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Doctor Lady Dame
     Mikah Kirlim

Here is a brief look at Lady Mikah's history.

Mikah      Lady Dame Mikah is the Crew Captain and ship's Doctor.
A veteran of the Imperial Navy and the Fifth Frontier War,
she knows how to treat an infection, be it organisms within a
patient's body or dangerous Sophont's violating Murphy's Law.

Lady Dame Mikah received her Knighthood from the Duke
of the Vilis Subsector, and has received full confirmation of her
title.  She has gained Elevation to "Lady of the Court of the
Domain of Deneb" from Arch-Duke Sir Norris of Regina in the
Mora system in 1112 (TI).

Aboard ship, Mikah helps when she can in Engineering and,
in extreme situations, can perform as a backup pilot.
She is also involved in a "convenient" relationship with
Sir Zimzod which has been characterized as an Engagement,
but not seriously.

A skilled Doctor and neurosurgeon, Mikah is also trained in the combat arts and basically skilled in a handful of other technologies and disciplines.


     Mikah Kirlim was born to a Utility Worker and Emergency Responder in the Hammermium system.  Hammermium is a small, hard world with scarce sources of water and air.  The world's thin atmosphere and cold climate were the hard road from which its dictatorial rulers, The Kantte family, had led the population to the stars.  Through mining natural resources and minerals, as well as commerce and trading, the rulers long worked to mold a fully modern and interstellar society.  Mikah's family were firmly on the lower edge of her home community's middle class.

1094: 56,869th Medical Services Training School

     At the age of 18, with a good education and test scores, Mrs. Kirlim enlisted in the Imperial Navy.  Thanks to her aptitude tests, Mikah was lucky enough to be assigned a role, and training, in the Medical Division.  With that, she was assigned to basic training in the Murchison system, one parsec away.

1095: Retained for Paramedical Training

     Recruit Kirlim was retained in training as she was assigned to Paramedical training.  After completing her coursework, Recruit Kirlim supported base medical services in various facilities on the Murchison Imperial Naval base.

1096: Assigned aboard the INS Guranara (Destroyer)

Combat Service Award     Recruit Kirlim was assigned to work in the ship's sickbay as the ship moved to begin patrol operations in the Regina Subsector.  During the cruse to Regina, Mikah got to see many of the most famous worlds in the Spinward Marches.  She received a promotion after the ship participated in a strike against smugglers in the Pscias System(Regina).  The criminals were using classified military codes to operate covertly from that interdicted system.

1097: Retained aboard the INS Guranara (Destroyer)

Combat Service Award     Spacehand Apprentice Kirlim continued working in the ship's sickbay as the vessel transited to a new assignment back in the Trin's Veil Subsector.  Once again, Mikah experienced battle situations as the destroyer took part in strikes in the Raydrad System(Trin's Veil).

1098: 14,938th Combat Training Flight

     Spacehand Apprentice Kirlim was assigned to close combat training school at the Lunion Imperial Naval base.  During her training, she was also promoted to Able Spacehand ( E-3 )

1099: Assigned: INS Lirzana(Dreadnought)

Combat Service Award     Spacehand Apprentice Kirlim was assigned to combat medical and damage control battle teams as the Lirzana operated in the Lunion Subsector.  During her first year aboard, the Lirzana took part in patrols and strikes in the Derchon System(Lunion).  As her skill and performance improved, she was promoted to Petty Officer Third Class ( E-4 ).

1100: Retained aboard INS Lirzana(Dreadnought)

     Adding to her duties, Petty Officer Kirlim was assigned to lead border repulse teams support during patrols of the Lunion Subsector.

1101: 8306th Strouden Orbital Training Squadron

     Petty Officer Kirlim was assigned to shipboard combat training in the Strouden system ( Lunion ) and promoted to Petty Officer Second Class (E-5)

1102: 790th Security Wing

     Petty Officer Kirlim was assigned to cross training with a unit of the Strouden Close Orbital and Aerial Combat Command (COACC).  She was placed with an atmospheric aerial unit during reconnaissance and overwatch patrols.  She took part in mid-atmospheric intercept and surface operations management training. During this time, she took advantage of the chance to learn basic flight skills.

1103: Cross Training: 9721st Scout Tech. Sup't Squadron

     Petty Officer Kirlim was assigned to medical support, serving with a squadron of varied Scout vessels operating in the Lunion Subsector.  The squadron assignment included patrols and responding to rescues.  In addition, vessels of the squadron assisted with wreck recovery operations for damaged and lost scout vessels throughout the Lunion Subsector.  Mikah, as a senior med-tech, worked variously with recovery of injured, starved or low-berth maintained survivors and autopsies of the recovered dead.

