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Settling In and Shopping Out

     Having arrived on Regina, the crew were a bit tired, but had taken their chances to nap and take breaks while flying in-bound.  Mikah planned to shop for supplies for the autodoc and other items.  Zimzod had been welcomed and told about his "accommodations", and they were on their way there.  Before that, Mikah warned them not to pack lots of weapons and to stick to an honor weapon if they had the right.  Beyond that, the laws were strict enough that one couldn't go armed outside their residence.  Zimzod had rented a grav-Van for the coming month and they rode with a small amount of baggage.

Atora Cityscape Arriving at the suite very shortly after, because the Grav-vehicle could quickly cross the city, they found their larger luggage was already delivered and they only needed to select rooms in the suite and settle in.  The suite's entrance came to a sitting room behind which was the main "function" room set as a formal dining room at the moment.  To the right were the kitchen and a more comfortable eating space.  To the left of the function room was a more complete and relaxing living room.  And beyond the function room were two passages heading further back.  The right-most passage had entrances for two bedrooms to the right and ended in a master bedroom.  The left passage had two bedrooms to either side, and ended in the door to a Master bedroom.  And each bedroom had a private bathroom.

Suite Map Mikah and Zimzod took one of the "Master" bedrooms and Emkir and Aali took the other.  Others grabbed rooms as the place filled up.  Without unpacking at all Emkir, Aali, Mikah, Zimzod and Terin set alarms and took a three-hour nap because they'd not slept much on the inbound drive.  Fesic also went to sleep, but set no alarm.  Before she settled in, Mikah called the existing "advance office" for the Domain and asked to set up a chance to meet with Norris.  She made certain to say it wouldn't be long and didn't have to be "in Court".  The person talking to Mikah said, as the Customs Lieutenant had said, that a great many people were asking for that and no guarantees could be made.

Aiden had slept more during the burn in, so he set himself up in the living room and started some individual stent work.  He did that while Rol checked the suite's comms listing and called the butler assigned to them.  After introductions, Rol got into their food needs with the man.  Having talked about how long they'd be on-world this time, Rol knew they planned to be dirtside for thirty or more days so he over-ordered.  He had the butler contact one of the building's regular suppliers and order supplies for three weeks of "normal meals" and three more of "high living".  The butler worked with the supplier and said that would be priced at KCr 30.  Considering his finances, Rol OK'd the order and figured he'd ask Mikah to pay him back from ship's funds after she woke up.

With that done, Jocelynn and Rol didn't feel like sleeping and decided to check out a museum.  Rol suggested the official Regina Planetary War Museum without saying he'd been to that museum before.  The size of the place was massive enough to house displays covering the planet and region's military past.  The displays had been separated between historic periods of Regina since its colonial founding.  It included Regina's development as a regional power, along with military events leading to the elevation of Regina to a Duchy, by then Imperial Regent Arbellatra.  The most famous incident in Regina's history was when the then-Marquis of Regina had occupied the Menorb system, "to insure their loyalty" to the Regent.  The Museum was so large, it still had some of the original weapons systems built into the fort on display.  It was certainly an all-day visit and the two spent Cr 20 each for lunch, returning to the suite before dinner.

Back at the suite, Aiden had finished his stent work and turned on the news.  After watching through a cycle to see there was nothing he wasn't really up to date with, even having just arrived in-system, Aiden turned to reading.  He was doing that when alarms started to go off in people's bedrooms and those that set alarms for three hours woke up, freshened themselves up and considered what to do?  Aali also called her parents but got a voice recorder and left a message because they were out to work for the day.  Newly arrived they hadn't unpacked and they also each felt they could eat.  Chatting about options, they decided to go out to grab chow before coming back to unpack and set up housekeeping.  When they asked Aiden, he said he could eat and he joined them while Fesic was still asleep in his bedroom.

More than an hour later, Fesic woke to find the place empty.  Shrugging and uncertain where the others went, he decided to get to work.  First, he called the port and asked about their trading status.  He was told their permit had been put on hold after they'd been out of the system for sixty days and needed to be re-activated.  When he asked about that, he was told he had to confirm his identity and pay Cr 20.  Connecting his Ident to the terminal, Fesic confirmed who he was and then paid the Cr 20, figuring Mikah would pay that back from ship's funds when he asked.  He then started checking the market for pricing on the marble cargo they had.

He figured he'd work for the next two hours and see what he came up with, and if the others came back?  Fesic started on his own and considered he could get a broker later if he thought that would help.  While he did that, most of the other crew came back except Jocelynn and Rol.  They'd gone out to have lunch while he slept, and he grabbed a snack as the butler started receiving the supplies Rol had ordered.  Mikah was happy that was one issue off her plate as she and the others started unpacking.  They each selected suits and outfits that would need to be pressed and prepared for the coming parties they'd bet they'd not be able to avoid.

In addition to unpacking, Terin called the University of Regina to ask about replacing his computer classes but was told they could not replace the class he'd bought from a higher tech institution.  Later in the afternoon, Rol and Jocelynn came back with Jocelynn still talking about the history of Marquis Caranda Aledon, who had become the first Duke of Regina.  She had been fascinated by Marquis Caranda's invasion of the Menorb system to enforce loyalty with Regent Arbellatra's rule.  It had certainly been one of those small factoids of history she'd learned in school as a girl but it was remote and "un-real" back then.  When they got back, Rol decided to set out the suits he wanted to have pressed and do some stent work until he could cook dinner.  When he mentioned he would press his good clothes, Jocelynn mumbled that she really didn't have "good clothes".

That caught Mikah's attention immediately.  Knowing who she hoped they'd be dealing with, Mikah knew they'd have to make varying positive impressions on the local and visiting nobility.  She also didn't know who and how many nobles would be visiting the city and providing them with exciting encounters?  That decided Mikah as she announced they had to take Jocelynn shopping!  Jocelynn was like a hawk caught in rocket flare.  Frozen in place and not sure what that meant?  Aiden also spoke up since his best suits, bought in the Mora system, had been destroyed in a misjump event and would not fit his cloned body anyway.  So, he needed suits too.  Soon, Mikah Aiden, Jocelynn and Aali were off shopping for clothing.  Before they left, Fesic asked Mikah about the Cr 20 and she repaid that from ship's funds.

With Aali leaving to shop with the others, Emkir decided he'd spend some time relaxing and playing video games.  After that wore thin, Emkir switched to working on his translation work on the lost language book.  He did that while Terin went out to find a space to jog for a bit and stretch his body in an open place.  That also let him get a feel for the local neighborhood.  Zimzod called the port and checked their access to the ship, in case it was needed.  Getting a good explanation there, Zimzod sat and watched the news while he considered what they needed.

Remembering the crap gunnery training sim on the ship, and the deal they'd cut for a better system with "the War House" in a past visit, Zimzod called the place and started asking questions.  Soon enough, the guy he was talking to had enough information on their ship and said he'd check that out and get back to them on anything they could set up.  Happy with that, Zimzod relaxed until dinner.  While the others in the suite had relaxed, Mikah had called the Order and asked about clothiers?  They recommended two firms, and reminded Mikah this was not a system where "scan and fabricate" was available.  So, they'd be dealing with tailors who worked with needles and fabric.  After selecting and getting to the shop, Jocelynn and Aiden were the 'primary victims'.

Eventually, Jocelynn was fitted for three court dresses.  The first was a midnight blue velvet with gold accents.  A second was emerald-green satin with gold accents and the last was maroon and cream silk with gold accents.  the clothier estimated they'd cost between KCr 2 and Cr 2,300 with shoes.  Jocelynn also bought a set of vintage-looking drop pearl earrings, a gold necklace with a sapphire and another gold necklace with an emerald for Cr 1,800 total.  Aiden ordered three suits with the shop.  the first, an "upper high-class" charcoal gray with lapel pin, shoes and cuff links.  the lapel pin and cuff links would be made by a jeweler and portray Aiden's Arms on them.  Then, he ordered two other "medium" suits.  One black and one navy blue.  The suits were based on tieless tunics and the cost was between Cr 1,000 and 1,500.

