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Chief Petty Officer Sir
   Fesic Anfertirkåsmokt

Here is a brief look at Fesic's history.

Fesic      Sir Fesic Anfertirkåsmokt is the ship's Chief Gunnery Officer.  Not wanting to be a one trick pony, Fesic has noticed the crew's cargo sealing system and is learning about that.  Fesic and Zimzod are working together to handle the ship's turrets in the event of an attack.  Beyond that, Fesic is looking forward to the chances to actually visit worlds, which was very limited given the Leave rules while he was in the navy.

Fesic Anfertirkåsmokt first enlisted with the IISS, but never left the Flammarion system, where he was born.  He left the Scouts and enlisted in the navy, but was assigned the Planetary Navy of the Flammarion system.  After finding that service unsatisfying, Fesic again tried to get himself reassigned to the Imperial Navy, but ended up in the Sword Worlds Subsector Navy.  He got his wish, serving with the Subsector Navy when the Fifth Frontier War began.  As crew of a ship in the Wardn system, Fesic was part of the fall back to the Lunion Naval base after the initial Sword Worlds attacks, where he served until assigned to a ship near the end of, and after the war.


     Fesic was born into nearly the lowest class of society.  His father worked in a metals foundry and mother worked as a stewardess on low end transports as both were descendants of immigrants who fled the Sword Worlds.  Still, their name is a trigger for some common discriminations and anti-Sword World attitudes.  Still, Fesic was taught to gain through service, either to LSP or the Imperium.

1096: Attempt college

     Fesic applied to any college which accepted students from Flammarion, to study horticulture.  But he spent the better part of his 18th year being rejected by colleges.  That left him the Imperial Military, so he enlisted in the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service and was assigned to the Scout Exploration Branch!

1097: 1610th Scout Training Squadron

     assigned to Scout induction training at the Flammarion Scout Base looked forward to the worlds he would visit.

1098: 1757th Scout Services Squadron

     Fesic found himself a back up pilot doing shuttle runs and moving supplies between points in the Flammarion system.

1099: 1757th Scout Services Squadron

     Fesic remained in his position as a transport pilot and chose not to re-enlist, and try to enlist in the Imperial Navy

Enlistment: Imperial Colonial Fleet of the
         Flammarion System

     Led by Fesic's hopes to getting out of the Flammarion system, he enlisted in the Navy, but could only get a berth in the Colonial Navy of the Flammarion system.

1100: 3415th Naval Training Squadron

     Fesic spent his first year Navy training and gunnery operations and promoted to the rank of E-2 (Spacehand Apprentice).

1101: INS Shiidasanug (Resolute Bastion Armored

     Fesic was assigned as a junior gunner aboard, taking part in anti-smuggling operations in the system's asteroid belt and earning a CSR and Fesic was promoted to E-3.

1102: 1579th Naval Support Squadron(Flammarion
         Naval Base)

     Fesic was assigned to shore duty in the Flammarion Naval Base.

1103: 1579th Naval Support Squadron(Flammarion
         Naval Base)

     Retained in assignment, Fesic began again to apply for a transfer to the Imperial Navy as his enlistment ended.  Still, he only succeeded in gaining a transfer to the Imperial Sword Worlds Subsector Fleet as rumors of rising tension rose in the region.

1104: 213th Naval Training Squadron(Flammarion
         Naval Base)

     Fesic was assigned to training with personal laser weapons of many kinds.

1105: 936th Naval Support Squadron

     Fesic's duties ranged from crowd control to base services in the Flammarion naval base again as command waited for the delivery of additional warships from the Imperial Naval command.  He was also promoted to Petty Officer Third Class(E-4).

1106: 936th Naval Support Squadron

     Petty Officer Anfertirkåsmokt took on more jobs, continuing to serve the squadron as tensions rose as well as Ine Givar attacks throughout the sector.

1107: INS Khada Imirkii(Ghalalk class Armored

Combat Service AwardImperial War Defense MedalFiFth Frontier War Service Medal     Fesic joined the ship's Charlie Battery during patrols in the Sister's Reach. Fesic visited many worlds, including the Caladbolg asteroid belt arcologies.  In the Wardn system, Sword Worlds vessels invaded as the Fifth Frontier War started.  The Khada Imirkii escaped to the Adabicci system, later awarded the MCUF for helping lesser and damaged vessels escape.  The Adabicci system was also embattled and the ship resupplied from ship tender escorted to the Lunion naval base.

1108: 2634th Naval Operations Squadron (Lunion
         Naval Base / Lunion)

     The ship under repairs, Fesic helped train recruits and attended gunnery and computer.  Fesic was promoted to Petty Officer Second Class(E–5).

1109: 2634th Naval Operations Squadron

     Glad, for once, to be grounded, Fesic was trained on mechanical and basic electronics work to improve his damage control skills.

1110: 2634th Naval Operations Squadron ( Lunion
         Naval Base / Lunion )

     Fesic served out the rest of the war supporting training, learning his family were spared the on the Flammarion-Orbital station.

1111: INS Khada Imirkii(Ghalalk class Armored

Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry     Patrols between the Rhylanor, Mora and Iderati systems.  Fesic was Charlie battery's lead NCO and promoted to Petty Officer First Class(E-6).  Fesic also led anti-boarder teams.  Fesic was also got an MCG leading a team boarding a commerce raider.

1112: INS Khada Imirkii (Ghalalk class Armored

     Fesic remained the turret battery commander and was promoted to Chief Petty Officer(E-7) while patrolling between the Rhylanor, Mora and Iderati systems hunting a ramshackle fleet from the Sword Worlds before being recalled to Rhylanor.


Combat Service Ribbon
Combat Service Award
Imperial War
Defense Medal

Imperial War Defense Medal
Fifth Frontier War
Service Medal

Fifth Frontier War Service Medal
Meritorious Conduct
Under Fire

Medal for
Conspicuous Gallantry

        Starburst For Extreme Heroisim
  Order of the Sword
   And Tower - Victor

Civalric Order of the Sword And Tower

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