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Dame Eikusdi Piirirshu

A brief look at Aali Known in business as Eikusdi

Aali      Dame Aalikiir Khiiriisom Khaanmii Eikusdi Piirirshu is the ship's Chief Engineer, as well being valuable in starship and ground combat.  Professionally using her public name, "Eikusdi Piirirshu", she is known as "Aali" to her friends.  Eikusdi Piirirshu is a veteran of the Fifth Frontier War, in which she served with the Imperial Scout Service.  That after college and a single term in the Imperial Navy.

In a political move to reward a crew he'd rather punish for disobeying orders, Duke Sir Leonard of Rhylanor Knighted Dame Aali on the return of the crew to the Rhylanor system.  This was an additional life change after she'd married Admiral Sir Emkir Meshrumiikiim in the Mora system.


     Aali was born to a Furniture maker and vehicle factory worker, Aali was raised in one of the over-populated slums economically lost between the working class communities on Regina Prime.  The Fourth Frontier war, beginning when she was 7, was a minor note in her childhood.  Still, stories of the 1084 "Battle of the Two Suns", an Imperial Victory which ended that war, certainly were part of her nine year old awareness.

Still, Regina is a world very "plugged in" to the interstellar community and very familiar with both the calls to service and the need to act.  Aali was raised to honor service, be it social or military and to admire knowledge as a path to power.  As a tall thin albino who's round face and black eyes stood out, Aali had learned to use her deceptively thin whip cord muscles well.  Outspoken and direct when needed, she teams with those she trusts, she retained a sense of wonder that mixed well with her sense of what was real.  This lets her to mix pragmatism and fantasy into her view of the universe.

College, 1093 - 1097: Khannimar Technical Institute

     With limited opportunities, Aalikiir attended college.  Graduating academically, and from NOTC, with an Aerospace Engineering Major and Cultural Anthropology Minor.  She was commissioned O-1 due to ROTC Standing.

1097: 2147th Technical Training Squadron

     After graduating college, Ensign Piirirshu was assigned to civilian naval technical training.  She attended a year at the University of Regina with an understanding of starship engineering and interstellar physics.  She was then promoted to Sub-Lieutenant(O-2)

1098: 1536th Training Squadron

     Sub-Lieutenant Piirirshu studied electronics based subjects combining engineering processes and electronics support at the Regina Naval Base.  Her courses adhered to the Imperial Navy Command College curriculum.

1099: 1168th Flight Training Squadron

     Sub-Lieutenant Piirirshu served as a staff officer, with a unit of trainees, in ship operations training.  Undergoing enhanced engineering training and the work of a supporting officer, Aali was often in the physics lab to explore and experiment.

1100: 1059th Recruiting Wing, Inthe Naval

     Sub-Lieutenant Piirirshu was assigned to a recruiting unit.  Despite her efficient work, Sub-Lieutenant Piirirshu was not considered a good match for the Imperial Navy officer corp, and was not offered re-enlistment.  Not interested in a second rate port job, Aali enlisted into the IISS.  She was assigned to the 'Administration' branch of the Bureaucracy.

1101: 4489th Support Squadron

     Following time burning administrative and transfer processes, Sub-Lieutenant Piirirshu was assigned to liaison duty serving and maintaining craft for VIP's at the Inthe Scout base.  Aali was promoted to Lieutenant.

1102: IISS Epsilon Blade (Scout Cruiser)

Silver Asteroid     En route to reassignment aboard the Scout Cruiser IISS Epsilon Blade, the Endeavor was redirected, in the Equus system, to the Derchon System.  There, her crew were transferred to the IISS Aspirant Endeavor (IISS Modified 100 ton Sulieman II Scout ship), camouflaged as a speculative miner.  They were briefed on an anomaly which had "appeared" on the system's outer edge and then jumped out, designated the 'Derchon Anomaly'.

An 'object' jumped in-system, transited coreward to coreward trailing at extreme velocity and jumped out-system.  Scans showed a highly radioactive mass ranging 1000-2000 tons in a rapid spin or tumble with high albedo!  The crew were to try following it to the Biter system under the cover of a Belter ship.  Forces in the Biter system were on moderate alert and when they were targeted for inspection the crew improvised a plan to take out the boarding party and destroy the in-bound cutter.

Injured, Aali defended the air lock as others disabled the inspection crew and set the cutter to self-destruct.  The Endeavor jumped to Spinward appearing as pirates, and got to the Caladbolg IISS base.  Once at that base, Aali underwent follow up medical procedures following up the in-transit work done.  She was also issued a Silver Asteroid for her wounds.  The Derchon Anomaly Intercept Mission:

        (DAIMISS) was classified as "Highly Sensitive" and "Top Secret".  The crew
        and the Endeavor itself were transported back to the Lunion System within
        an Imperialines cargo transport and made aware of significant additional
        layers of security surrounding the classified work done for the Imperial
        military by the Imperialines MegaCorporation, not to mention that that class
        of ship was capable of "Jump-6" despite being rated as "Jump-4".