For herself, Mikah was fitted for a court gown in Deneb Domain colors which the clothier estimated would cost Cr 1,000.  She also asked about having jewelry made special.  She wanted a custom necklace with a platinum chain and a pendant with an enamel rendering of her Coat of Arms.  Engineered into the pendant, Mikah wanted a miniaturized video/audio recording device integrated and the jeweler the clothier worked with estimated that could be made for Cr 3,000.  Aali was fitted for a formal Gown of a charcoal grey color which the clothier estimated would cost Cr 700 to 750.  Aali also ordered the jeweler to create a necklace of platinum with her Arms in cloisonné on an appropriately shaped pendant.  Returning to the suite after Rol had unpacked and started cooking dinner.  Jocelynn volunteered to help him and he joked that cooking was not anything like first aid.  That got laughs when they all remembered her "first aid attempt" with Fesic.  Soon enough, dinner was ready and everyone ate though they were all running down after the long arrival day.

After dinner, the crew were flagging and Aiden, Emkir, Aali and Jocelynn went to sleep.  Rol, Terin and Zimzod still did stent work and Mikah watched the news until Zimzod was done and they did Clik training.  After dinner, Fesic called the concierge and asked about connecting with brokers for their cargo.  Earlier in the day, Fesic had worked with pricing marble and felt he might be able to get at least a quarter more than they'd paid for the cargo.  After the concierge gathered enough information to do the best search they could, Fesic was told they'd call the next day with recommendations.  Fesic thanked them and then cut the line to start looking for lock picking gear.

While he found a number of varied items, Fesic finally settled on a "Locksmith in a box" prepackaged offer that said it came with all the tools needed and training.  Fesic paid Cr 15,000.  While that was expensive, it did promise to create a full business.  That would arrive in three days.  Before he went to sleep, Aiden called the concierge to ask about local pools, laser-tag arenas and shooting ranges.  the concierge provided Aiden a list of those which included a number of pools in the building itself.  Those were at various levels and provided for those staying in the building and their guests.  Hearing that, Aiden decided to get up earlier each day so he could spend half an hour swimming as part of his morning routine.  He also decided right then, to grab his swimming gear and go for a swim.  As he did that, Terin asked who wanted to go to a pub, and was reminded he was exhausted and should sleep instead of acting like Munarshu.

Waving that off, Terin went off to a bar anyway, sticking close to the building, as if the proximity alone could save him from his own stupidity.  Still, when he got there, Terin wasn't prepared for what he saw.  There were the signs of a "usual crowd" you'd expect in any pub, but a number of the locals had their heads turned or had left their tables.  In a knot, off to one side of the bar where the bartender was also hanging out, was a guy in what could best be called Upscale-Urban 'sleek grunge', with a head of short white hair who looked near-thirty.  He was holding court and telling a story.  What he was saying sounded like marine-vernacular and he was describing a down-in-the-trenches "covered in blood and mud" battle-scape which his "look" didn't support.

Not joining the crowd but grabbing a table where he could see and hear, Terin sat and waited until the bartender noticed he had a new customer before ordering a drink.  There was no wait-staff other than the man.  Terin was doubtful the stories the man was telling were personal experience, despite the "first-person" delivery.  But he had to admit it sounded real to him.  And Terin knew there was sometimes someone on the team the rest of them carried because they held a special kind of value.  Terin finally thought he'd zeroed in on a hint when he noticed a beaten, worn and cracked leather pistol holster on the guy's hip!  In a system where laws prevented an offensive steak knife and defensive spoon set in combat outside the owner's home, his openly visible pistol spoke volumes.

Still, Terin listened in a bit before he asked about a weapon he'd known because he'd been told he'd encountered it while in hospital.  The man waved that off saying he understood that was 'commando gear' and the troops the Zho tried to bury him under had been front-line assault troops.  Not commandos.  Those, he continued on, were reserved for shipboard attacks.  he was about to turn back to his story when Terin answered, "I know.  That's what happened to me." with a grimace and a near-reflexive half-glance down at his own gut.  That got the white-haired man to pause and Terin pointed at the pistol and asked, "Are you a Knight?"

Turning to Terin, the man smiled and said, "No." in the tone a game show host would use to say, "Ohhhhh, wrong answer."  That got the crowd looking at Terin while the man let the silence stretch out and Terin tried to do the math so it came out any other way that made sense to him.  Then, in a tone that said, 'The joke's on you', the man closed the pause of silence by saying, "I'm a Baron."  The delivery also suggested he might be able to see a Knight below him if he looked down from his level of nobility.  From there, Terin was happy to fade back and let the stories resume but the man pointed to his weapon and asked Terin what his story was?  So Terin told him about the events that happened aboard the cruiser Frelimi and resulted in his getting Knighted back in 1109.

The Baron was impressed and bought Terin a drink, and from then on Terin's money was no good in the bar.  The man continued talking to Terin and some of the others as stories were exchanged but eventually things had to end.  As the evening moved on, the Baron launched into a story which would be his last of the night.  This tale was a full-bore blood and guts description of the fighting withdrawal to escape Efate and the Zhodani invasion.  As he talked about fading ammunition supplies and growing desperation, he suddenly surprised everyone in the bar by bringing up a long, tapered "stabbing pik" of a dagger and said, "But, that's how you get the satisfaction of eviscerating your enemy!"

Since no one else in the bar had even noted the scabbard on the man's opposite hip after noting the pistol holster, the shock and surprise were complete and some even jumped.  The man even continued to flourish the blade a bit as the shock faded.  After the Baron finished up, there had been no sign he could see if Terin was fading or not?  But the Knight could tell his internal clock was winding down.  Finishing his story, he suggested there may be a time he could show Terin a few of those moves, but said he had to get back to the real universe and prepared to leave.  Finally, he introduced himself as Baron Zander Marsden, from the Beck's World system in the Regina subsector and bounced Terin his comms data saying they might just cross tracks again.

History And Comedy

     Mikah's morning began much earlier than she'd planned.  Waking up before anyone else, she tried to get back to sleep, failed and went into the kitchen to start a pot of caff brewing.  Slowly, the others of the crew arrived with a few of them getting to watch Aiden leaving the suite with a towel and suit for his planned morning swim because the pool he'd found the evening before was very luxurious and had been lightly used at the time.  He hoped for another relaxing swim today and eventually returned half an hour later, cleaned up and had breakfast.  As Aali and Emkir ate, she found a message from her parents had come in, but after they'd gone to sleep.  So they left a message saying they hadn't the vacation time to visit but wanted to get together.  When Zimzod finally staggered from the bedroom he and Mikah shared, Mikah began to applaud and the others joined in.

When Jocelynn said they should throw eggs at him, Mikah put her foot down and said there would be no throwing of food.  Zimzod smiled and said he was well rested and ready for a war if anyone wanted to start one he could end.  When Rol suggested he could get hurt in any wrestling, Zimzod only snapped back, "Don't threaten me with a good time!"  The others laughed because no one was afraid of Rol and or concerned Zimzod would let his machismo slip.  Finally, Terin and Fesic came out of their bedrooms and Jocelynn first suggested they should applaud Terin's arrival before saying not to because he didn't deserve it.  Terin was caught and confused by the comments while the others laughed because of the small round of applauds Zimzod had gotten.

While they ate, Rol told Mikah he'd fronted the crew KCr 30 for the food and she agreed to pay him back for that.  They also watched the news during breakfast and everything was more or less "old news".  Aali caught one thing the others missed, because she'd been raised on Regina and in Atora city.  A news item mentioned that the Duchess had granted an audience in her court to discuss an urban management project.  That was unusual because Duchess Seldrian, while the active Head Of Government on Regina, never got involved in low-level government issues like municipal projects.  It also turned out that this particular project would affect the section of Atora city in which Aali's family home was.  For those reasons, Aali wanted to dig into the project and figure out why the Duchess was involved?  Emkir said he'd help her with that.

After breakfast, Fesic called an office of the University of Regina hoping to "buy" a complete download of the course material for a Liberal Arts degree program.  After some conversation where Fesic even backed off and asked for two-year or one-year loads of the course material, the request was refused.  This was for a number of reasons.  Where Fesic could certainly do research to find a syllabus of classes for the degree program, even buying all that material on his own would not guarantee he actually learned the material or comprehended it well enough to correctly interpret it.  Without any interaction with an instructor to test his comprehension and understanding, there was no way the University would connect their reputation to his actions.

Eventually disgusted that he could not get "what he wanted" just because he wanted it, Fesic sent an X-mail message to the University of D'Ganzio on Lanth, requesting they send him a replacement of his lost course material.  That cost him Cr 6 for the X-boat service along the trade routes riftward through Dinomn, Ghandi to Lanth.  Still, what Fesic failed to recognize as he sent his message was that the data he wanted them to return was too large to be portable without a starship's computer.  So, the answer he would not get, for...at best...three months, was "We can provide this data if you bring your ship to D'Ganzio or Lanth.  There, we can upload it.  Or, you can pay for a memory module and shipping.  And a starship-class memory module would cost between Cr 50,000 and 100,000.

