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Legends the Crew
          Have Encountered

The Dawson's Christian Legend

         Sir Brian had already heard of this Ghost ship legend before the crew encountered the
         INS Quasar Viper(History Link here). What excited him was a vid-chip with an older,
         and more informative version of the Dawson's Christian legend. The following is a song
         that is still popular in some parts of the Spinward Marches as the "battle" at the song's
         beginning refers to the historic loss of the INS Christian in the Mirriam System, in the
         Five Sisters subsector. According to records, the Christian was a J-3 Light Escort

           [NOTE: This is a "Traveller friendly" version of the song written by
           Duane Elms, and no rights or ownership of that work is suggested]

       Jayme Dawson was the Captain of the Christian and her crew,
       And he flew and fought the Christian in the War of '82.
       Now the Christian was the finest ship 'tween here and the Spinward Main,
       And the crew of Jayme Dawson was the same.
       They were jumped by three light cruisers though they weren’t a match for one.
       As they came to general quarters and they sent out the alarm,
       Dawson's crew was sure they'd finally bought the farm.

       Now, they say that Jamie Dawson was no man to cut and run.
       and they say that when he fought, he had the fury of a sun.
       But they say he made his bargain with some power of the night,
       That he sold his soul to win this final fight..

       But at the site they found a scene no sane man could believe.
       Three light cruisers cut to ribbons, scattered wreckage all around,
       But no trace of Dawson's Christian could be found.

          There are stories of the Dutchman, the Celeste and Barnum's Pride,
         There are stories of the Horseman and the Lady at his side,
         But the tale makes my blood run cold, more because it's true,
         Is the tale of Jayme Dawson and his crew,
         Yes, the tale of Dawson's Christian and her crew.

        (instrumental interlude)

      I was second mate on Hera's Dream, a freighter of the line.
      We were running precious metals from the colony on Nine.
      I was standing second watch of that most uneventful flight,
      When the pirate ships appeared out of the night.

      Well I thought our fate was settled, for they had us four to one,
      And you can't fight dirty pirates when your freighter has no gun.
      So we stood by to be boarded by a party yet unseen,
      When another ship appeared upon our screen.

      First we thought it just a pirate, but the vector was all wrong.
      Then we thought it might be rescue, but the signal wasn't strong.
      As our hailing brought no answer we all felt a sudden dread,
      and sensors showed her weapons hot and glowing red.

      Now the courage of that single ship is shown by very few,
      and I thought, "None but a madman could fly the way she flew.
      She was out gunned! She was out numbered, but a cheer rose from our lips
      As she swung to target on the pirate ships.

         And the strangers beams burned brighter than all beams I'd seen before.
         And the strangers armor harder than the heart of any whore.
         As the battle rent the ether, while we watched and shook our heads,
         The pirate ships were cut to bloody shreds.
         The pirate ships were cut to bloody shreds.

      Just as quickly as it started then the fighting was all done.
      For the pirate fleet was shattered and the stranger's ship had won.
      She matched our Vee and lay beside us as we watched her full of awe
      As she hove in closer, this is what we saw.

      There were thirty holes clear through her and a gash along one side,
      And we knew that when it happened, every soul on board had died.
      Then she rolled to show her markings, and we read them and we knew,
      The fate of Jayme Dawson and his crew.
      She was the Christian...and a grave for all her crew

      Then she turned as if to leave us, but then began to fade,
      First the hull, and then the bulkheads as we watcher her, all afraid,
      And there’s twenty men who'll wear with me, the last to slip from view,
      Were the bones of Jayme Dawson and his crew.
      Yes, the bones of Jayme Dawson and his crew.

      Final Chorus:
         There are stories of the Dutchman, the Celeste and Barnum's Pride,
         There are stories of the Horseman and the Lady at his side,
         But the tale makes my blood run cold, more because it's true,
         Is the tale of Jayme Dawson and his crew,
         Yes, the tale of Dawson's Christian and her crew.

         They're out there.. Jayme Dawson and his crew.....

           ( Follow this link for an original version of this song by Duane Elms )
           ( Follow this link for a Firefly version of this song by Tony and Vixy )

The Cold Dreams Legend
     Again, this is an old legend which Sir Brian knew well. While there is no suggestion of
         the system this tale might have come from, it's imagry suggests a system near the great
         rift separating the Spinward Marchs and Deneb sectors from the rest of the Imperium.
         That the legend is popular in the Marches suggests it may have been born on the spinward
         side ofthe reft rather than the traiing (for an understanding of these directions, follow this
         link to the Traveller Map web site) But regardess of its origins, it is a perennial tale told
         by or to would be explorers and dreamers.

           [ NOTE: This song was written by the late Cynthia McQuillian, and
           no rights or ownership of that work is suggested.]

      In cold dreams she lies, while eternity reels
      forever she dies, sheathed in crystal and steel
      A pale, dark haired beauty, once strong and alive
      A star-rover she, to conquer the sky

         And the far stars cry,
         And the planets yearn
         But no man will know
         'Cause she'll never return

      Her lover went to sail, on the galaxy rim
      She tossed, and she turned, and she creamed about him
      She saw in a vision, his ship tumble free
      Adrift, in the cold dark of infinity


      She begged, and she pleaded, for rescue to send
      But most caled it foolish to risk other men
      When her lover proved it deadly to sail the unknown
      So coldly she swore, she'd find him alone


      Under suspention, she'd wait out the time
      Her vessel's computer and sensors would chime
      A warning, to waer, when they brought her to him
      On the far distant side of the galaxy rim


      In sleep, so like death, she was locked long ago
      No man shall awake her, nor brush back the snow
      For time has forgetten, and fate fails the drive
      The ship keeps its course, but will never arrive

         No, she'll never return
         No, she'll never return

                ( Follow this link for a partial performance of the song by Julia Ecklar )