1104: INS Pakikarsig (Jumpship)

Combat Service AwardPurple Heart Ribbon     Petty Officer Kirlim was assigned to medical support and combat border repulse teams during patrols of the subsector, operating in the Lunion Subsector.  During 1104, the Pakikarsig took part in strikes against a smuggler and pirate base in the frontier of the Skull system(Lunion).  Mikah was again promoted to Petty Officer First Class ( E-6 ).

1105: Retained in assignment aboard the INS Pakikarsig

     Petty Officer Kirlim was retained and promoted, to Chief Petty Officer ( E-7 ) during further patrols of Lunion space.  During this time, the Pakikarsig participated in strikes in the Ianic system.

1106: Retained in assignment aboard the INS Pakikarsig

     Retained in her assignment, Mikah served during further but uneventful patrols of Lunion space.

1107: Retained in assignment aboard the INS Pakikarsig

Combat Service AwardImperial War Defense MedalFiFth Frontier War Service Medal     Petty Officer Kirlim was retained in her assignment as the Pakikarsig patrolled Lunion.  As word of invading Sword Worlds forces spread, with strikes into the Lanth Subsector, word slowly arrived of the wider scope of the war.  While continuing patrol operations, the Pakikarsig encountered only pirates and the other carrion ships of war.

1108: 7907th Lunion Naval Training Company

     Stationed in an apparent "safe spot" in The Spinward Marches, Petty Officer Kirlim was assigned to space combat and zero gravity training in the Strouden system.  During her training, she was promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer ( E-8 ).

1109: 4082nd Field Training Squadron

     Transferred to the 4082nd for electronics training as part of a "fusion training" program in the Strouden system.  The program also improved Mikah's medical, technical and combat skills as part of a plan to train multifaceted NCO's for a planned counterstrike or defend Lunion space.

1110: INS Udiid (Troop Transport)

     First assigned aboard as a senior medical warrant officer, plans changed as the war did.  Petty Officer Kirlim worked as a med-tech and back-up pilot for her med-shuttle.  In the Emerald System (Jewell), the Udiid was detached from the fleet, providing medical aid and transport when the war ended.  The Udiid was attached to relief efforts in that system until Mikah reached discharge.


Combat Service Ribbons
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Combat Service Award
Worn as:
Combat Service Ribbon with Silver Mote(5 awards)

Combat Service Award with Silver Mote
Imperial War
Defense Medal

Imperial War Defense Medal
Fifth Frontier War Service Medal
Fifth Frontier War Service Medal
Purple Heart
Purple Heart
Order of the Knight
   Defenders of
     the Marches

Civalric Order of the Defenders of the March
  Order of the Sword
   And Tower - Victor

Civalric Order of the Sword And Tower

43/1111 to 7/1112: The Gungnir Mission:

     The Navy chartered the IMS Singing Star and her crew, carrying them to the Garda-Vilis System(Vilis) as cargo aboard the J-6 Battle Carrier INS Parmamshar.  The ship and crew prepared to sneak into The Gungnir System ( Sword Worlds ), penetrate an underground base and rescue 12 Imperial Diplomats held hostage.

     Despite heavy resistance, they rescued the diplomats without losing any crew, and returned to Garda-Vilis.  There, they were elevated to the status of Knights of The Realm with Grants for an Imperial allowance and the "Right to Bear Arms".  These were conferred by The Duke Vilis, on a personal level, and by Duke Norris as Duke Regina, pending confirmation by Duke Leonard of the Rhylanor system and Grand Duchess Delphine of the Spinward Marches, in the Mora system.

The Road to Porozlo

     Immediately after recovering and spending some time in the Garda-Vilis system, then Dame Mikah accompanied Sir's Zimzod and Brian to the Regina system to begin a "Grand Tour".  They partied in style as they planned to travel from there to the Rhylanor system, and on to the Mora System to complete the confirmation of their titles.

After stops for parties in the Yori and Inthe systems, the Knights trip was "interrupted".  Not sure how, their ship was intercepted and they were kidnapped to a world they had not identified.  There, they were forced to carry out the rescue of a weapons developer and his daughter, under threat of being locked in prison for the rest of their lives.

Once they managed the rescue, they were rendered unconscious and placed aboard the IMS Equus, bound for Rhylanor.  Certain the ship's crew or computer systems had some data they could used to identify the offending world, the Knights eventually made themselves persona non-grata aboard.  So they were forced off the ship in the Porozlo system, one jump short of the Rhylanor system.

And now, we return you to our existing history

This is the point at which the chronicle on this website truly begins. For more details on Lady Mikah's post-War activities, start reading here.
For more information on the events after arriving at the Porozlo system, begin reading here

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