After calling the university and the X-mail office, Fesic decided to look into finding replacements for the damaged modules of the cargo sealing system.  If he could find one cheap enough, he'd even consider a replacement because the working modules in the one they had would become spare parts.  Eventually, as the day went on, he found a complete unit for sale that was advertised as outmoded and outdated for the firm using it.  Fesic ignored the ability to just "seal cargo pods" because the unit was described as outdated.  So, in a galaxy where the average ship in space was 100+ years old, Fesic passed on the item and searched on.

While Fesic, Aali and Emkir began their various research programs, Mikah decided to look up museums because she'd been to a number of them in Atora.  Mikah decided on the city's Natural History museum and asked who else wanted to go?  Aiden, Jocelynn, Rol, Terin and Zimzod said they'd go with her and she paid the Cr 15 for the large cab because it had been her idea.  Established as a colonial world, the museum had departments starting with the formation of the local solar systems and stellar cluster.  From there, if one followed the flow of the exhibits, visitors got to see the evolution of the planet based on what was known and what planetology, archeology and paleontology could theorize.  Beyond that, would come the formation of biomes on-world and the development of life-forms.

To the disappointment of all, there had been no "Mega-Fauna" phase in Regina's history as had happened in other systems like Terra.  This did result in a number of odd and even bizarre lifeforms.  Current pests found on, but not necessarily evolved on, Regina included blood suckers called Itankilnata'ak(Himyr Linters) which resembled small tangles of lint which had a mild chameleon ability.  Duct Spiders(aka Hive Spiders) can be found in environmental systems because they seem to like eating through filters and mesh.  And the Regina Hive Bat, a flying animal with a hazardous bite living in Regina's forested regions and vaguely resembling Terran Bats.  In Regina's case, the bats are feathered.

Shortly after eating lunch in the museum's cafeteria, the crew were making their way through the exhibits when Jocelynn noticed they seemed to be "dragging" a group of three other tourists.  Trying not to make it obvious, Jocelynn moved over to Mikah and nudged her with an elbow.  With her attention, Jocelynn told Mikah, "Don't be obvious about it but we seem to have someone following us."  A slight tilt to her head suggested the direction and Mikah looked over Jocelynn's shoulders at the three.  As she did, Mikah saw that the eyes of at least one of the tourists went wide with what Mikah recognized was excitement.  So, they were "Fans".

As Jocelynn began to protest, because she'd never dealt with this before, Mikah brushed her aside and reached out a hand as she greeted the three.  Excited to have been noticed, one of the tourists...a younger woman...was almost paralyzed with a combination of excitement and fear.  Still, Mikah did her best to be gracious as she shook hands with the only person to take her hand and greeted them all.  She then started making small talk and tried to put the three at their ease because making those connections was what "Then" Duke Norris had said he most wanted from any noble person.  So, she was still doing Norris' work.

Soon enough, the three all started relaxing and asking questions and, of course, asking if they could take selfies with Mikah, Rol and Zimzod?  Rol had, as they'd arrive and moved through the museum, been recognized and acknowledged by many of the military, veterans and military-knowledgeable in the crowds because of his own career and history.  But now, it was the crew's fame and history which was the lure and they were Lady Mikah's crew.  Eventually, Terin offered to take group pictures in which Jocelynn appeared, despite the fact he had a level of fame and she was a complete unknown.

Of course, as happened in a public spaces, when things started happening with the small group others paid attention and started gathering around.  Soon, there was a knot of perhaps fifty people in the area of displays Mikah and the group had been checking out and staff (and security) from the museum moved in too.  As a docent first arrived, followed by a junior staffer who was never verbally identified as the first security responder, it was pointed out that perhaps this could be moved out of the area of the artifact displays.  Mikah agreed, knowing an accident could unintentionally damage something or set off an alarm and asked if there was someplace they could go?  By then, an actual junior administrator had arrived and suggested one of the many on-campus classrooms the museum had.

Mikah agreed to that and the group was then escorted by the increased amount of facility security to a classroom where no less than twenty visitors to the museum joined Mikah and the crew for questions, pictures and a bit of hanging out.  After about ten to fifteen minutes of that, Mikah decided it was time to head back to the suite and they cut things short.  Shaking off a few of the tourists who had the idea of playing "Hanger on", the group grabbed a taxi back which Mikah made Zimzod pay for as both Zimzod and Jocelynn played "Rear-guard" security.  From there, the group returned to the suite and everyone hung out until dinner.

Mysteries In Cards And Minds

     After dinner was cooked and eaten, they talked about continuing the stent and clik classes.  Since Mikah still needed to learn the codes, they decided they'd hold the stent class first, for those who had stents and then Zimzod would work with Mikah on the codes.  While the stent class went on, Mikah played video games with Emkir.  While those with stents did their class, Fesic checked in on his order for the lock pick "business" but was reminded this was the first day after the order and he'd been told it would take three days.  Fesic then asked Jocelynn if she wanted to go out and start looking for contacts on Regina?  At first, Jocelynn was concerned because of all she'd heard about the crew's history on-world.  She was also concerned about the high nobility she knew were in-system because she knew the crew actually had history...even with the Duchess!  And, a Prince of the Imperium was not only coming in-system with the Arch-Duke but they were waiting to try and see the Arch-Duke too!

Because of that, Jocelynn was worried about making any mistakes in-system which would hurt the crew's hopes.  At first, Jocelynn said they shouldn't go out hunting contacts, but she then considered what she wanted to do and changed her mind.  After telling Fesic they shouldn't go out contact hunting, Jocelynn turned and told him she'd changed her mind.  After that, she just needed to decide "How" to do it in a better way than they had in Dinomn's high port.  Their first idea, before doing anything, was to decide "where" to do it.  It had taken Jocelynn a fair bit of time to figure out how to choose a "hunting ground" in Dinomn-station, and she wanted to start with that in Regina.  Atora was Regina's capital city and would have a great many well-lit and watched sections.  Still, while that meant the shadowed areas were fewer and more sharply shaped, they would be darker and deeper all the same.  Still, it was the Capital city and that meant any mistake could explode all over the rest of the crew.  Not far from Atora was Credo city and home for Credo-Down mainport, the largest hub for interstellar down-traffic on-world and home to Regina's "Startown".

Sitting at a terminal to explore virtually, Jocelynn and Fesic used mapping apps and news stories to get an idea what areas would be best to try.  They soon tracked an area which was not notable for the number of reported events that happened there.  They noticed it because a number of the reports placed the residents responsible or involved in that neighborhood.  So the "actors" might live there and appeared not to be shitting where they lived.  And that meant it was the perfect place to hunt for contacts!  Now, they needed to set up their hunt so it would be more safe than the one they'd done in Dinomn.  Their first step would be to protect their identities.  That was Fesic's chance to lead as he and Jocelynn went out onto the city's surface streets.

It didn't take long for the pair to find a small consumer electronics shop and go in searching for what he'd hoped to find.  What they found were quik-buy hand-held comm-wave comms.  These could be bought and then configured to any of the local comm-wave networks quickly.  And, if they became an issue, the comms could as easily be dumped quickly.  Buying two for Cr30 each, they then started to think about which network to use with them?  They had the data on the packaging for regular commercial networks.  They could also see instructions for sparking up the devices and "looking for any local networks" the comms could see.  Fesic felt that was very risky.  So, Fesic asked the man they'd bought the comms from who he recommended?

When the man first said to ignore all the networks on the packaging, Fesic thought that was a good sign.  His heart dropped when the man reached under a sales counter and said he had the right network for them to use.  They both figured he just had a placard from some company he'd get kickbacks.  And that company could be good or bad and it wouldn't matter to him either way.  Fesic's spirits rose again when the man grabbed an erase marker and turned the placard over to start writing.  The man quickly scribbled a number of codes that Fesic could see matched the instructions on the comms packaging.  As he wrote, the man asked them how long they'd be using the comms?

