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Sir Terin Yundis

Here is a brief look at Terin's history.

Terin      Sir Terin, a biologic a Darrian, is the ship's navigator.  His life-long desire to explore led him to join the service.  That led to his knighting for wounds received during actions against the Zhodani in the Quopist system.  His discharge came after his recovery and light duty.  Sir Terin was introduced the to the crew to replace their late astrogator, Sir Zachariah Wood.  Since signing on the crew, Terin traded his two years of his salary as a Navigator for Lady Mikah to cover the cost of having a neural stent implanted.

Having stood in as "Mission Commander" on Mikah's orders, Terin has mostly buried himself in many self-improvement research projects.  As well as navigation, Terin has also involved the rest of the crew in his research on herbalistic healing.


     Terin was born to Darrian parents living in an enclave in the Lysen system (Jewell).  His father, a Political Party leader, and mother, a Science Teacher, had raised Terin to respect service and the Imperium.  Expected to continue his scholastic education, Terin's family were surprised when he chose to pursue his wanderlust and joined the IISS.

1097: 9277th Flight Training Squadron, Lysen
         Scout Base

     Terin was assigned to flight training in the Lysen system, and qualified as a junior navigator.

1098: 7265th Operations Squadron, Lysen Scout

     Terin was assigned to moving ships, carrying out transport missions that ended at the Lysen.

1099: ISS Naji Se (S Class Scout/Courier)

     Terin was the backup pilot and navigator during parcel runs between the Jewell, Esalin, Quar and Regina systems plus key worlds of the Jewell Subsector.  Terin rarely got to play tourist.

1100: ISS Tomifieta (Modified Suleiman Class

     Based from Roup, Terin was the junior crew member during courier service runs from the Jenghe, Regina, Roup, Boughene, Efate, Pixie and Kinorb systems with rare “off route stops”.  The ship was modified, trading space for fuel to make 2 "jump 2" transits.

1101: 1946th Procedural Training School

     In the Dinomn Scout Base, Terin was transferred into the Bureaucracy at the needs of the service.  Terin received medical training and was promoted to E-2.

1102: 9354th Scout Services Training Squadron

     After initial training, Terin received administrative and computer training at the Dinomn Scout Base.

1103: 6174th Operational Training Squadron

     Still at the Dinomn Scout base, Terin got further training in astrogation and was promoted to "Admin Trainee"(O-1).

1104: ISS Soneda Ki(Modified Suleiman Class

     From the Equus system, Terin was the Soneda's navigator during data transfer auditing runs between Regina, Dinomn, Ghandi, Lanth, D'Ganzio, Ivendo, and Equus systems plus runs along the spinward main to the Keanou Scout Base.  At his enlistment's end, Terin transferred back to the Field, and communications branch.

1105: ISS Neha Freyy (S Class Scout/Courier)

     Terin navigated as the Freyy making routine courier runs to the same systems he visited in 1104, now delivering data and parcels.  With Terin's knowledge of the audits, the crew got to enjoy time off-ship more.

1106: 4844th Field Training Squadron

     Terin was assigned to advanced navigation training at the Garrincski Scout base and learned rumors of the ability to plot jumps well within the 100d limit were real, despite his not having the skill, yet.

1107: ISS Damenachice (Modified Suleiman Class

Imperial War Defense MedalFiFth Frontier War Service Medal     Terin studied navigational skills during a mission to recover and update satellites.  Due to "off route" work, they didn't learn about the war until early august.  They made for the Equus scout base, with Terin plotting jumps to la grange points inside stellar jump shadows except where bases existed and such points were likely targeted.  Once at the base, the ship was held in reserve for communications.

1108: ISS Damenachice (Modified Suleiman Class

     Terin was retained in position as they ran dispatch missions with news to those key systems not embattled and "Order and Dispatch" packets to places fleets were expected to be or left couriers "drifting black".

1109: ISS Frelimi (Donosev Class Cruiser)

Silver Asteroid     The Frelimi was ordered into Lanth with critical defensive orders and to collect data from withdrawing ships encountered.  At Quopist, they met arriving Zhodani's emerging at la grange points.  By luck, they jumped for Rhise, with damage, wounds, and some dead teleport commandos.  Hit in the gut by a laser rifle, Terin was saved by his self-sealing vacc suit and plotted a two parsec emergency jump from inside a gravity well and hit his target.

At Rhise, they met the Cruiser INS Reyopo, which carried the ship to the Ivendo Naval base.  Terin was knighted, by Duke Sir Maik Grieser, for his actions in the escape.  But Terin still had problems with his digestive tract, limited to a specialized diet, until he received surgical treatment in Rhylanor in 1112.

1110: ISS Vipetete (Modified Suleiman Class

     After treatment and recovery, Terin was assigned to a ship running a routine communications route including Rhylanor, Porozlo, Jae Tellona, Celepina, Risek, Margesi and L’oeul d’Dieu.  During these runs, they learned of the end of the war.

1111: 1116th Technical Training School

     Terin was transferred to sensor operations and survey training at the Celepina Scout Base.

1112: ISS Migik Imegi(Modified Suleiman Class

     Terin was assigned to a routine communications route through the Rhylanor, Porozlo, Jae Tellona, Celepina, Risek, Margesi and L'oeul d'Dieu systems.


Imperial War
Defense Medal

Imperial War Defense Medal
Fifth Frontier War
Service Medal

Fifth Frontier War Service Medal
Silver Asteroid        

Silver Asteroid

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