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Scout Commander Sir
     Aiden Radetsky

Here is a brief look at Sir Aiden's history.

Aiden      Scout Commander Sir Aiden Radetsky is the ship's Chief Pilot.  He hands that duty off to Admiral Sir Emkir when he is needed on the ship's sensors.  Outside that, despite being a firm combat asset, Sir Aiden has become known as "Captain Paranoid", a title he may now have to compete with Munarshu Usuker Kam Shamshangi Sidigur to keep.  In battle, Aiden walks behind the others and carries a nasty ranged weapon.  Especially behind Admiral Sir Emkir Meshrumiikiim, after a misfire incident.

Aiden served with the IISS before and in the Fifth Frontier War.  His claim to fame, and the reason Grand Duchess Delphine knighted him, was his decorated role in the battle of Caladbolg.  An epic fight against impossible odds, Sir Aiden is credited with saving his ship and crew despite his wounds.  In a counter to his past, Aiden prefers the quiet moments when he can relax and read, though he does have an interest in the artistically machined hand guns found in tech level 5 to 7 societies.


     Aiden was born to Government Lobbyist and a Singer on a homeworld that qualified as a hazardous environment.  As a result, he is fairly careful with protective procedures.  Having been raised in contact with a lesser race (the Crawni), Aiden developed the negative habit of treating some aliens like second class citizens.  Aiden also has some deeply ingrained negative feelings regarding the megacorp Sternmetals Horizons, LIC, due to their desire to buy the world and perceived activities to damage the world's trade efforts.

1095: Seeking College and Enlisting

     Aiden spent a year attempting to get accepted in a college, but ended up in the Horosho system, where he enlisted in the IISS.

1096: 1036th Basic Training Squadron

     Aiden took pilot and sensor training in the Katarulu system (Trin's Veil)

1097: 1121st Logistics Squadron

     Aiden was assigned to the base services unit with general duties and short hop crew assignments in the Mille Falcs system(District 268) System.

1098: ISS Kirdiimle [S Class Scout/Courier]

     Aiden was a junior member as the Kirdiimle handled deep system patrols of the Mertactor, Mille Falcs Systems and visited the client states Tarsus and Collace(District 268) but was never off the ship outside Imperial space.

1099: ISS Kirdiimle [S Class Scout/Courier]

     Aiden was retained as the ship patrolled "The Thorn", a formation of the Caladbolg, Gunn and Caliburn Systems in the Sword Worlds subsector.

1100: ISS "Eyes of the Student" [Donosev Survey Cruiser]

     Aiden supported the ship's survey tech's on a special mission, and put on an anti-border team in the Enos system (Sword Worlds) during intense passive scanning of all port and shipyard facilities and traffic before returning to the Frenzie Naval base(Vilis).

1101: ISS Determined Shadow [100 ton Ivalo Class Scout Courier]

     Aiden was a backup pilot during transport runs in the Vilis subsector and rare trips to Regina, Jewell, Garda-Vilis during increased terror / guerrilla strikes by Ine Givar.

1102: ISS Determined Shadow [100 ton Ivalo Class Scout Courier]

     Aiden piloted the Shadow during "drop and see" runs hunting pirates, smugglers and insurgents in the sparsely populated worlds.  The crew handled surface and space ops.

1103: 1523rd Scout Vehicle Training Squadron

     Aiden was assigned to Grav vehicle training in the Nutema Naval Base.

1104: ISS Striking Word[Kinsale Class 100t Scout/Courier]

     Aiden was the back-up pilot during parcel and personnel runs along the X-Boat routes across the Spinward Marches with little chance to see the worlds visited.

1105: ISS Shagarba [S Class Scout/Courier]

     Aiden joined the crew during verification surveys of the Glisten Subsector. During this time, Aiden visited his homeworld.

1106: ISS Tracking Star [S Class Scout/Courier]

     Aiden was the command pilot as they re-scanned the asteroid belts of the Palique System(Mora) while being forced to complete missions and keeping the peace. (no less than 5 Signal GQ's each month)

1107: ISS Tracking Star [S Class Scout/Courier]

Imperial War Defense MedalFiFth Frontier War Service MedalSilver Asteroid RibbonMetal for Conspicuous Gallantry     Aiden and the Star moved to the Caladbolg Scout Base for orders.  They arrived on 175-1107 as the Sacnoth Fleet invaded.  After a 74 day desperate fight, the commander told all forces to seek safe haven.  Engaged by troop carriers and light fighters, Aiden's crew fought off intruders and made a jump to the Caliburn Asteroid, though he was was hit in the chest.  They then made their way to the Egypt System(Glisten) with the first news of the Battle for Caladbolg and The "Battle of the Thorn" beyond news the cluster had fallen to The Sacnoth Fleet.  Aiden was awarded the Silver Asteroid.

1108: 1356th Engineering Squadron, Egypt Naval Base

     Aiden largely helped repair crews move ships as he recovered from wounds.

1109: ISS Gulliver's Travels [100 ton S Class Scout/Courier]

     Aiden was the mission commander with the ship assigned to the 125th Provisional Strike Cluster, tracking hold out enemy forces in cleared systems.  The ship briefly took fire in the Restin System(Lunion) from a damaged Sword Worlds Destroyer, The "Mjolnirā€™s Haft".

1110: ISS Gulliver's Travels [100 ton S Class Scout/Courier]

     Aiden was the ship's senior Scout as the Travels patrolled the Porozlo System against surviving Zhodani ships.

1111: 1123rd Scout Training Squadron, Porozlo Scout Base

     Aiden was a "Sponsor" attached to the base training office, greeting scouts newly assigned and helping them "fit in".  Aiden was discharged on 054-1112 in the Porozlo System(Rhylanor)


Imperial War
Defense Medal

Imperial War Defense Medal
Fifth Frontier
War Service Medal

Fifth Frontier War Service Medal

Silver Asteroid
  Medal For

Medal For Conspicuous Gallantry
  Order of the Knight
   Defenders of
     the Marches

Civalric Order of the Defenders of the March
  Order of the Sword
   And Tower - Victor

Civalric Order of the Sword And Tower

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