Fesic and Jocelynn considered what they'd heard from the rest of the crew and said it was likely forty five days.  The man nodded and said they should load Cr 100 on the comms and that would likely be more than they'd ever need.  He jutted his chin out to the packaging on one of the comms and said, "They'll charge you ten times as much."  Nodding, Fesic thanked the man and both he and Jocelynn pulled the comms out and started setting them up.  Each followed instructions and loaded Cr 100 onto their accounts.  This included registering the comms and they did so using the assumed names, Kane Madigan and Zoey Justeirus.  After doing that, they loaded the comms with Cr 100 directly from their accounts, but they were new at skullduggery.

Still, paying for the comms got them thinking about creating fake accounts or something, and Fesic suggested they should each draw Cr 1,000 in hard currency from their accounts.  That way, they'd not have to hand over their Idents when doing business.  Despite the fact they'd never spent more than a couple hundred credits on any given night out, Jocelynn cut that back to Cr 500 and never considered they could move out with less than three hundred.  But, they pulled Cr 500 each for hard currency in their pockets and then called for a cab to take them to the neighborhood they'd targeted.  As they rode along their way, the comms were tied to their Idents but nothing else was.

Fesic paid the Cr 20 for the cab and they got out into a darkened street in a cityscape which appeared to verge on the blend between fading residential and warehouse districts.  The area was green, like much of Atora, but was obviously of less "prestige" than the section of the city where they'd been housed.  There were small consumer goods, 'service shack' and convenience stores along the avenue with apartment blocks located above them.  These blocks were separated from each other with miniature versions of "corporate park" like properties serving smaller firms.  That meant they could see the warehouses in the local distance.

The idea was to start out by finding a bar to sit in and look for....'something'.  What that was, they hoped they'd know when they saw it.  So now, they needed to find a likely bar.  Not necessarily 'the very first bar' they saw but a bar they liked the feel of.  Finding that didn't take very long because the location of the neighborhood meant bars were a 24-7 industry and the people coming in at the end of the shift never really had the energy to "rock the place down".  So they looked at a few bars til they saw one where the windows showed some sort of muted "actinic glare out of darkness".  They guessed the glare would keep eyes down in the shadows of their own booths while they chattered.

Stepping into the place, they realized they could not have been more wrong.  At the back of the bar was a large, wall-spanning display on which "the action" was happening while about half those in the bar were cheering, jeering, making bets or bitching and celebrating depending on how other bets had played out.  Caught in the entrance with the eyes of a bartender and at least one of the wait staff on them, they decided they couldn't just turn and leave so they stepped in and tried to figure out what was happening on the screen?  What they saw was a group of humans in a set of "common blazon" outfits which could be called uniforms.  Each was emblazoned with the words, "The Gauntlet!"  That made everything clear.

It was a reality vid!  Out there in the black, there was an old cruiser the Imperial Navy had sold off to a production company.  They had renamed the ship the IMS Golden Gauntlet and burned out to worlds poor and desperate to issue a challenge and make cash.  Lots of cash.  The show paradigm was to offer a single competitor Cr 1,000 to make it through challenges - some of which can be damaging or even fatal.  Competitors could bring in a team of nine other friends to help them get through the challenges.  If the competitor succeeds, they get paid and earn bonus payments for their friends.  Along the way through the challenges, there are sometimes bonuses that add to the overall payouts.  Sometimes the "fatal" events are fake and those who appeared to have died are captured safe.  To add to the excitement, for the average viewer, they also have VIP series where they offer celebrities MCr 1 or even MCr 10 to compete.

As they watched, a crew of ten players were arguing about a situation Jocelynn and Fesic didn't understand because they'd come in late.  It took them a bit of watching to finally figure out that the holographic countdown in the compartment with the competitors was the time left before the walls closed in and trapped them off...if not killing them all?  Those instructions had been given through an announcing screen when the team had entered and the door behind them closed and locked.  Either way, they lost.  While those in the bar watched, one of the "helpers", who it would turn out was an engineer, pointed to a wall panel in the compartment and screamed, "That panel is different!"  Rushing over as the holographic clock ticked down close to zero, the competitor hit the panel and it opened a door.

Moving even as the walls started moving, the team rushed through the door, which slammed shut and locked as soon as they passed through.  At the same time, with the competitive team scattered from the locked door halfway across the room, the floor of that compartment split halfway across the room, from side wall to side wall.  And when it split, two of the team members lost their balance and fell into the fluid below.  As the fallen screamed and started to freeze, everyone realized the "fluid" was liquid nitrogen!  At the same time, a door was suddenly bordered in lights on the far side of the room.  So this "challenge" was to get across the room which meant getting past the Li-Ni barrier.  Seeing the death of two team members, Jocelynn cringed and said, "Harsh!"  Judging by the reactions in the bar, the others mostly agreed.  Some few collected bet winnings.

Neither Fesic nor Jocelynn felt like continuing to watch.  If they had, they would eventually have seen that the episode ended when the team failed to reach the goal.  At that point, they would have seen that those who had "fallen in" had been pulled under while replicant holographic replacements - Really Good holographic replacements - suffered and died.  The solution to the situation was to test the Li-Ni safely and realize it was fake.  Of course, the team members were not returned after one of the "survivors" stuck a finger in and it did not freeze off.  The team would eventually fail another challenge but neither Fesic nor Jocelynn had been watching by then.

Taking a booth in a darker corner of the bar, they ordered drinks and sat nursing and listening.  For the most part, they only got local chatter as people came in or left.  Finally, they saw a couple of obvious spacers come into the bar and exchanged looks.  This was "Not" a spacer bar.  Someone was out of place.  Grabbing a booth and ordering drinks, the first of the couple asked, "What do you think?" in a doubtful voice.  Despite the situation, the two didn't seem to be too worried about being overheard though they did not make their conversation obvious either.  The second person said that the plan all depended on how the lawsuit played out and they then went back and forth talking about a situation they both obviously knew well.

That meant they never suggested what "the plan" was, or mentioned any details of "the lawsuit".  Still, Fesic and Jocelynn got the opinion they were happy the law suit had been lodged and one of the two said it would make life "a lot easier".  So, maybe it was smugglers coming in from the shadows and maybe it wasn't.  The way the two were casually talking didn't make it seem like anything illegal was in the offing.  Even more disappointing, they never mentioned a ship or system related to their "plan" or law suit though they were in shipsuits and did have patches on their garb.  Still, getting close enough to see the patches would have been noticeable and neither tried.  Eventually, that conversation died down and none of those that followed were notable and they left to head back to the suite.

In the Suite, Aiden had gone swimming again after the stent class.  After that he wrapped things up, set his alarm clock and went to bed.  Mikah and Zimzod went to a local pub and had some drinks before they came back and went to sleep.  Right after dinner, Emkir had asked the others if they wanted to go to one of Atora's big casinos and only Rol and Aali had signed on for that trip.  Again, because it was his idea, Emkir paid the cab fare for them to get to the casino, the decorations of which did not disappoint!  While Aali was intent on remaining "Arm candy" for Emkir, both men set firm limits of Cr 1,000 on their losses before they'd go back to the suite.

Wandering through the displays, shopping concourses and gambling floors of the "Marquis' Treasury", for which designation the casino did actually pay the House of Aledon, they eventually settled down to play some poker.  The table they chose had an ante of Cr 50 per hand, which mollified Emkir because he'd wanted to play baccarat.  While Rol lost a bit while getting started, Emkir first held his own and then actually won a hand or two.  A few hands later, Emkir was still above water and Rol had gained some of his losses back when a new player sat down at the table.  This man was dressed to impress with every notable sign of a nobleman out to get noticed while playing.  The thing all three noted about the man was that, while indoors, he was wearing a hat.  Oddly, his hat was a cross between a beret and a collapsed chef's hat which they'd guess only made him look odd while hiding his hair.

As the man sat, he very smoothly swept his hand over the space on the table in front of him once to the left from the right and then back again.  In the first sweep, he very skillfully laid out a running course of over-lapped and well-aligned thousand-Credit chips!  He then matched the first arc with another, closer to him, of hundred-Credit chips.  The man easily had nearly thirty five thousand credits sitting on the table in front of him as he completed his grand gesture and looked up at those sitting at the table and then the table's dealer.  Another thing no one could miss was the very ornate and well painted and decorated pistol holster on his left hip.

