya(Aramis) Imperial naval base garrison while it was under construction.  Imperial forces assisted in recovery after the catastrophic disaster suffered in 1075 when the world was struck by a comet.

1103: 1033rd Imperial Marine Logistics Battalion

Combat Service Award     Lt. Kaihvos was assigned to a Junior officer's cadre in unit, bound for a police action in the Garda-Vilis System(Vilis).  In transit, he visited systems such as Regina and Vilis He got a CSR without seeing real action.

1104: 1100th Imperial Marine Special Services

     Lt. Kaihvos was assigned to Intelligence training in the Vilis system. He honed his data gathering skills, ability to fit in and the darker side of data gathering.  After training, he reenlisted and transfered to commando operations.

1105: 120th Imperial Special Response Battalion

Combat Service AwardMCUF Ribbon     Worsening conditions on Efate prime saw some civilians pulling out.  Lt. Kaihvos, promoted to Captain, led a Commando team against political targets as ordered by the Efate government.  Captain Kaihvos received a CSR and an MCUF pro-actively hunting into forward battle zones.

1106: 120th Imperial Special Response Battalion

     Pulled from Efate to the Aramanx System(Aramis) Captain Kaihvos' unit augmented the Starport garrison as the system faced a world war aided by off-world concerns(Most suspected are Sternmetal LIG).  Short of some "personal engagements" dirtsiders preferred diplomatic missions and negotiations.

1107: 473rd Staff Officer's College

     Assigned as a Commando trainee instructor at the Aramis naval base, Captain Kaihvos had a supplemental course in Battledress use.  With word, in late July, of Zhodani fleet attacks the Regina subsector, Captain Kaihvos ran "extreme refreshers" for reservists and those re-certifying before deployment.

1108: Assigned to the General Staff of General Sir
         Harry Smith

Imperial War Defense MedalFiFth Frontier War Service Medal     Captain Kaihvos served as a staffed to General Sir Harry Smith, legend of the 4th Frontier War.  The General's was famed for preventing Zho landings in the Quar system.  The General argued to strike the Retinae System, the Xhosa system and then strike Zhodani home ports.  With Vilis subsector losses, the Admiralty declined the plan.  As Smith's staff was reduced, though Captain Kaihvos reenlisted but was transferred.  Later in the war, Sir Harry led a rag tag force to Xhosa and was never heard from again.

1109: 1266th Imperial Marine Guards Battalion

Combat Service AwardMCUF Ribbon     Commanding a platoon of commandos, Captain Kaihvos worked with Imperial and civilian forces to combat issues involving the Vargr in the Jesedipere System(Aramis).  Refugee who'd settled in 1099 were a source of instability and leadership and challenges, pushing the world to the edge of insurgency.  The 1266th was ordered part of the Imperial response.  The commando's missions were to act against hard core Vargr and anti-Vargr bases and help regular units and civilians arrest instigators.  Pushing hard for the glory, Captain Kaihvos led a team against the most hardened of targets, and received the MCUF as well as a CSR.

1110: 1266th Imperial Marine Guards Battalion

Combat Service AwardMCUF Ribbon     Excelling in his mission, Captain Kaihvos remained in post, peace keeping in the Jesedipere System and promoted to Major.  Reinforced with vehicle support, Major Kaihvos became known for hard hitting raids that ended up with the target captured, killed or damaged.  Backed by local authorities, as resurgent Imperial forces drove victories against the Zhodani, Major Kaihvos earned another MCUF and CSR.

The suffering Vargr civilians of Jesedipere sought anyone for help with complaints against Major Kaihvos' unit, which often caused many bystander deaths.  At the war's end, Major Kaihvos' unit was cycled out and replaced by Lt. Col. Steven Bond's famous Rangers.  Major Kaihvos' teams were pulled out-system.

1111: 745th Independent Marine Cadre

Combat Service AwardStarburst for Extreme Heroisim Ribbon     Major Kaihvos' were en route to a recycle depot when they encountered a situation in the Heya System(Regina).  A hidden Vargr base was located and Major Kaihvos volunteered his teams to take it as they were the best trained and skilled for the mission.  Major Kaihvos personally led his troops, taking out entrenched renegade Vargr.  With significant casualties, Major Kaihvos' unit were moved to the Pixie Naval Base for care then moved to Regina Naval Command.  Ironically, Major Kaihvos survived with just scratches and singed armor. Major Kaihvos was also awarded the Starburst for Extreme Heroism and a CSR.

1112: 635th Imperial Marine Guards Battalion

     With his teams consolidated, Major Kaihvos' unit supported Internal Security work in the Regina System(Regina).  Rarely, counter insurgents forces called for support taking down suspected subversives.  At the end of the year, Major Kaihvos accepted his discharged on 137 - 1112

140-1112: Hired as a Consultant, Regina(Regina)

     As Major Kaihvos considered his options, he was contacted by the Office of the Seneschal of the Duke of Regina!  He was told they had a consultancy to "assist" with Vargr issues in the Inthe system.  He was introduced to the crew formerly of the IMS Dawnstar Horizon as they fitted out the IMS Pilot Error.

In 1113: Crew and part-owner of the IMS Upgrade, Regina(Regina)

     In 1113, while on Regina, Rol died while fighting an assassin who's ultimate target was the Duchess of Regina herself!  Because of his actions, the Duchess took actions to complete a brain scan before he died.  Thanks to that, Rol is being cloned and the image above indicates his anticipated appearance as a cloned 18 year old.

Combat Service Ribbons
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Worn as:
Combat Service Ribbon
with One Bronze and
One Silver Mote(6 awards)

Combat Service Award with Silver and Bronze Mote
Imperial War
Defense Medal

Imperial War Defense Medal
Fifth Frontier War Service Medal
Fifth Frontier War Service Medal
Meritorious Conduct Under Fire        
MCUF With two Bronze Mote

Ribbon worn with 2 Bronze Motes for three awards
Starburst For
Extreme Heroisim

        Starburst For Extreme Heroisim
Order of the Knight
   Defenders of
     the Marches

Civalric Order of the Defenders of the March
  Order of the Sword
   And Tower - Victor

Civalric Order of the Sword And Tower

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