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Admiral Sir Emkir

Here is a brief look at Sir Emkir's history.

Emkir      Admiral Sir Emkir Meshrumiikiim is the ship's computer specialist.  Since Dame Inger left the crew, he is their cargo supernumerary and main administrative contact with ports.  Finally, Emkir is a back up pilot, taking the controls when the command pilot, Sir Aiden needs to handle the sensors.

Still, you would not want him behind you in a fire combat situation.  With a college degree in Linguistics, Emkir speaks GalAnglic, Vilani and some levels of Darrian and Sword Worlds.  He also knows a phrase or two in Gvegh.  With an interest in gambling as well as marine biology and environments, Emkir can find some level of interest in any activities the crew become involved in.

Admiral Meshrumiikiim served with the IISS before and during the Fifth Frontier War.  Since then, he has been with the crew through all of their most controversial activities and even mistakenly founded a briefly existing cult in the Inthe system.  Like others in the crew, he was knighted by Duke Sir Leonard of Rhylanor in a political move, rewarding a crew he'd rather punish for disobeying orders.  This was an additional life change after he'd married Captain Dame Aalikiir Khiiriisom Khaanmii Eikusdi Piirirshu (Aali) in the Mora system.


     Emkir was born to a slum urchin turned "toymaker to the rich" and a Socialite who'd met him doing welfare work.  Born to a life of privilege and parents with an active life outside the family, he learned to live on his own wits.  He also learned to party, schmooze and gamble and fit in with those who accepted him.  And with a homeworld like the over-populated, underfed water-world of Ruie(Regina), the only way his family could go was up.

1096 to 1100: IISS Scout Academy in Macene

     Emkir applied to The IISS Scout Academy with the major "Marine Biology and Environmental Sciences" and graduated a Bachelor's Degree and s basic Starship piloting in early 1100.

1100: 1663rd Personnel Squadron, Rhylanor Scout

     Turned down after applying to flight school, Emkir was assisted managing unit personnel needs assessments and organizational work in The Rhylanor Subsector.  He also got to explore Rhylanor.

1101: 7054th Scout Training Squadron, Rhylanor
       Scout Staff College

     Emkir was assigned to a specialist course in military administration and personnel organization.

1102: 9827th Fleet Communications Squadron,
       Rabwhar Scout Base(Lunion)

     Emkir managed communications and technology service for The Inter-Fleet relations Office and was promoted to O-2.

1103: 5645th Scout Admin Support Squadron,
       Retinae Scout Base(Querion)

     Auditing procedures in-system supporting Imperial operations in the Client State.  Interacted with alien "Tashaki"(Silicon based Humanoid lifeforms).  Aware of Imperial Research Station Delta. Emkir served with a provisional defense unit.

1104 - 1105: 7295th Information Tech Training
       Squadron, Garda-Vilis Base(Vilis)

     Emkir was assigned to two years of information technology training (computer programming theory and languages), while the Tanoose Freedom League and Ine Givar made strikes in-system.

1106: ISS Mianii Runner(100ton S Class

     Emkir was the Charlie Fleet/193rd Fleet communications support officer and Alterday pilot as squadrons rotated from Frenzie, Denotam, and Mirriam Systems and made 'Show the Flag' visits at Quare(Vilis), Thanber and Retinae(Querion) and promoted to O-3.

1107: 1742nd Technical Squadron, Garda-Vilis
       Scout Base (Vilis)

Imperial War Defense MedalFiFth Frontier War Service Medal     Emkir started with admin work in the base data center with ad hoc base defense training as the Fifth Frontier War started.  Evacuated to the Frenzie Naval Base(Vilis).

1108: ISS Gim Ka (100ton S Class Scout/Courier)

     Emkir was back up pilot aboard the undermanned and repaired ship, running Zhodani blockades to carry communications between isolated elements in the Vilis subsector, from Frenzie until the base was cut off.  They reported to the Lanth Naval Base as all Vilis bases were cut off, Emkir was promoted to O-4.

1109: 8945th Training Battalion, Lanth Naval Base

     Emkir lead a combined forces recruiting and training brigade tasked with processing volunteers and conscripts for training and promoted to O-5.

1110: 8945th Training Battalion, Lanth Naval Base

     Retained as over all commander of the 8945th and promoted to O-6

1111: 111th Porozlo Provisional System Training

     Emkir commanded formation of an experimental divisional force for unilateral peace in the
          Porozlo system. The unrealistic operation fell to inter-faction fighting
    Emkir was discharged on 055-1112, in the Porozlo System(Rhylanor)


      Imperial War
Defense Medal

Imperial War Defense Medal
Fifth Frontier
War Service Medal

Fifth Frontier War Service Medal
Order of the Knight
   Defenders of
     the Marches

Civalric Order of the Defenders of the March

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