When the man threw in a Cr 100 ante, breaking the table's Cr 50 ante, Rol picked up his chips, claiming things were getting too rich for his blood.  He then moved on to try other games.  Despite not making the move "too obvious" Emkir did not miss it when the new comer's eyes followed Rol away from the table.  As play started with the dealer passing cards to the players, Emkir continued to note the attention the man paid, from moment to moment, of Rol's actions instead of what was happening at the table.  Skilled at gambling himself, Emkir wasn't going to ask about the man's attention but he also wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth!  He had no clue where the term came from but he had a perfect understanding of where the dandy's fancy chips would be going.  Emkir bid the man up repeatedly and ultimately chased the others at the table from the hand.  Still, when it came time to call, the pot (from everyone there) was Cr 2,500!  And it was Emkir's.

In the meantime, Rol had not moved far off, to a roulette wheel where he did "OK" on the first spin and then lost that and more as he continued to play the next four spins.  Down Cr 500 at that point, Rol actually decided to simply give his money away and moved to the slot machines!  Again, he won at first but then slowly sunk deeper into his losses.  At the same time, the man at Emkir's table threw another hundred Credit chip down and the others simply watched as Emkir played a hand "one on one".  Thanks to the man's continuing disassociation, Emkir bid that hand up too, and won Cr 1,100 more.  Following that hand, as Emkir saw some of those around the table were thinking of moving on, Emkir put his foot down and said the table limit was Cr 50 and others should be allowed to play.

Agreeing, the man threw out a Cr 50 chip and others sat back down or joined, having come over for the spectacle, and the game began again.  And the attention being paid to Rol continued enough for Emkir to make Aali aware of it.  The next hand did not get bid up as much as others were there to call the bet, but still Emkir's streak held.  This was because he could read the new folks a bit and the big spender was no competition, being mentally absent from the game.  Another hand was played and Emkir finally lost to someone else at the table.  Another hand passed, and more chips got swept to Emkir, before Rol finally returned to the table to see how Emkir was doing?  He had certainly been suffering.

Seeing the big money man was still there, Rol couldn't help notice that Emkir's pile of chips had grown and the table had returned to its normal limits.  Shrugging, Rol sat down and threw a Cr 50 chip onto the table.  No sooner had he done that when the big spender surprised them all.  He greeted "Sir Rol" and offered to push all his chips into the ante and then fold his hand undealt if Rol could name all the Imperial ground units the Imperial Navy had to withdraw when the Zhodani had invaded the Efate system in 1107, when the Fifth Frontier War had begun.  Rol was stunned, because there had to still be over KCr 30 in those chips!

In 1105, Rol had been promoted to the rank Captain and assigned to lead commando teams within the 120th Imperial Special Response Battalion in actions against targets identified by the Efatian government and vetted by Imperial authorities.  There was quite a bit of grumbling the targets had been political and not military but the operation continued until early 1106, when the unit was moved to the Aramanx system to augment starport security on a world in the middle of a full blown world war!  Following that assignment, Rol had been pulled back to the Aramis system and assigned to "Staff Officer's College" as a notable and rising Marine officer.  He had been there, and deep in his studies when the Zhodani invaded and the war started.  So, Rol could guess what entrenched units from 1105 may have stayed there after his unit left, but he had no idea who else may have been moved in?

Admitting he could not answer the question, the man nodded and said, "Too bad.  Sir Rol is not going to get rich tonight."  Despite the words, his tone was friendly instead of mocking.  Rol did admit that he regretted his orders after learning of the invasion because he'd wished he had been there.  And if certain officers who had commanded or managed his career had been there at the moment, they would have agreed that the younger Rol Kaihvos would truly have wanted to be in the fight instead of in school!

Still, he did ante a Cr 50 and the game was dealt.  As play went on the pot was bid up again and again, the final call left Rol down a total of Cr 1,100, with all his other losses that night.  That was just a bit more than he planned to risk that night and said his gambling was coming to an end.  Seeing that, Aali suggested they go see a review and Emkir agreed as he collected his chips.  The big spender made no move they saw to follow them but did say he'd bet they'd meet again soon.  Shaking that off, and since Emkir was up Cr 4,500, they told Rol what he had left of his money was no good that evening and they'd cover him as they went off to the review.  After enjoying the show and drinks, they eventually returned back to the suite.

Dark Clouds In The News

     Mikah and Zimzod had been the first to wake that morning and had spent some time "having fun" in their bedroom before getting about their day.  Still, they were out and making caff when Aiden came out of his bedroom.  Rol then followed, and started making breakfast as they ignored the news because it had been old news so far.  They wondered when the next x-boat carrying news would arrive and didn't know they wouldn't have to wait long.

As more of the crew came from their bedrooms, a small red flashing square appeared in the upper left corner of their vid-screen and it read, "Attention all interstellar vessels.  Until further notice, TAS has marked the Excalibur system as a RED travel zone!  That was new, and got everyone's attention.  Turning to the news, the crew spent over an hour watching through the new stories, in on the most recent x-boat, which either updated them on older issues or made them aware of new events.  And the first full story they heard in coverage spoke tangentially to their direct interests because it told them Prince Lucan had entered the Spinward Marches fifty nine days earlier!  That meant he was two months closer in his travels than at the moment.

    Margesi (C575677-6  Ag Ni  A  910  Im  M4 V M7 D)                  Date: 266-1113
    In a surprise release, Prince Lucan instructed Admiral Kaskel
    Umkhegshii, Commander of the Tigress-Class Dreadnaught INS
    Laakiir Marka to open his sealed orders.  Those orders had
    been received from the hand of the Prince himself, and had
    been sealed since Prince Lucan had received them from his
    father, the Emperor himself.  So, as the ship left her slips
    on her maiden launch, the words had been sealed and secret
    entirely from Capital itself.  Before the hall and those
    gathered, including a Zhodani Ambassadorial officer travelling
    with the Prince, the officer stood and read his orders to
    all present.
          Unto Admiral Umkhegshii, I command the Laakiir Marka to assume
          the role of Ambassador's Flag for Lady Shishana Elalaash, our
          newly appointed Ambassador to the High Council of Chronor
          in that system."

    Observers in the hall noted a hush from all who had remembered
    the history of the Fifth Frontier War.  For, in 1104, even as
    the Zhodani Consulate prepared for what would be the Fifth
    Frontier War, then Ambassador Lady Laakiir Marka had been
    assassinated in the Chronor system.  Very few present could
    miss the fact the present dreadnought was named for the
    fallen Ambassador.

    This reporter will admit to a good amount of surprise how
    calmly the Zhodani Ambassador and his party received the
    information.  From the obvious use of the Imperial "Chronor"
    over the Zhodani "Cronor" to the specific and targeted use
    of the late ambassador's name.  The insult could not be
    mistaken.  Despite that it seemed they must have had
    precognitive warning of the event, since there was no chance
    to read the data in the orders from any officer's mind.
    Sealed since Capital, there had been no officer present
    with advanced knowledge of the content of those orders.

    Tureded (C465540-9  Ag Ni  614  Im  M3 V)                            Date: 287-1113
    After months in production in the Quopist system, IMS Golden Gauntlet
    has moved on to the Tureded system with intentions to sell episodes and
    seasons of the game show "The Gauntlet".  It is expected the ship
    will proceed along the spinward main from Tureded to Pirema, Echiste,
    K'kirka, Rech, Wypoc, Dinomn, Dinom and Jenghe before turning to Regina
    or Extolay.

    It is uncertain where the Golden Gauntlet will stop next to film
    as they offer challenges and rewards again?  While that is uncertain,
    it will certainly be true that their bursars will be busy raking in
    the many credits their sales will capture.  Even now, the names of the
    few new champions are becoming better known.  They will be even more
    so now the ship moves closer.  And few will speak of those who
    failed the test.

    Kwai Ching (C503758-A  Na Va Ic  320  Na  K3 V)                      Date: 168-1113
    Relief forces from various polities have offered the local government
    assistance in caring for the survivors and managing the destruction
    wrought on their orbital assets.  A flotilla of Imperial forces, led
    by Lt. Commander Bakash Gamkishagi have been on station both to offer
    support and to assess the threat raiders in the region present to
    Imperial-friendly systems in the subsector.  On the very edge of the
    sector, the Kwai Ching system is a single parsec away from the war-
    torn Singer system, and two from the Kaldamar and Walai systems,
    located in the Egyrn subsector of the Trojan Reaches sector.

    Reports from the Lt. Commander's officers suggest a careful and well-
    executed attack against the local station's defensive structures.
    That meant the raiders knew not to let exaggerated destruction cheat
    them of booty.  Despite that, the destruction wrought within the
    station reminded the Imperial officers of the rapacious destruction
    caused by raiding Vargr corsairs.  Signs and scars show explosive
    and destructive force were certainly used in stripping the station
    and it was only the luck of arriving traders that prevented the
    station falling to the world's barren surface.