1103: ISS Shasduddii Muidka(1000 ton Frontier

     Aali was the number two engineer and supported teams recovering data from observation droids scanning the Sword Worlds Confederation border regions with the Lunion Subsector.  During the year, Aali worked firming up her skill with vacc suits.

1104: ISS Shasduddii Muidka(1000 ton Frontier

     Given Command of the vessel, the Muidka, was given special orders to return to the Biter system as Piirirshu was promoted to Lt. Commander.  After a jump to the system's outer extents, they used the Muidka's sensors to look for a build up of Sword World forces.  They exited the system after months on station and no evidence.

1105: 3872nd Pilot Services Command(Lunion)

     After re-enlisting, Lt. Commander Piirirshu managed engineer teams for training and skill upgrades Lunion Scout Base.  She got a better grip use of vacc suits and missile launch systems as tensions rose of Sword World naval activity.  At the year's close, she was promoted to Commander.

1106: 3022nd Training Wing, Restin Scout Base

     Recognized for her administrative talent, Commander Piirirshu was assigned support duties in the training and operations command structure.  Flying a desk, Aali worked and hung on the news about rising Ine Givar activities and increasing tensions.

1107: Assigned: ISS Asigu Guukun (150 ton
             Serpent Class Scout ship)

Imperial War Defense MedalFiFth Frontier War Service Medal     Aali was assigned command of the Guukun to recover data from 'droids observing the Sword Worlds Confederation along the Imperial border in the Lunion Subsector.  In July, they found the IMS Wana-wana Pu in the outer Olympia system and learned of a Sword Worlds attack on the Wardn system main world and scout base!  At the start of the Fifth Frontier War, Aali acted to defend the merchanter and bring both ships to the Spirelle Scout base, where they encountered harassing Sword World forces.  The Asigu Guukun held in-system for orders from the 213th Fleet until ordered to the Icetina System(Lanth) as Sword World forces couldn't breach the Lunion subsector defences.

1108: Retained: ISS Asigu Guukun

     The ISS Asigu Guukun was reassigned to the Vilis Subsector as Imperial forces in the Vilis subsector collapsed.  The Guukun was assigned to infiltrate enemy lines and reach sieged, embattled or cut off positions.  During this period, Aali developed relationships with other vessel commanders, including then Lieutenant Commander Emkir Meshrumiikiim ISS Gim Ka.  She was also forced to reenlist due to the war.  Eventually, her vessel was recalled to Rhylanor.

1109: 1911th Flight Training Squadron

     Assigned to quick-training of new engineering techs at the Rhylanor Naval base, for an increasingly destructive war, as vessels steadily arrived or left on assignment.  Then Duke Norris of Regina arrived with an Imperial warrant and the Deneb Sector fleet to take command of all forces.  Aali and her students are pressed into service as the massed Imperial fleets surprised and mauled the attacking Zhodani 40th fleet before following the remains to the Porozlo system.  Aali and her people were then assigned to rescue and recovery operations.

1110: Assigned: IIS Sabiandulù (10,000 dTon
             Scout Cruiser)

     Aali was assigned to command the vessel, during training operations in the Rhylanor System as well as to respond in case of any military emergencies.  Aali was promoted to Full Captain.  She worked with Imperial Naval to train crews on ship's systems, combat operations and inter-service cooperation.  Aali accepted her post in hope of reassignment at the end of the year as the Fifth Frontier War came to a close.

1111: Retained: Commander: IIS Sabiandulù
             (10,000 dTon Scout Cruiser)

     During continued training operations in the Rhylanor subsector, Aali held her assignment.  The Sabiandulù transited the systems of the Rhylanor subsector, carrying out training and exercises.  The one bright spot in her year was she found Emkir was alive, and somehow an 'Admiral' in the Porozlo System.  She attempted to track his departure from there with a group of Imperial Knights!

1112: Retained as Commander: IIS Sabiandulù
             (10,000 dTon Scout Cruiser)

     During further training operations in the Rhylanor subsector, Aali watched as younger people took positions in the active fleet and realized her career was permanently behind a desk.  Unable to push papers for the rest of her service, she transmitted her resignation to command and received her discharge in the Rhylanor System, where she would find Emkir once again, and join the crew.
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Imperial War
Defense Medal

Imperial War Defense Medal
    Fifth Frontier
War Service Medal

        Fifth Frontier War Service Medal

Silver Asteroid
Order of the Knight
   Defenders of
     the Marches

Civalric Order of the Defenders of the March
  Order of the Sword
   And Tower - Victor

Civalric Order of the Sword And Tower

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