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Replacing Body Parts
Replacing Body Parts

As modern tech moves forward, we are now seeing modern technology "print"
    an ear and a lung using a 3D printer, living cell material and electronics. This
    has caused an automatic reassessment of replacement body parts.

    The new ear took less than a day to print, and is now taking a few weeks
    to "grow" before it can be transplanted on to the patient's body. It will not
    only replace the body part but willing fact even be functional! And it will
    be rejection-free, so the patient will not need to take anti-rejection drugs
    for the rest of their life.

    So I have decided the following new medical recovery rule should now be
    in play regarding loss of a body part:

    If a character loses a body part the following options will be available:
    1) A Prosthetic: A "stand in" replacement structure will be available which
      will look like the lost body part and provide limited support, depending on
      the tech level of the medical center.
    2) A Bionic: An electro-mechanical replacement part will be available which
      not appear biological at all provides limited to full function, depending on
      the tech level of the medical center.
    3) Cloning: A cloned replacement from the victim's stem cells, which takes a
      day to "print" and then five weeks to fully "grow" before Implantation and
      normal healing..
      This will only be available on TL 9+ worlds with the medical sophistication
          and functionality from low to high depending on tech levels.

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