    Despite the damage and death, the system still remains known as a
    market, and ships continue to arrive.  Local authorities have begun
    the work of recovery.  Even as the system government continues
    repairs and rebuilding, the station staff have let merchant captains
    sell their wares directly.  They surrender a smaller share of their
    sales to taxes while the locals also refill their coffers.  The
    offer slyly works to extend the stay of ships in-system and adds
    to the fees the port can charge.  In addition to the rebuilding and
    re-staffing, some recovery is visible thanks to the funds taken in
    to re-stock shelves.  This makes it possible for the station to return
    to buying cargoes and raising some tax rates, where near-normal services
    can be supplied to ship captains.

    Bael (E200100-8  Lo Ni Va  812  Na  K2 V)                                   Date: 252-1113
    Following two years of extreme change and uproar in the Bael system,
    the go ahead has been given to execute an agreement by the Imperial
    and Zhodani corporations Sternmetal Horizons and Priantqlovr as
    financed by Hortalez et Cie and the High Council of Chronor.  This
    facility, when completed, will provide for an organized processing
    and trade station.  Organization of the authorized "Trade Authority"
    would be to provide ore management and processing skills as directed
    by Sternmetal Horizons and management and sales direction from
    the Zhodani corporation, Priantqlovr.  The agreement will also provide
    for a small number of imported in-system defensive gunships and
    training for the belter community.

    In keeping with the anarchist nature of the belter community, each
    "gunship" will be used to train individual crews from single belter
    families or smaller belter alliances within the community of belters
    recognized as rightful owners of the system's resources.  Despite
    those promises, and until such defenses are provided, there continue
    to be small level conflicts within the system between those who claim
    to share a right in the lanthanum dealings as well as those who
    claim rights to search for additional strikes and deposits.

    Other conflicts have risen where transient and opportunistic traffic
    do their best to acquire any wealth or goods from others into their
    own pockets or banks.  Imperial observers now comment that there may
    be the need to update the Imperial survey for this system to change
    the population statistic "1" to "2" or even "3".  This consideration
    is at a very cautious stage as the change would reference populations
    which are permanent, not transient.  Imperial jurists commenting on
    the issue suggest any move by the Imperium to update its records
    could be later used to support claims despite their lack of
    legitimacy.  Such an event could be especially damaging should
    the determination be faulty.

    Jewell (A777999-C  2  Hi In Cp  623  Im  G7 V)                       Date: 287-1113
    In a surprise filing before the Imperial Courts in Jewell, the firm,
    "Arkesh Spacers" has petitioned the Imperial Ministry of Trade and
    the Zhodani Embassy on that world for permission to trade with a
    minor Sophont race known as "the Sheol".  In their filing, the
    company revealed for the first time in public that they had
    undertaken trade to the Querion system, which they stated in their
    filing, was the home system of this unknown race.  Despite the location,
    representatives of Arkesh Spacers firmly stated the homeworld of
    this race is "Sheol", from which the name of the race is derived.
    This was because, "We have no true understanding how they refer
    to themselves." in the words of spokesbeing Imulisa Lalag.  Adding
    to the mystery, the world "Sheol" is known to be a large gas giant
    in the Querion system!  That raises questions about just what
    kind of beings this race are?

    When Mr. Lalag was asked about contact with the race and how
    this trade had developed, the spokesbeing stated, "That data
    largely remains classified by the Imperial Navy and I direct
    your questions regarding that aspect of our filing to the
    offices of the Admiralty.  Questions directed at the Admiralty
    were not directly answered or responded to at the time.  The
    same can be said about queries directed to the office of the
    Countess of Jewell.  Mr. Lalag further stated that the trade
    figures and data speak for the economic sense of re-opening
    trade with the race.  There was no response at all to any
    questions from the Zhodani Ambassador on-world.

    For those unfamiliar with Arkesh Spacers, they are a merchant
    company based in the rimward area of the Spinward Marches sector.
    Appearing to show interest in anything that might show a profit,
    Arkesh's competitors suggest the firm is no more than "a predatory
    outfit, on the thin line between accepted commercial practice
    and downright piracy". Arkesh Spacers are known to frequently
    compete with the merchant firms Baraccai Technum and McClellan
    Factors.  Arkesh maintains a nominal headquarters on Strouden
    (Lunion) but they eschew regular bases preferring developing
    business through contacts (often claimed to be criminal by
    members of competing firms) on many Marcher worlds who hire
    customize and maintain their vessels.

    Marz (A584985-A  S  A  Im  110  G4 V  G6 V)                            Date: 217-1113
    In a further update from the office of Admiral Keshemkak, Commanding
    the Junidy system ISS base, the Admiral stated that a number of
    operations are beginning to get under way to get a handle on events
    in the Gvurrdon sector and local Vargr space.  Courier squadrons
    are being assembled as small and moderate flotillas of craft are
    assembled.  A chief mission will be to make contact with the
    Commonality of Kedzudh or representatives of any successor states
    which may exist in that stellar cluster.

    A further statement confirmed the Afougae, Ganokoulovaenu and
    Asugunkhodz systems had left the Commonality and that vessels
    from Ganokoulovaenu have both threatened and fired on Imperial
    vessels where the odds were in their favor.  Sadly, the pace
    of sudden events meant there were few large Imperial formations
    in the region.  As a result, Imperial vessels are likely to be
    seen as "Targets of Prestige" to raiding captains hoping to
    secure the loyalty of their crews or grow their prestige.

    The Admiral's office has acknowledged a request from Oberlindes
    Lines, LIC out or Regina.  Word has been minimal from Oberlindes
    vessels operating to trade worlds in that region of space.  While
    no such vessels have yet been reported over-due, there is a
    concern for the crews, passengers and assets of that line.  Of
    larger concern is the aging IMS Emissary.

    Readers will be reminded that vessel was formerly the 60,000
    dTon Imperial navy "Azanti High Lightning" class cruiser INS
    Sparkling Distress.(FI-6379).  She had been sold to Oberlindes
    with her combat systems intact and "impressed" on the Vargr the
    benefits of peaceful trade.  Despite that history, the aging
    ship could well be considered a target for Vargr bands looking
    for a prestigious "new" flagship.

    Jenghe (C799663-9  S  Ni  323  Im  M0 V)                            Date: 308-1113
    Recent word has come from the offices of Lord Leaarkh that the
    newly constructed public port facilities have reached thirty
    percent of operational status!  This project had been supported
    by then Duke Norris in alliance with Duke Leonard of Rhylanor
    and Lord Leonard Bolden-Tukera, 19th Marquis of Aramis.  In
    what was seen as an uneasy alliance to some, the project was
    pushed through the Subsector Senate.  Now, almost a decade
    later, the project had reached the point of re-classification.

    The design of the new facilities were on a scale where thirty
    percent operability will over-shadow the still operational
    older port. Those numbers allowed the request, made by Lord
    Leaarkh's office, to schedule a reassessment of the port and
    official upgrade to a Class B designation. While this request
    has been made directly to the Interstellar Scout Service, who
    will handle all inspections and determine the designation, a
    request has also been sent to Regina, as a courtesy.  The same
    requests will be made in the Rhylanor and Aramis systems as
    well.  It is expected by our expert sources that an assessment
    will be scheduled by the IISS within the coming year.

    Upgrade work in the Jenghe system continues apace while planning
    remains on-going in the Tureded system.  In that system, a
    rift had been opened early in the process of awarding contracts
    for the work planned.  Eventually, agents of the office of
    the Marquis of Tureded managed to sway (and delay) talks until
    the Spinward Development Corporation decided to step aside.
    With that decision, the system was granted a loan by the banking
    cartel, Hortalez et Cie.  With that loan backed by the
    Subsector Senate, the corporations General Products, GSbAG and
    Naasirka have been contracted to create a council to lead the
    project.  Following that, constructor fleets have been
    assembling as work continues through the very early stages.

    Mora(A99AC7-F  2  Hi In Cp  112  Im  M5 V)                            Date: 252-1113
    In a long-awaited announcement, the Admiralty Command of the Spinward
    Marches have followed up orders and announcements made months ago in
    the Rhylanor system regarding the newly redesignated Denuli system.
    Bearing the seal of the Emperor, the order carries with it new laws
    regarding operations and activities in the new system.  To the surprise
    of many, the prediction of explorer Lord Sir Kaenkder were born out
    as the orders stated the basis for protection of a new minor race
    discovered in that system.

    In addition to legal orders and ramifications regarding operations in
    the system, the order also reinforced and codified the ban on collection
    or ownership of the "Denuli Gemstone".  In another surprise, Imperial
    Law now considered ownership of such goods as a "Capital Offense"!
    While the relationship between the new race and these gemstones was
    not mentioned, the order did provide for a period of amnesty during
    which all currently owned Denuli Gemstones could be turned into any
    Imperial authority without punishment.  Failure to comply to the
    orders within that period will be seen as a mitigating factor should
    any sentient be found in possession of the items beyond the amnesty,
    which will end on 002-1114.

    Iderati (A887798-C  N  Ag Ri Cp  G 201  Im  M9 V)                       Date: 224-1113
    Following announcements at the year's open, the Office of The Arch-Duke
    have released more information on land grants created for those Aslan
    who have served with distinction within an "All-Aslan" division of the
    Imperial Marines.  This release states that Ihatei of the minor Aslan
    Aiiyhui Clan who took part in major ground and space combat against
    Zhodani forces were considered for this honor.  The grants have now
    been documented on the Dentus system mainworld.  Dentus is a border
    world between the Third Imperium and Vargr Extents, and this move
    can only bolster regional defenses in a region where recent
    destabilization has been seen.  The Dentus system contains two
    planets, two moons and two asteroid belts, with no gas giants.

    Additional information stated a courier was sent to Fleet Admiral
    Akirman hault-Galir Laanshaa, Commander: 100th fleet, in the
    Motmos system.  This missive granted the Admiral limited permission
    to invite members of an Aslan Ihatei fleet to emigrate to
    join their brothers in Dentus.  That fleet, having spent just
    more than a month in-system resupplying, had moved on spinward.
    Following that, speculation had been that the fleet would call at
    the Mewey system(District 268), Wonderay(Five Sisters) or any
    of the multiple Darrian systems with Aslan populations.  The Aslan
    fleet, which had originated from space controlled by the Aorlakht,
    eventually proceeded spinward to stop first in the Collace system,
    and then move on to visit Mewey.  The fleet have currently skirted
    the Imperial rimward border and are located in the Wonderay system.

    Entrope (E336AAA-B  Hi  110  Da  G6 V M1 D)                            Date: 275-1113
    The University of Zlodh have released a statement from the team of
    Doctor Klendeit Tellut as the first major statement since announcing
    the completion of initial surveys.  With an organized plan of the ruins
    site, the Doctor and his people have worked to establish the "layers"
    of settlement.  Doctor Klendeit admits that working with those
    investigations of alleged Sword World atrocities has slowed his work.
    Despite that, it has also bolstered his pool of personnel as other
    Universities and governments shared interest on data from the world.
    Now that initial digs have followed the survey, the first results can
    be announced.

    The paper, with Doctor Tellut as lead author and including other
    Fellows as co-authors, states that the "ruins" are actually remains
    from three separate eras.  This news is exciting archeologists and
    academics across the sector as it travels because modern history
    only documented two settlement periods on the world.  Initial known
    settlements date from before the Maghiz, when Darrian expansion
    reached out more than twenty parsecs from their homeworld.  History
    also shows that the colony had survived past the arrival of Solomani
    traders who fled the 'Rule of Man' to settle and found the Sword
    Worlds.  Indeed, it is recorded that discovery of that colony led
    the expanding Sword Worlders to not settle the system now named
    "Anselhome", to maintain a buffer with the unknown civilization.

    The "second" settlement came as modern Darrians restarted their much
    more limited colonial efforts after recovering from the Maghiz.  That
    world, as well as Anselhome and Winston, had remained unsettled because
    the Sword Worlds had not wanted to explore spinward to prevent
    encounters with the Darrians because of their own perceived
    vulnerabilities.  However, the fact those efforts are well documented
    make the discovery of a third settlement much more exciting to
    historians of every kind.  Despite the excitement of events, no member
    of the Doctor's team, nor any affiliated researchers, were willing to
    venture any guesses at the history of this "third" settlement period.
    This includes visiting and accredited members of various Imperial
    Universities invited to participate.

    Hammermium (A5525AB-B  Ni Po  535  Im  M3 III)                       Date: 231-1113
    Two months on, the work carried out by Hammermium Corporation, along
    with other social organizations, have improved the new calm of the
    system.  Despite this, the rise of social change movements continues
    to rise, sponsoring several now well-known civilians.  Some few are
    noted for their rise in the arts, as directed to protest movements.
    Still others have risen to lead social movements which started out
    demanding change and have grown to appeals for access to the reins
    of government!

    Along with the rise of such groups there have been increased demands
    both for improved trade to supply the world with consumer goods and
    increased leisure time.  These demands are, of course, easier for
    the government to move on and TAS has tracked efforts on both rails.
    First, the Count has announced two additional official holidays which
    effect all citizens by law.  Next, there has been a general amnesty
    granted to a large number of very low-level legal infringements.
    These include minor crimes associated with the protesting which over-
    took the system nearly half a year ago.  Finally, TAS has also
    tracked an increase of tech goods becoming available and has found
    some evidence that prices had been subsidized by the government
    in order to make them more available to the population.

    Still, there remains a significant level of discontent in-system
    and the Count and his family rarely appear openly in public.
    Something they used to do with great regularity before the current
    crisis.  Taking the temperature of the protests show the Count has
    yet to live down his unfortunate statements during the escalation
    of destruction and rioting.  At the same time, the Hammermium
    Corporation has shown a marked rise in public opinion despite the
    fact His Excellency is the chief operating officer of the firm.
    How this will play out in the long-run is beyond prediction, but
    one thing is certain.  Hammermium is a system in transition.

    Natoko (B582211-8  N  Lo Ni  801  Im  M2 VI M6 D)                    Date: 266-1113
    Status updates from the Natoko system indicate the shortening of
    Imperial patience as Senator Kudilas tries to work with the world
    government to find an end to the crisis.  Incidents with starships
    attempting to run or avoid the blockade have been reduced however
    still do continue to happen.  In a recent event, the crew of the
    IMS Gravity's Exiles attempted to get their ship to live up to her
    name.  They attempted to enter the system using a transient La-
    Grange point formed between the mainworld, one of its moons and
    the system's primary.  After successfully exiting jump within the
    transient locus, they were then taken under fire by a team of
    400-dTon Fury class gunboats which had been transported in-system
    by the carrier INS Darkened Skies.  The report, provided by the
    office of commanding Admiral Uuela, stated that one of the Furys,
    the INS Burning Heart, was lightly damaged when hit by defensive
    fire from the armed merchanter.

    An investigation of the event proved that the gunship had been
    hit by pure dumb-luck as the merchant gunners struck out randomly
    at their tormenters even as their ship's engineering section was
    hulled and taking significant damage.  The survivors of the merchant
    ship were taken into custody by marines after the disabled vessel
    was boarded.  The report further stated the condition of the
    merchant vessel was "non-repairable" while damage to the Burning
would take up to ten hours repair time.

    Still, the Natoko planetary government are running short of time.
    An official speaking on the condition of anonymity said he has
    been told the Natokans have stretched things as far as they could.
    TAS has also tracked a significant influx of ground assault assets
    moving into the system and rumors suggest that General Sir Darkirger
    (Lord Shurshim) has been placed under Admiral Uuela.  It is unknown,
    at this time, if His Lordship will serve as an advisor on reading
    surface events or if he will possibly lead or engineer a surface

    Porozlo (A867A74-B  Hi  201  Im  M1 V M9 D)                            Date: 259-1113
    After nearly a year of entrenched warfare on Porozlo, the nations of New
    Jindabyn, Sertao Forros and Ko Qiquiang remain engaged in a smoldering
    conflict.  With significantly fewer remaining options or resources, Ko
    Qiquiang's leadership had sued for peace early on.  Unfortunately, the
    failed 'sneak attack' strategy they attempted to use on entering the
    conflict left them few avenues of negotiations.  A further issue was
    raised when the nation became desperate enough to beg for Imperial
    help.  Formerly an "extreme" example of the Private Ownership blok of
    nation, the move by Ko Qiquiang's leadership was seen as a surrendering
    of philosophy by the free trade nation New Jindabyn.  To the leaders
    of Sertao Forros, another Private Ownership" nation, this act was nothing
    short of betrayal.

    Having lost actual territory to the other combatants, the population
    of Ko Qiquiang have suffered from raids and other deep strikes against
    national production.  Imperial response to the request has been limited,
    as it is feared the national leadership have not truly committed to a
    change of philosophy.  Still, Imperial diplomats have done their best
    to communicate warnings against unintended civilian damage.  While an
    agreement in principal was reached with the leadership of New Jindabyn,
    Imperial offices report few contacts with ministers from the Sertao Forros

    Monitoring of the war has suggested it should have burned itself out
    over half a year ago.  Analysis have suggested that pre-war actions
    by the New Jindabyn and Sertao Forros governments allowed them to
    stockpile arms and armaments while also building up wartime industrial
    sites.  Looking into how that was possible, it was accepted New Jindabyn,
    as a Free Trade nation, could easily have gotten agreements from a
    number of "interstellar corporates" to receive supplies in advance.
    Sertao Forros could also have signed agreements quietly with those
    interstellar corporates who were willing to accept the many conditions
    set in place by the various Private Ownership nations.  Imperial
    offices and teams reporting to the Marquis are investigating these
    avenues as they also reach out to all the combatants to stop
    the killing.

    Regina (A788899-C  2  Ri Cp  703  Im  F7 V M8 D M6 V)             Date: 315-1113
    The office of Regina's Minister of Finance announced today that
    negotiations to adjust the budget of the Duchy have been completed
    to allow for increased spending on system defense.  This move has
    been building for some time, and received increased attention after
    a cruiser of the Regina Navy had to rely on civilian traffic to
    successfully engage pirates in the Rech system.  Readers will
    recall events in 1112 when vessels commanded by Kyle van Ryddoth
    and [then] Dame Mikah Kirlim were lost while assisting a Regina
    Naval cruiser.

    Using the rally cry that no Regina Naval commander should be sent
    into battle alone and unsupported, leaders in the movement to
    increase the Duchy's Navy size have been pushing this legislation
    for months.  At the same time, opponents of the measures point to
    the additional cost to the average family on Regina.  The flagging
    fight to compare the measure with "What it costs to the average
    citizen's dinner table" has run into counter-claims of increased
    employment at shipyards and raw material recovery operations such
    as home system mining, etc.

    In the end, an alliance including Ministers from the Loyalist and
    Progressive voting bloks have joined support for the measure and
    come up with an adjustment to Regina's budget which will both
    achieve the program desires and improve life for the people of
    Regina while adding to the system's defenses.  Military supporters
    are hailing the announcement not only as a step towards better
    enforcement of interstellar law but also an increase in the system's
    "still on-going" recovery from losses in the Fifth Frontier War.

    Sacnoth (A775956-C  M  Hi In  801  Bw  F9 V M8 D)                   Date: 273-1113
    Reports from the Sacnoth system indicate factions continue to fight
    for control of the neighboring Excalibur system.  Nearly ten months
    after the collapse of that system's government, formerly a Feudal
    Technocracy, the various noble factions have used their control of
    industry and arms to strike or defend locations of value in a
    devolving civil war.  Reports coming from in-system sources indicate
    that the early events were small conflicts as power blocks moved
    to secure sites or take more firm controls of industries.  The first
    signs of the chaos to come were attempts by outside forces to get
    toe-holds into spheres of influence where they were not represented
    or dominant.

    The nature of the conflict evolved when the fight to intrude across
    traditional lines of control also fractured existing alliances and
    expectations.  That breakdown of trust and expectations shattered
    existing relationships as the leaders of various factions pulled
    back from formerly trusted allies.  This forced factions which had
    planned to attempt or achieve goals using guile or stealth to shift
    to using strength of arms instead.  It also forced divisions between
    factions which would have united to share a goal and the number of
    "conflict fronts" exploded.  That situation has only gone down hill
    since and it is recommended interstellar traffic avoid the Excalibur
    system for the time being.

    Attention all interstellar vessels.  Until further notice, TAS has marked the
                  Excalibur system as a RED travel zone!      

    Denotam (B739573-A  N  Ni  324  Im  M2 V)                                 Date: 300-1113
    With a growing need to observe the growth of the recently re-established
    "Federation of Arden", the Imperial Navy had shifted responsibility for
    general relations with the Federation to the Denotam Imperial Naval base.
    On that facility, Admiral Nunush Shikasa has established an office and
    staff along with a small element of courier and support craft.  Having
    been in place for several months, that office has begun to produce
    notable results.  When initially announced, the "Federation" had been
    seen as little more than the Arden system itself.  Many observers and
    experts looked for the announcement Arden would formally adopt her now-
    independent former colonies into the Federation.

    Examining the two worlds, Zircon and Utoland, the best one could say
    of the Utoland system is that it had failed as a colony and resumption
    of rule from Arden might be a good thing in that case.  Zircon had
    achieved both Home Rule and functional independence but still seemed
    a logical member of a resurgent Federation.  That is why it was so much
    a surprise when Arden initially selected to formalize a treaty with
    the government of the Zenopit system.  Zenopit is a waterless moon
    with a thin atmosphere orbiting dead world where the chief industry
    was mining.  Still, even that industry is anemic at best and all the
    system's permanent population live within the lip of an ancient
    impact crater on-world.

    In the most recent report from Admiral Shikasa's office, the Imperial
    Navy may have found signs confirming recent diplomatic reports about
    increased Federation interests in the Zircon and Utoland systems.  Some
    reports processed by that office seem to suggest Utoland may, in fact,
    be considered a de-facto member of the Federation already.  Officers
    serving Admiral Shikasa admitted those suggestions exist but place
    little credence on them.  Still, the Navy is watching closely after
    the surprise move not only to form a Federation with neighboring Zenopit,
    but to then move forces into that system and secure it while toppling
    that world's former government.  Experts agree the new Navy data
    suggests an expectation Arden's Federation will absorb Zircon and
    Utoland in the coming months or years.  Still, that data does not
    suggest when that might happen.

    Regina (A788899-C  2  Ri Cp  703  Im  F7 V M8 D M6 V)               Date: 315-1113
    Sector wide news of various events were received in Regina regarding
    competitions most local of which are the fate of the Regina Raptors
    who surprised the system in their defeat of the favored Rottweilers
    months ago.  Since then, an intense set of play offs which nearly
    stalled Regina industry on certain days were followed by celebrations
    and fund-raising for their trip to the Subsector play-offs.  Their
    victory in that competition, described somewhat less acceptably by
    some as "like a ship's laser through a Zhodani trooper", the Raptors
    then moved on to the Sector play offs.  Word arrived today that
    Regina's best met the Glisten Asteroids.  In an amazing best-of-five
    event which will be available on pay-per-view TriVid, the Raptors
    were defeated "two to three".

    In additional competitions around the marches, reports from the Second
    Spinward Marches Point-To-Point race indicate two more ships have left
    the field.  The IMS Screw Loose and IMS Lekane Giniluga(loosely
    translated from Vilani as 'Shoot Them Later') had accomplished crossings
    from Trin to Mertactor, from there to Iderati, from there to Persephone
    by way of Caladbolg and from there to Rhylanor.  Arriving at Rhylanor
    well behind the field, the Screw Loose lived up to her name and made
    port with a serious drive room failure.  The ship's withdrawal was both
    a recognition of the repair costs and the odds they would be able to
    catch up to the rest of the field.  Also in Rhylanor, the officers and
    team behind the Lekane Giniluga have not given a reason for their
    withdrawal, however experts guess they were in the running if they
    had continued.

    Finally, word has come with little surprise from the Carlotez Grav
    Bike competitive team regarding champion Biker Artieriana.  Noted
    more recently for his party attitude and participation instead of
    his training regimen and on-track efforts, the team announced they
    would be cutting ties with the biker.  This came as no surprise
    after Artieriana was faced with a surprise bio-test demands after
    specific events in the Rhylanor system.  After rumors of an 'intense
    grav-party' where Artieriana was apparently the 'Party Marshal',
    principals of the Spinward Marches Grav-Biking Conference presented
    Artieriana with a demand to test or step down as champion.  When
    those tests came back with significant drug-traces, his release
    from the Carlotez team was a forgone conclusion.  Artieriana is
    still the league champion due to his victories of last year, and
    still claims he will be the first back-to-back champion in history.
    And it is possible a team down on their earnings and victories
    might just hire him to give him that chance.

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